“Iron Man Is a Skrull?” Secret Invasion – Complete Story

Episode 1 https://youtu.be/PpGxWxxqU9s

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Marvel’s Secret Invasion is one of the best crossover events in history, and it’s time to know the whole story! In this video, we’re telling the complete story of Secret Invasion, from its shocking beginning to its epic conclusion.

From Tony Stark’s shocking discovery to the enormous battle between the Avengers and the Skrulls, this video is packed with the action and excitement you need to know about Secret Invasion. Don’t miss out on one of the most epic Marvel stories ever told!

The Marvel universe is being overrun by Skrulls who have arrived and have begun Taking over they have countless sleeper Agents implanted across government Agencies and superhero teams at this Point in our story The squirrel's plan Has started as our heroes discovered Elektra was a scroll they began their Assault but our heroes were all drawn to The Savage land where they began trying To figure out what's going on it is There that Tony got separated from Everyone as a virus entered his suit and The planet began to fall to make matters More confusing a ship of amor Superheroes arrived all claiming to be The real superheroes this storyline is From around the late 2000s it is one of My favorite stories from back in that Era because it was just so big and Bombastic something I don't expect us to Get in the TV show that's why I wanted To bring you guys this audio drama Because we are a comicstorian we take Comic books and create complete stories Which are audio dramas of two to three Issues and then we take full stories Which are audio dramas of entire runs of Comics the purpose of this is to allow You to keep up with comics and know what To add to your collection at your local Comic book store or digital retailer so Let's get into secret Invasion issues 3 4 and 5 to continue our story

The Shield Helicarrier has crashed into The ocean Maria Hill orders everyone to Get a status update and heads to the Flight deck her eyes widening in shock As she sees Jarvis standing on the deck Lightning and rain crashing around him Well that's just peaches she Whispers And Jarvis turns with a smile walking Towards her I was wondering if you'd be Ever so kind as to offer us your full And total surrender meanwhile over at Thunderbolt Mountain Venom is launched Away after mounting a counter attack Marvel prepares to kill another of the Thunderbolts but pauses as a tear Falls From his eyes You can't do it can you Norman asks as He pulls himself out of the rubble and My guess is that you're not exactly who You're dressed as he says as he rubs a Cut on his head he smiles holding out of Hand my name is Norman Osborne this is My office and you've trashed it and my People that you just smacked around Would you like to have a drink and talk About it Meanwhile over in Times Square The Invasion has begun the skrull are Attacking the city with a Young Avengers Trying their hardest to hold them back Kate Bishop manages to leap over another Blast of energy guys this is a little Bit over our heads don't you think she Shouts with Patriot leaping through the

Air saving a child from being crushed by A car what are we supposed to do Kate Leave he shouts as the others continue To fight around them Vision warns the Young Heroes that he can't get in touch With either The Avengers or the Initiative at Camp Hammond they're Scrolls and I'm have one maybe I can Talk to them hulkling shouts as he pulls A street sign off of someone he rushes Forward trying to speak with the Squirrels and ask them to stop but the Aliens turn on him with their weapons Blasting him and tearing apart his skin Wiccan tries to rush forward to help but The scroll with giant Man's powers steps Forward punching him down knocking him Across the street and into a building The Young Avengers move to help their Friends but Kate points up into the sky With relief guys gonna be okay the Initiative is here she shouts and the Heroes in training leap into the fight With gauntlet calling out to them teams Of three Hold the Line until Calvary Comes nothing fancy he shouts as he Punches the giant squirrel in the head Knocking him away back in the Savage Land Tony is sweating as he continues to Work on his armor the alien virus is Hitting him like pneumonia but he looks Up as Jessica Drew steps through the Doorway how you feeling Tony she asks And he glares at her before returning to

His work not to be impolite but I'd Assume not talk to you or anyone till we Figure this out he tells her sweat's Still pouring out of his forehead and She smiles you can relax now You did it your work on Earth is done You'll go down in our people's history As the greatest Soldier the Armada has Ever had and he will always and forever Have the love of your queen she says Stepping forward kissing him but Tony Pulls away not believing what she's Saying telling her that he isn't a Scroll I know that's what you think That's what you were trained to think She tells him but he refuses to believe It even as she tells him that everything That has happened was according to his Plan Back in the city the scrolls are winning Their strength is too much local Reporters watch as the Scrolls turn Their energy weapons on Vision you will Not win Vision tells them before he's Destroyed the Scrolls then turn their Attention to the rest of the heroes But they pause as the city begins to Quake and the buildings begin to rumble And an energy blast hits one of them Exploding the others look up and shock Covered in the green blood of their Friend Nick Fury steps forward with his Secret Warriors priming the massive gun That he holds as they power up all right

Commandos Let's turn this thing around He shouts to his troops as they launch Into battle Back with Reed Richards he opens his Eyes his body is stretched out Surrounded by scroll scientists as they Prepare to dissect him over the Earth The skull Armada floats their invasion Is already underway agent brand floats Through space the crew of the peak Already dead her own oxygen almost gone Far below her Miss Marvel has reached a New York City but she is shocked to find That it is a war zone with the Baxter Building being swallowed up by the Negative Zone portal but as she draws Closer the scroll forces fly up to meet Her and hit her with their energy beams Knocking her to the streets below she Staggers to her feet shocked to see the Combined efforts of the Young Avengers The initiative and Fiori's secret Warriors holding the Scrolls at Bay Nick Fury Carol says in Surprise and Fury's Secret Warriors continue to fight Knocking the skrull Invaders away Alright you punks let's wrap this up I Got things to do fear and shouts Kara Leaps into the fight lashing out at any Nearby Scrolls not sure you Scrolls Broad enough she shouts but one of the Scrolls grabs her by the throat a blast From Fury's massive rifle bringing the Alien Warrior down Carol staggers to her

Feet as Fury gathers everyone around him To be teleported away what about Miss Marvel Stonewall asks and fury steps Forward raising his weapon I'll take Care of this one he says before firing a Blast that knocks Carol Danvers away Scroll a scroll Fury growls before the secret Warriors Disappear Carol is shocked as she slams Into the ground the remaining Scrolls Quickly surrounding her but back in the Savage land Natasha presses her back Against the wall listening as Jessica Drew continues to tell Tony that he is Actually a scroll sleeper agent that He's been working towards the invasion Of Earth and that the real Tony Stark Is long dead your real name is Kal Riki Dulu Jessica tells him and Natasha steps Out bringing up her pistol but there's a Rustling in the jungle behind her and She whirls around to see Jean Gray and Beast step out of the Jungle Natasha Dives through the air firing her pistol Into both mutants until they drop Transforming into skrulls right before Her eyes she turns stepping into the lab Aiming her pistol at Tony Stark who is Now alone You didn't happen to see where she went Did you Oh Jessica Natasha calls out as she Scans the room and moves forward to Grabbing Tony who is still weak she did

A number on you but like Widow Whispers Leaning down giving Tony a shot of Adrenaline that keeps him on his feet Might be a scroll he gasps that up and Natasha shakes her head you're not a Scroll she was working for you she tells Him and he shakes his head but Natasha Explains that the scrolls are working For him because he is one of the five People on the planet that can stop them It's not enough to take you out they Want you to feed it Tony scroll it or Not I'm asking you right now do you want To kill me or kill them He nods looking up at her them he gasps And she smiles let's go with that Feeling then and worry about the rest Later Natasha suddenly whirls around Firing as Wolverine steps through the Door the rounds chew through him and he Drops to the floor damn it Tasha he Gasps as the bullet push out of his skin And he begins to heal sorry about that I'm shooting first and asking questions Later until further notice the two Heroes turned to Tony and ask him what His next move is we need Reed Richards He tells them Meanwhile up in space agent brand has Managed to sneak aboard one of the Scroll ships before her oxygen came out Inside she is shocked to discover that The aliens have captured Reed Richards Below them Maria Hill is still speaking

With Jarvis asking why he thinks that He'll be able to get her off of the ship Before he dies I don't think that you're Seeing the gravity of your situation Jarvis tells her as all of the agents Around Maria shapeshift into Scrolls and Aim their weapons at her we're prepared To accept your surrender Jarvis tells Her back in New York the battle has Ended and now the Scrolls have begun to Corral the civilians but they look to The sky as lightning cracks above a God Has arrived and he is not alone the City's symbol of Hope also joins the Battle Meanwhile Norman Osborne continues Speaking to Marvel let me tell you I Know something about having voices in my Head voice is pulling you in different Directions only one person can decide Who you are inside and out and that is You he says asking Marvel if he knew That he was a scroll before they Activated him no the powerful hero Whispers And Norman nods you thought you Were the cree Warrior Marvel a man of Honor the warrior Earth's protector you Thought you were here to protect us in Our time of need he reaches out and puts A hand on Marvel's shoulder I'm so sorry He said softly and Marvel suddenly Bellows with rage flying away the rest Of Norman's soldiers rushing into the Room and Norman straightens his tie as

He watches Marvel flee he then turns Back to his men ordering them to search For Venom the rest of the Thunderbolts On their feet we're at War he tells them All meanwhile the Scrolls have begun to Broadcast their message to the world in The base of the secret Warriors Nick Fury orders everyone to listen and Everyone around the world watches the Computer screens as the Scrolls begin to Take on the vision of their favorite Celebrities and politicians the ones That everyone trusts the Scrolls explain That the Earth is now a part of their Empire that the Scrolls have no need to Attack the people and that they will Only fight against those that fight them They promise that they are here to help Mankind fix the Earth and Usher in a new Era of peace meanwhile up in space Abigail brand has begun to fight back She manages to defeat two guards and Grab their weapons leaping down into the Science room where they're about to Dissect Reed Richards after the soldiers Are defeated she rushes to the council And tries to order the ship to evacuate But she pauses screaming screw it she Hits the button inventing all of the Scrolls into space afterwards she rushes Over to read hitting a few more buttons To try and allow him to reform Dr Richards my name is Agent Abigail brand I am the director of sword and we ride

War with the skrull Empire I need you Too but Reed rears up grabbing her by The throat my children scroll where's my Wife give them to me or I will kill you Right now he snarls at her but he Releases her when he realizes that she Didn't shape-shift she drops to the Floor turning back to the computers he Then realizes what is going on on Earth I know what we need he whispers to Himself aboard her Helicarrier Maria Glances at the Scrolls that now surround Her but she only smiles trying to tell Jarvis a funny story about life model Decoys but Jarvis just shakes his head And orders his soldiers to shoot her Rounds ripped through Maria Hill and she Falls to the ground revealing the Mechanical workings underneath her skin I above them the real Maria Hill aims Her sniper rifle opening fire they whirl And return fire but Maria leaps away Ordering the Helicarrier to Self-destruct she falls through the air And activates a jet pack on her back Flying away as the helicarri earned all The Scrolls on board explode behind her Back on the scroll ship brand wakes up To find Reed working on a computer Nearby I did a genetics test Miss brand I believe you're not a Skrill sorry I Choked you out but bran realizes that The ship is shaking and Reed explains That they are now under attack he orders

Her to get to the bridge and learn how To fly the ship but there's a massive Explosion outside are we hit brand asks But Reed shakes his head looking at the Sensors that wasn't us it's Marvel he Shouts and they watch as Marvel flies Through the scroll Armada destroying Everything in his path brand grabs the Controls as Reed shouts for her to get Them to New York she shakes her head the Earth is dying doctor we're going to New York but we have a couple of people to Pick up first or the show's over with That she aims the ship for the Savage Lands back in the Savage lands the Remaining Heroes have met with Kazar and Shana and no one can trust whether the Others are skrulls I know which of you Are Scrolls and which are not Emma Frost Shouts as she steps out of the Jungle With Miss Marvel and Jessica Jones she Promises to make the Scrolls pay for What they did I'm talking to you Mr Spider-Man I know exactly who and what You are Spider-Man shakes his head Looking around at the others well okay Now that's a big old lie I know you're The scroll he shouted everyone begins to Argue preparing to enter the big fight Once again but a blast of energy smashes Into the ground around them and Tony Looks up to see Reed Richards leaning Out of a scroll ship overhead as the Smoke Clears the Scrolls have been

Revealed the real heroes leaping into Fight as Clint turns to Bobby in his Eyes widen as he realizes that the woman That he vouched for is a scroll with a Bellow of Rage he grabs one of Natasha's Guns opening fire killing the scroll That had taken the face of his wife Reid Jumps down wrapping his arms around the Scroll that looked like Sue where are my Trend you have children she gasps and With the fight over Natasha picks up Tony see I told you you're not a scroll She says of the smile the scroll ship Lands and brand steps out ladies and Gentlemen of the human race New York City is under siege and the Earth is Under the control of the scroll Empire Anyone in the mood to do anything about That hop on board Kazar and Shauna Promise to hunt down the rest of the Scrolls in their Savage land the others Board the ship Luke steps over to Clint Who is kneeling over the body a scroll Bobby tries to console him but Clint Pushes him away listen to me all of you This doesn't end until every last one of Them dies you hear me every last one of Them he yells out And there you have it another Cliffhanger now make sure you like And Subscribe as we're going to be Concluding this next week or you can go Check out your digital retailer or local Comic bookstore and just buy it and see

What happens in it either way I will be Bringing you the next part of this very Soon and I hope you guys are as excited For it as I am to bring it to you thank You and I'll see you next time

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