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Lazarus Planet Part 1

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Lazarus planet is massively changing the World of DC giving people new powers and Taking away others also it turned Batman Into someone possessed by the devil Measure in order to stop these Reigns From altering the entire fate of the DC Universe and its magic users Our Heroes Need to battle against King fire Bull Who is who has declared war on the Entire universe I'll give you the link To the first part of this story as it's Actually only two issues and a bunch of One-off Side Stories on the outskirts of The DC Universe so I'll give you a link Down to the first story down below and This is the conclusion kind of you'll See what I mean later today we're Covering Lazarus Planet Omega and this is the comic story in Channel I take some comic books I break Them down into audio dramas and this Allows you to know what you should be Adding to your collection if you enjoy This type of content please consider Giving us a like subscribe and if you Want to support us further consider Joining our YouTube memberships alright Now let's get into Lazarus Planet Omega The storm continues to rage outside but King Fireball has arrived at the Hall of Justice he reaches out a massive hand Grabbing black Alice by the throat your World's magic has run amok it has

Gathered itself at a Hellstorm that has Enveloped your entire planet but I know It can be reclaimed this sorcerer I'm Told she can return it to where it Belongs What I have decided is it belongs to me Robin and monkey Prince open the attack But their blows do nothing to the mighty Beast at the ruins of the Tower of Fate Zatana has gathered the de-powered magic Users of the universe we're all spent Z How do we fix it Alice Scott asks barely Controlling the energy swirls around Zatana as she explains that they need Black Alice to return the magical powers To the appropriate users Zatanna casts a Spell to pull black Alice to them the King fireable holds on tight you think You can escape me you are sorely Mistaken he rumbles holding Alice tight As the spell is now threatening to rip Her apart Robin tries to warn Zatanna Over the comms but the storm is blocking Their Electronics the monkey Prince Leaps forward kicking at King fireable Stunning him long enough to get black Alice clear King Fireball then turns to Attack them but is knocked To The Ground By a blast of heat vision Robin Smiles As he looks up at the Gathering of Heroes now here to stop King Fireball Sorry we're late Metropolis needed us Superman says as he Flies forward grabbing the Demon King he

Tosses King Fireball away allowing The Flash Wonder Girl and the Green Lanterns To Pelt him Well well King Fireball says as he Lashes out with magical energy knocking The heroes away monkey Prince and Alice Watch If he tells him that she is needed and Wishes to Aid in the fight She then disappears in a swirl of Magical energy leaving our heroes to Battle the magical villain She appears in the ruins of the Tower of Fate she warns etana about what is Happening at the Hall of Justice over at The hall the heroes continued their Battle but King fireable refuses to go Down Alice begins to rise into the air As she gathers the destroyed magical Energy around her Tana's shots but Alice looks at her You don't say Corrigan you're up first Get ready Alice shouts the fight at the Hall continues but everyone's powers are Suddenly being scrambled by the magical Storm Barry suddenly has super strength As Superman falls to the ground Jon Jones telepathy clouds his mind Damien Leaps forward blasting at the king Fireball with heat vision I could get Used to this he shouts and at the tower Ruins Jim Corrigan is once again fused With the power of the Specter at last Three free to wreak vengeance upon evil

The spirit shouts Damien stumbles back From the computer trying to warn Batman's team but he is unaware that Batman is actually possessed by the Devil measure and has defeated his own Team the Fight Continues on but King Fireball defeats some of the most Powerful Heroes one by one dropping them To the ground he Smiles as he stands Over the bodies of the fallen heroes I expected more but I understand I too Was human once human and therefore Pitiful at the tower Alice gives the Last of her energy to return the magic To the world to stop the storm It disappears in a blast of light in the Mountain Temple the Neja Batman can Sense the return of magic and he reaches Out to his son King fireable speaking to Him interrupting his attempt to control The heroes no more my son you have sown The seeds of your own destruction I had Hoped to absorb Earth's magic myself but That was a Fool's goal no energy this Formidable can never be controlled not By you not by anyone but it can be Directed and that's when he begins to Focus his energy into King Fireball Damien watches in shock as king of Fireball seemingly is arguing with Himself before he is struck by a massive Magical lightning bolt The energy dissipates revealing a Smoking king Fireball

Is that your best you expect me to Submit from that King Fireball asks but the glowing light Fills the room and King Fireball looks Up to see a gathering of the magical Heroes prepared to battle against him The magical Heroes step forward and they Hit him with everything that they've got Magical energy slamming into the Demonic Warrior no it will not end like this King fireable shouts But the Specter steps forward one of the Most powerful beings in the entire Universe enough the terror you wish to Command will be reflected upon you so Says the Specter using his powers he Traps King firepool in a small sphere of Magical energy we will find a proper Resting place for you and your evil Specter says before disappearing The Heroes all begin to rise back up but The Specter and the demon are gone I Don't see black Alice satana why don't I See black Alice Damien asks Z and she Lowers her eyes I'm sorry black Alice is gone She sacrificed herself to bring magic Back to the world but zatana is unaware That black Alice didn't die And she's elsewhere in the world Searching for peace after the heroes Have left going to their separate homes And their separate cities Damien is left alone he looks up as his

Father Batman approaches seemingly Healed of his Lazarus sickness father Did you find Neja are you healed what Happened to the others that were with You Damien asks says he hugs his father Batman Smiles as his eyes begin to glow And Damien is unaware don't worry Everyone is accounted for or will be Soon the shadow of Neja casts upon the Wall behind Batman And that concludes the Lazarus Planet Event it goes Lazarus Planet Alpha Lazarus Planet Omega and it looks like The resolution of devil Batman is going To be in Batman versus Robin issue Number five now you might know that we Already covered Batman versus Robin Issue one through four that's because This was announced as a weird epilogue And had nothing to do with the core Batman vs Robin's storyline that was in One through four I don't even know why They chose to do this when you could Just do like Lazarus Planet epilogue or Devil Batman versus Robin but whatever We're going back to Batman vs Robin and We'll be bringing that one to you which Will officially close out this Lazarus Planet storyline if you're curious how The whole thing ties together basically Ignoring dark crisis it goes Robin to Shadow War to Batman versus Robin to Lazarus planet to Batman vs Robin I Think and that's the story so if you

Ever hear me complaining about how Difficult it is to follow what's going On in DC this is a prime example of a Storyline that has now been going on oh In the middle of that Batman's Superman World's finest came up too but yeah We'll make a whole big video for all of The linking storyline portions of this Eventually anyway I hope you guys Enjoyed like subscribe hit that Notification Bell so you know when Number five comes out and I'll see you Next time

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