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Red Hood and the dark Trinity have come Back in the world of webtoons an out of Continuity continuation of our favorite Team of red hood Artemis and Bizarro now I brought this story to you a little While ago chapters one through four but The first major arc concludes with Chapter 10. so today I thought it'd be Fun to pick up where we left off and Just finish out the first Arc of the Red Hood and the Outlaws webtoon that I'm Really enjoying reading I'll give you The link down below currently they're All the way up to chapter 31 I believe With the series and I'm personally in The middle of reading through the second Arc but anyway when we last left off With this storyline Red Hood and the Outlaws were hired to go and get an Ancient artifact it turns out that that Artifact was being guarded by Martian Manhunter and he arrived at the very Ending of their attempt to steal it Informing that he doesn't take kindly to Thieves this is the comic story and Channel I basically dramatically read Back to you story lines involving Superheroes so that you know what's Going on in the world of comics and can Figure out where to go read them this is A webtoon series link is down below now Let's get into chapter 5 right after we Get the reveal that Martian Manhunter is Involved in the artifact just before

Arriving Manhunter was alerted that Someone was attempting to steal the Heart of ronmir one of the most powerful Remnants of life back on Mars it holds The ability to replicate a facsimile of Martian life which in the wrong hands Could be devastating while he swore to Protect the Earth it was also a Manhunter's job to protect that statue And to keep it safe so all of the Encounters The Outlaws came across it Was Manhunter in the shadows causing Them he watched he waited and he striped At the times that he felt it was best But he could not anticipate who he was Up against Jason radios into Artemis but When he can't get a hold of her he asks Bizarro if he can see her suddenly Artemis well the fake Artemis that Manhunter has changed into walks out Stating that there is nothing to worry About she was just fighting a dinosaur Whoever is out there probably heard the Shot though they should get somewhere And set up camp so they can figure out How to get out of here Knight began to Fall and Bizarro went to sleep and the Fake Artemis that is actually Manhunter Set by the fire Artemis sees Jason staring at something Asking what is it he tells her that Whoever they're fighting is using a Cloaking device you can tell because the Moisture in the air still clings to them

No matter how visible you are even now He feels watched he hasn't felt like This he begins to Trail off and the fake Artemis tells him that it's just the two Of them he can open up so he takes off His helmet and then there's a sudden Beep the two jump back to their feet Running towards the motion sensor and as They get ready for their fight a small Dinosaur wanders out growling Jason Begins to feed the dinosaur stating that They need to destroy the idol but Artemis yells that they can't they have No idea what would happen if they Destroy that Idol Jason says that he Knows and it's kind of exciting so much Blood has been spilled over this Artifact they could jest but fake Artemis tells him that that would be Irresponsible Jason looks right at her Have you not met me and don't say you're Scared you used to take risks all the Time you used to be fun Jason sets the Idol up getting ready to fire but before He can pull the trigger fake Artemis Draws her sword holding it to Jason's Throat I wouldn't do that Jason last I Was wondering and you would attack now a Split second later there's a Blue Blur As as Bizarro Rockets towards fake Artemis punching her into the ground you Are friend after hitting Artemis with a Taser Jason gets up stating that they Are pretty suspicious if they're going

To imitate an Amazon especially an Amazon like Artemis you should know how She likes to draw her sword because I do Man Hunter then gets up changing back Into his Martian form lunging give me Back of the idol Bizarro quickly jumps In the way to stop Manhunter but he's Knocked out of the way grabbing a hold Of Jason before Manhunter could take off Pizarro reaches up grabbing manhunter's Cape flinging him back down slamming him Into the ground Manhunter cause you don't understand Zara punches down on him yes you Understand as Manhunter lays on the Ground Jason reaches down to deactivate The barriers and tells Bizarro to go Find the real Artemis once alone Jason Begins stretching telling him that Franco warned him that someone might be Standing in his way but he wasn't Expecting this but he also doesn't care Short while later Bizarro grabs Jason And Artemis and the three begin to fly Away from the island with Artemis Telling him that he should ask for more Money Jason says that she's right they Deserve more for having to rescue a Damsel in distress she then asks him to Not make her have to kill him before They get paid it's good to have the real You back as they leave Manhunter begins To wake up and makes a call to the Watchtower later at Franco's home one of

The men knocks on the door stating that The Outlaws have returned he sits up Hell ronmir as Jason Artemis and Bizarro All stand in the elevator Bizarro looks Around I enjoyed this Artemis says that The whole deal was rotten from the Get-go Jason looks at them well either You take the jobs like this or become The kind of people who sit on buildings All night waiting for someone to scream For help after waiting for a moment and Not getting any responses yeah that's What I thought guys as the elevator Doors begin to ding Franco yells Outlaws What to sight now where's my treasure Jason tells him that it's at the bottom Of Atlantis if they don't get their Money He holds out the idol and Franco snaps His fingers and his men deliver three Suitcases full of money you may leave Enjoy the money buy some sleeves Jason closes the suitcase you know that Wasn't easy booby traps dinosaurs not The best weather and unexpected company Artemis slams her hands on the table Shouting we want to know why Martian Manhunter was after this family heirloom Franco stands up telling her that they Got paid to do what they were paid to do Retrieve the item ask her no questions Now leave everyone glares at Franco all Right I get it we just had to ask Because it's not every day you find a

Member of the Justice League hunting you Down at a dinosaur-infested jungle but We'll be on our way Jason then throws a Knife hitting Franco in the chest and he Falls to the ground however what comes Crawling back isn't a human hand but a Martian hand and Franco reveals his true Self give me the idol Bizarro uses his Freeze Vision but Franco Dodges the Blast jumping onto the ceiling and wall And then leaping for the idol Mine by The God's mind as Franco has the figure He makes a break for it jumping out the Window but before escaping a grappling Lion is shot out grabbing him by the Ankle and sending him into the wall of Glass Franco books of the people on the lower Floor and begins to say something in his Native tongue and the Idol's eyes begin To Glow as he's pulled back up Franco Bursts out laughing while the others Just stare in wonder what's so funny Jason asks Franco just yells Perfection As the humans convert into Twisted Martians like Franco and they begin to Crawl up Jason looks at them huh I guess We know what the idol does now Once the attack begins Artemis says to Remember no killing there might be a way To change them back Franco begins to Slip into the crowd Bye Bye Birdie and Jason asks wait how does he know a Reference like that Artemis punches the

Martian stating that the species is over A millennia old and they live thousands Of years the amount of art that humans Have made during their entire existence Is the equivalent to a season of TV for Them Jason then tells her great now less Encyclopedia more bang bang Jason's then Thrown into the next room but as the Martians walk up it begins to change Into him okay we're not doing this he Starts to head back into the main room And he stops and he sees dozens of Artemis and Bizarro clones while Artemis And Bizarro are trying to hold their own Another group of cloned Jason's attack And pin Jason to the ground he begins to Speak but Artemis tells him to shut up And wait seconds later the entire floor Explodes and Jason looks up signed Damn it Superman Wonder Woman and Batman All appear through the smoke with Batman Looking down Why am I not surprised for a brief Moment Jason flashes back to the time That he was Robin that he stops Two-Face By punching him repeatedly in the face Until Batman had to stop him after Stopping him Batman tells him that he's Grounded for the night but Jason yells Back that it isn't fair Batman says that They've been doing this for three years And he still isn't taking responsibility For his actions he is violent he is Reckless and what about Two-Face he

Killed people he could have killed more Your training is to stop the attack Without risking killing him Maybe you can't change prove me wrong Jason back in our present day Jason and The others get up and Jason says that They had things handled Batman tells him That the computer said otherwise Wonder Woman looks at Artemis Artemis Artemis responds but Wonder Woman says that the new sword looks good Have one at home just like it and Artemis rolls her eyes Superman looks at Bizarro Bizarro just looks at him No another figure flies down a Martian Manhunter simply says excuse me but There are civilizations that stake here So Superman chimes in do we know where They're going manner says that the only Way to fully and permanently activate The idol is to return it to Mars so Artemis looks at one of the knocked out Martians asking if that means that There's a way to save these people Manhunter tells her that as long as they Stop Decay they will return to their Human form she says that she's sorry and Jason asks for want Artemis says the way She sees it they're the only ones who Did their jobs they were hired to do one Thing get one thing and they did Marvin Over there didn't protect his secret Ancient Temple not even close Jason looks at Batman we also let the

World destroying bad guy get away so We'll be the ones going after decay Everyone get out I'd like a word with Jason alone whatever you have to say my Team can hear it bats but Artemis size It's fine we'll just kick around the Sandbox As everyone leaves Batman takes a deep Breath taking off his kill What are you doing Batman I I want you To look into my eyes when I say this you Are a child a petulant toddler playing With toys in the mud angry at the world That is begging you to wash the stench Off yeah that's your problem dad Everyone's a child to you because Everyone looks small when you stand at The edge of a skyscraper but really What's the difference between people Like you and Lex Luthor better PR team Batman pulls his mask back on we Continue this when you're done crying I'll learn Nightwing he can run the Watchtower while we're gone no we're Gonna do it are you serious Boy Scout If you're finished eavesdropping we're Done with everyone there and returning Batman looks at Jason and to everyone's Surprise I've had a change of mind That's what you wanted right a chance to Prove yourself well here you go this is Your last chance think you can do it you Have one month to do it no killing No Stealing keep the world safe and we'll

Talk about respect Jason by the next Month you're a part of the Justice League Watch Tower and all but if you Fail you and your friends will be Treated like true Outlaws no more Wing Tech weapons no more money nothing You'll spend the rest of your life Running or in Arkham and I won't be Around to blame when it goes wrong deal Artemis reaches out to tell him that They should think about this but Jason Holds out his hand deal and as the League leaves Artemis shouts you idiot Do you ever just think meanwhile as Batman is flying on Wonder Woman's jet Superman says that he hopes that he Knows what he's doing Artemis tells Jason that he better know What he's doing And like father like son both men say I always do I actually have been really enjoying the Red Hood webtoon series and I highly Recommend reading it but don't worry We're gonna do the next 10 chapters Which I believe is the next Arc very Soon so like subscribe hit that Notification Bell if you want to be a Part of everything we're covering here We do a lot of combo coverage and would Love for you to be a part of this thank You

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