Digging Through the Biggest Collection of Comics We’ve Ever Bought

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All right Jeff they demanded a peek at What we fell into last year and now We're falling into this A crap ton of comics this is uh what Over 300 000 Comics look like number one If you're gonna climb a mountain of Comics you gotta make sure your steps Are solid so low block first Mid block High block the cheek angle right I got The booty okay watch this is a little Wobbly so make sure I'm watching you if You fall I'm gonna get on camera All right we're climbing on oh my gosh Oh my gosh dude yeah look at this yeah It's a trip up here oh my goodness comic Fam what did we run into you can find us On whatnot You can go to comtom101.com join the Mystery mail call but we're always Hunting for the comic fam and uh 2009 billions had something can we open One of these boxes up here I want to Open up a box up here this one right Here yeah it seems like in the 2000s 2015. are you ready for this 2015 we Haven't seen these books these have been In a box since 2015 and The Collector Just was investing clearly it says Investment comics and you didn't even Look at them he'd even open them so Let's see what this person got and see If we find any treasure here oh you Ready to do this yeah I'm ready

Oh Dude I'm not kidding dude Are you kidding me oh there's multiples Let's go I'll take five baby I'll take five That's how you do it comic family this Is freaking nice that's been buried here For five months the first one right if That was there we would have grabbed it Right away if I did I would not have had To sit here with the weight of other Boxes oh my God this is crazy I can't Believe we just found that was on the Top yeah we're gonna get those pressed But they're gonna be nice oh these are Oh these are nine eights that could be Great oh man sealed All right so we got Daredevils oh Yeah that's how we do it Darth Vader one Baby Darth Vader one oh there might be More Star Wars oh damn all right oh we Got Darth Vader too So we got Darth Vader one two and three In there that's cool more Leia oh dude First that's uh first solo silk all in One box this is a good year dude a lot Of this newer stuff oh shoot Look at this first solo spider Gwen here It is Boom one two copies three copies Wow yeah what a pull you get your hits And this is what the losses look like Okay let's go let's go come on come on Come on come on I really recognize this Green arrow number 13.

Stop Batman 602 Times 25 Times 25. Jeff has the biggest Collections I have more 602s than most Retailers ordered okay guys I have a good feeling and then it's my Turn again and I can beat you so what Are you doing with all these uh very Very uh cheap books we're gonna come in The garbage I need a plan guys let me Know unless maybe I my gut what do you Think Jalen put up a recent sold my gut For this one is gonna be five to ten Bucks what do you think oh yeah 10 bucks Easy chalen find some sold listings and Put them on the screen yeah but it's raw I'm sure nine eights are probably like 110. I'm guessing it's cool though this is Box eight of eight can you imagine Getting eight boxes of monthly 200 comic Series at least crazy that's so much Money it's been like a grand a month Okay here we go we got you want to go 2013 what do you stand let's see what You're standing on okay you're not 2013. I'm on 2013 right here yeah yeah all Right we can do it Oh then I have to move is that Investment box here I'm gonna do I'm Gonna go down here where are you going Dude I'm going in I want to be with the Comics this is how you hunt if you're

Not in it to win it like I am And you're not hunting all right Jesus Man This is how you hunt Actually you're gonna have to help me Yeah Gifs bro dips oh God You're gonna cause an avalanche Oh That was actually a lot dude it could be Here this is because that was uh November 2011. oh my god dude Who won League that'll stink Brand new looking freaking sexy as hell In 2011. I'm looking for boxes here this one's 2004. this one right here is 201 All DC's and say this one's 2001. hey Spider-Man is that crane yeah he did This part of the run right there's a lot Of crane stuff That's a cool cover oh that's cool That's a really cool one I like that oh It was your boxes you had a four I got The number three Three classic give me a good shot of That wow check out that butt cheek Oh hey yo that's actually really put That aside I will because like how often Is Hugh Jackman on the damn cover Man I just keep winning These are packs of all vintage books Detective Comics 607

All of them are 607. they're the whole Thing the whole thing is Detective 607. This has to be 50 bucks this has to be 50 copies of this thing oh That's McFarland that's McFarland yeah That's McFarlane Spidey with red skull On the cover we've been through maybe 40 Of this collection 40. so maybe Oh it's getting earlier or later oh Same oh it's all the same book oh my God It's all the same book oh it's all the Same book oh I want some of those man Wow Let's take this box down back to Earth Yeah we've been up here for a half hour Jeff I wonder if we got some really good Ones I think it's warmer up here it's Actually warmer it is The heat rises True And the heat that we just found and Brought is also Let me show you guys this is so much Worse going down I don't think you get it I mean look at That that's like eight stories of comics Okay and going Up's easy but coming down Dude I don't think you understand oh we Gotta get on camera at least gotta get Something we gotta do it for the comic Fam dude let's do it you fall can you Rotate the camera on the way down yes And capture yourself let's do it all Right here we go

Um Full top heavy guys We're professionals yeah We've trained for them Train Ing It's all funny Oh and you know what we have ready here Don't you Stuff like this Situations like this Bags and Boards look what I just found Oh yeah look at this We're gonna take it out today we have to So when we go through them we put an x On it so we don't accidentally go Through it again because you know we did That already yeah and I put an XO after I went through it twice now for 30 Second second pass on some of these That's what I'm talking about so I'm Talking about that's why we risked our Lives today we're we have a price on us So it's just worth Couple few grand here for us to risk Our Lives that's what it takes hit the like Slap And subscribe and if you want to See us do more hunting we'll do that Just let us know that you want to see it By commenting

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