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The news that broke this week is gonna Cause so many Comics to Spike let's talk About it The hottest comic books in the world Increasing in price by the day and Selling aggressively we're here every Seven days covering the health of the Comic book Marketplace hit the Subscribe And smash that like button yes comic Tom And I are still beefing but we've got Hot Comics to report on so many hot Comics I had to bring out two computers And we're gonna jump in with number 10 Still riding high off that Flash trailer We have the flash 139 the first Appearance of reverse flash Professor Zoom EO barthon The Flash trailer moved The needle last week when we saw two Different 7.5s sell for above five Percent over their recent 12-month Average and I believe we're seeing a Trickle-down effect this week with a 4.0 Selling for 500 an increase of 18 of 5.0 Selling for 660 an increase of six Percent and a five five selling for 709 That's an increase of 19 not a tea book A silver age book but yet we still Managed to see eight new entries onto The cgc senses now the reverse flash has Not been confirmed although he is the Villain of the flashpoint storyline Which this movie is obviously borrowing From but there is a hint with that Doppelganger Ezra Miller wearing that

Yellow jacket Ezra Miller possibly Portraying the reverse flash what do you Think about this in the comment section Below that brings us to number nine on The list with I can't believe I'm saying It major spec potential and investment Opportunity we're talking Green Lantern Issue number 87 the first appearance of Jon Stewart which is an amazing Difficult to acquire in high grade white Cover a dope book that has only 34 Copies graded at a 9.8 making it a major Key to own but the focus is so much on Jon Stewart not so much on Hal Jordan Who we know is going to be partnered With him in the show that James Gunn is Bringing to the screen it's almost like We told you guys to keep an eye out on DC books we have the 7.0 up 41 from his 12-month average the 7.5 is up 11 the 8.5 sold for 1150 that's 41 above it 12-month average and the 9.0 also Selling for 11.50 can't keep up but Still 22 percent above its 12 months Could it be true fire guy Ryan is best At us all buying Green Lantern keys and Non-keys for no reason for years I digress because everybody's focused on Hal Jordan and Jon Stewart but what About all the other Green Lanterns you Can keep track of them all by utilizing The character search on key collector Comics there are over 12 different Categories covering different Green

Lanterns let alone the Green Lantern Corps that has a bunch of subcategories And other characters that have already Been specked upon in recent weeks yeah What about Guy Gardner Kyle Raynor Jessica Cruz and like we were just Talking about last week Tomar Ray make Sure to use code time 101 for a two-week Subscription on the app and that brings Us to number eight on the list with my Favorite Logan key and it's not hulk181 It's 180 the first Cameo appearance in Fact the first Cameo appearance that Started the arguments over Cameo Appearance the most disagreed subject in Comic collecting and we've been seeing Wolverine Keys make the list ever since Hugh Jackman announced he'll be Reprising his role as Wolverine for Deadpool 3. hell there's even a new Interview where they're jokingly calling Deadpool 3 Wolverine 10. Wolverine issue One from the Frank Miller miniseries Made the list last week with that cgc 9.9 sale today we have Hulk 180 a cgc 7.5 selling for sixteen hundred and Fifty dollars 26 above his 12-month Average and then a 9.0 selling for 2 450 Which is seven percent above and what's This A record-breaking sale with a mark J A 7.0 just sold in January for one Thousand and fifty dollars outdone by a 61 increase this past week with an All-new high of 1

688. now the record set for a 9.6 was in December 2021 where it hit twelve Thousand dollars recent January sales Put it at 4 560. the 9.8 had its height reached with A white page or selling in 2021 June for Forty thousand eight hundred dollars the Last GPA sale also in January down Selling for 22 800. a lot of things Combine to adjust pricing but one that Needs to be considered is the increase In Census count since this book landed On the hot 10 back December 19th 10 Short weeks ago there's been an increase Of 226 copies added to that cgc census and Out of the new Census count that Tom Just mentioned we have four more 9.6's And we have an additional 9.8 now to put It into perspective talking about Hulk 180 verse 181 there are actually double The amount of 181s on the census Compared to that 180. and that brings us To number seven on the list with Spider-Man what issue number one the 1930s web Slinger that operated during The Great Depression a mature take on The character coming to Amazon courtesy Of Sony fans are gearing up for the new Show and we have four new 9.8 sales Performing above the 12-month average as Low as 437 dollars and as high as 500 Putting it 21 above that average at this Time newsstands were believed to make up

Five percent of the print run and we Have two different newsstand sales of This key comic book one Unbreaking Records a 9.2 sold for 250 back in 2021 Up 60 percent now selling for 400 and The 9.6 news stand had its second Highest sale of all time where it hit 660 dollars Sony currently has the Rights to over 900 Spider-Man characters And they can continue to make those Spider-Man films in perpetuity as long As they do so about every six years now The narrative on this Spider-Man Noir Could go and take a dark turn this is Set in the Great Depression we already Know it's not focused around Peter Parker could this be like the boys Version of Spider-Man I think that is The reason why so much heat is behind This comic book because it has the Potential of surprising so many people Because we've never seen something Different than the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man which brings us to number six On the list now we've already talked About Deadpool 3 with Holt 180 you know We had to have New Mutants 98 on the List the first appearance of Deadpool This book is up amongst six different Grade points all AI grade but some of The highlights are the 9.4 that sold for 4.99 six percent over its recent 12 Month average the 9.6 that hit 657 Percent over its recent 12 months and

Then 98 doing the same with a sale of 1 726. the new stands are up as well we Have a 9.0 hitting 530 23 up and the 98 Reaching 3 300 although that's only one Percent that's a lot of money to throw Down on a book in this market clearly People are hyped about Wolverine versus Deadpool we're routinely seeing both Deadpool keys and Wolverine Keys make The list now although that high sale is North of Seventeen hundred dollars there Have been three sales since under 1600 So it's a book that you probably could Be patient with there are almost 23 000 Copies on the census with 58 new copies Added since we last talked about this Book looking at number five we have Swamp Thing number 37 the first Appearance of John Constantine and so Many cancellations coming from DC James Gunn not including anything about Justice league dark or John Constantine In his slate for the future could we be Seeing John Constantine 2 happen Courtesy of Keanu Reeves it's seemingly Up to this actor to bring it to the Screen he has gone in for it no pun the Book's got a lot going for it we know Keanu Reeves wants to reprise his role As John Constantine we know James Gunn Is gunning for a upcoming Swamp Thing Movie it sounds like the perfect storm For a post-credits scene we've got Multiple sales to report on here and

Multiple sales within the same grade Points we have two cgc 9.0 that sold one For 355 and another for 380 8 above his 12-month average and we have three 9.6s Selling for 600 625 and 667 16 above its 12-month average since we chatted last About this book six weeks ago we're at Ranked number five on the hot ten we Have seen an increase of 69 copies added To the cgc census five of which graded At a 9.8 the 98 heights were reached Back in June 2020 one where it sold for Thirty seven hundred dollars the last 9.8 sale went for 16.50 let me know in The comment section what do you think About this key book regardless of the Rumors going around this movie seems to Be on Pace to still happen and I want to Hear your thoughts and speaking of Swamp Thing That House of Secrets 92 is Getting rather expensive man what if Collectors want one but they can't Afford it well last week I gave away a Marvel Spotlight 5 first appearance of Johnny Blaze The Ghost Writer on whatnot I'm thinking in March we're gonna give Away this House of Secrets 92 and pay Attention to the set there may be some Foreshadowing of giveaways to come Link In the description join me over there And if you use the code you get a 10 Credit after your first 10 purchase Keeping it moving to number four on the List we have more James gun spec we have

Batman 655 from 2006 the first Cameo Appearance of Damien Wayne this right Here is a perfect storm so many people Are gunning after this key appearance After the announcement that we're going To see this unique version of the bat Family hit the screen particularly with Damien however the supply is meeting the Demand and we have nine different 9.8 Sales to prove it before we get to that We have multiple sales in 9.4 as well Three to be exact with the highest sale Being 110 dollars 45 above the 12 month Average there were also three sales in 9.6 with a high of 155 dollars that's 68 Above its 12 months the 99.8 cells had a Peak of 303 dollars that's an increase Of 38 percent when you compare it over Its 12 month average but hang tight Because this book reached Heights this Year alone post announcement of 483. why would that be well there are More being added to the census by the Day in high grade since we chatted about This last week it also ranked at number Four and since then there's been an Increase of eight copies added to the Census three of which are graded at 9.8 And I suspect more are coming we should Also mention the variant in a 9.8 broke Record twice last week first selling for 715 and then selling for 7.50 and what's This on the list at number three with a Lapse last week

Omega men number three the first Appearance of Lobo is back spiking and For good reason we have some of the Biggest spec news to move the needle on Not just this book but multiple DC keys I don't think anyone was speculating on Last week IGN released a poll asking Their readers which of these characters Would they like to see in James Gunn and Peter saffron's new DCU the list goes Like this Nightwing Martian Manhunter Lobo Brainiac Deathstroke Red Hood Zatanna the court of owls Mr Freeze and John Constantine now that was the Ranking chosen by the readers per IGN's List of characters that they made up but To everybody's surprise James Gunn Instagramed the following will five of The ten do this seemingly confirms half Of this list this is crazy because Lobo Is on it which spiked this book again This week after being absent on the hot Ten seven days ago Lobo made number Three on the IGN poll and what's funny Is that really none of these characters Have been announced opening a whole new World of speculation we know Jason Momoa Was excited about something and James Gunn said specifically that he wasn't Going to reveal everything just yet this Right here means that these 10 different Characters are now Prime for speculation Hell next week's hot 10 could have many Of them land on it Omega Man 3 saw three

Sales in a cgc 9.6 the highest being 190 32 percent above its 12 month average And we saw five sales in a 9.8 with two Of the high sales at 400 which is 20 Above its average there's an increase of 78 copies added to the census since we Chatted about this book just a short 14 Days ago and 19 of which were 9.8 with So many familiar faces on the hot 10 Rightfully so they keep bringing the Sales week after week we do have a Newcomer coming in at number two Avengers 267 the first appearance of the Council of Kings we seldomly see comic Books Spike after the movie I mean think About Black Panther specs Submariner Spec America Chavez even Scott Lang post Quantumania which was critically panned However Jonathan Majors Kang is Seemingly a safe bet members believe in This villain we're probably going to see More of than Thanos even and when you Consider the heights that it reached at A 9.8 was 950 dollars last GPA sell at 250 makes this classic can cover a key Appearance post-credit scene clearly This book is looking Prime for Purchasing now but does it have the legs To go up like it once did that's a good Point it's still a far reach from his Former glory but we do have some Record-breaking sales in the lower Grades a cgc 8.0 sold for 48 dollars Back in July it's a four percent now

Selling for 50. the 8.5 sold for 55 in October it's up 55 percent selling for 85. across multiple High grades the Heights this book reached was back in 2021 in the summer when Jonathan Majors Premiered as Kang for the first time in The season finale of Loki well we have a 9.6 eight of which that sold over the Last week the highest being 130 dollars For an increase of 19 and it didn't stop There were 10 9.8 that sold the highest Being 300 with an increase of 27 when You compare to that 12-month average Bringing us to the number one hottest Comic book in the world make sure you Hit that like button subscribe to the Channel and Tom hit him with number one It's the last of us American Dreams Number one with multiple grade points up Over the recent 12-month average and a Brand new 9.8 height that was outdone in Under seven days since we reported on This last clearly fans are enjoying the Show a cgc 9.4 sold for 475 52 above its Average and the 9.6 selling for 615 22 Above the 9.2 had a record-breaking sale It was set just in February for 406 Dollars up 11 now selling for 449 and Then we have the 9.8 we talked about the 1500 sale that happened last week while It was shattered with an increase of 13 Hitting 1 699 Dollars now get this when the news broke Back in 2020 key collector Comics put

Out a key alert letting everybody know That this was happening and back then 9.8 were selling for between 250 and 400 Hot damn has this book exploded now if The Walking Dead one has taught us Anything it's that we might want to wait Until the end of the season to pick up a Copy considering that season 2 has Already been granted this book is Definitely something I'm going to be Watching very closely because I passed Up on a sale that was less than this Record breaker weeks ago and I'm feeling That regret hit the like and slap the Subscribe and as always geek responsibly And statement refresh nuff said comic Fam I'm so proud of every single one of You thank you so much for coming out Over on what not last week we raised two Thousand dollars for comic books for Kids and we didn't stop there we teamed Up with the best new app to buy and sell Collectibles What Not Key collector Comics and cbsi and a bunch of our Friends to print in excess of 1750 brand new Comics that have already Been donated and they're on their way to Hospitals to make children's day a Little bit better whether they find Themselves at a hospital or a Cancer Center across the U.S thank you so much Gem mint Collectibles nerdy girl comics And carnivore comics and of course we Also have to mention comic pops Davis

Ryder and comic books for kids a big Thank you to you Ross milky Comics Heron Heavens the mystery mail call members Who all combined efforts to do some good Comic books for kids doesn't just assist Children but they also serve troops as Well comic books for veterans so I think There's a lot more we can do this year You can come follow us on whatnot where We're making the magic happen have a Great week thank you so much from the Bottom of my heart and we'll see you Soon

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