Live Stream Took A Turn: Parenting

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First job is to keep them safe man there You go they hey it doesn't matter Whether they like it doesn't matter That's my job my job is is protector That is my job protector sometimes I Protect them from other people from the World sometimes I have to protect them From themselves but my job is to protect You and to get you from from uh from Childhood to adulthood as best as I can Hopefully with all your fingers and toes Intact right that is my job and I feel Like if I can do a good job of that then Hopefully at the age of 18 they will be Able to at least stand on their own two Feet not not be on their own not be on Their own because that is tough Los how You doing brother it is good to see you My friend welcome welcome scrolling Through my parents did the same thing Man this is what it takes man you know I I you know you think back To all the things that you think that or That you wish your parents had done for You right and the reality is that Parents do the best job that they can Generally right Um but as an adult you look back and you Think about your child and you're like Well man I wish my parents had done this That or the other you so you're trying To do that right you try to do the thing That you may have not received as a Child with the hope that that thing

Along with all the other things that you Do will ultimately benefit your child Like that is the goal right that's what We are trying to do my wife for example Grew up in basically the same Community Her entire life me I moved every two Years right and so my thing is to give My kids life that my wife had because I Look at that and I'm like that's pretty Awesome so maybe we do that thing versus Again what Reggie had to do Chris how You doing brother it is good to see you Um Uh you know I saw something the other Day And it was I I watch Real sometimes Between meetings at work right and what This guy was talking and he's like you Know your job is to take care of your Children to provide for them your Children did not ask to come into this World and your job is to give to them Your kids owe you nothing they didn't Ask to come here right they they didn't Sign up for it they didn't sign up for You as a parent right uh so so you get What you get from that hopefully when They grow up and they go out on their Own hopefully they they turn back and They look at you and they say thank you And that they appreciate the sacrifices That you make right because we all make Sacrifices for our kids big small They're all sacrifices and the hope is

That they will appreciate those Sacrifices at some point in time but Um that's this guy said your kids owe You nothing and at the time I saw this Man I was I was like you know you you Have tough days as a parent you know you Have you have some days where you're Just like if you just said thank you if You just listen to what I said if you Just picked up your stuff if you just Didn't waste my my money with the food That you just threw away some days are Tough man some days are tough and I saw That and I was like that's actually a Good point it actually helped me through Uh that particular day I don't know how I got on this topic whoever got me on This topic I Blame You

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