My Craziest Speculation

By | February 15, 2023

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How’s it going David from comic book Investments so here’s a crazy crazy Crazy spec and I don’t think it’ll be True but it could be true Uh this is kind of something that I’m Seeing little hints of and maybe it’s Wishful thinking but this is something That probably might happen uh at least That’s what I’m thinking anyways Um I don’t know if you guys saw the Flash trailer so if you saw the Flash Trailer I’ll give you this little here’s The Flash trailer Um let me pull up my screen here here’s Here’s a section of the Flash trailer And if you notice one thing that there’s Ezra Miller on the right uh the normal Flash and then there’s the alternate Universe on the left uh Ezra Miller Barry Allen both baryons but look at the Color he’s wearing he is wearing yellow Now they don’t do this stuff just by Accident they did it on purpose so why Is he wearing yellow so who else wears Yellow who else who else oh yeah this Guy where is Yellow reverse flash eobon Thon you barred Thon Uh whatever thought anyways he wears Yellow so my huge speculation is we’re Going to see a spike in this book right Here flash 139 And Um I have a feeling that I mean this is Just a gut crazy feeling but I have a

Feeling that this book’s gonna pop off Because I think Maybe I’m just doing wishful thinking I Think that’s ebonthon I don’t think That’s uh baryon I think that is if you Scroll back to a part Where they get the lightning together Um Right here So if you scroll right there so there’s There’s Barry Allen that we know and There’s the new Version or whatever the alternate University Barry Allen supposedly Getting his lightning now if you guys Know Basically in order for eobon to become To exist he has to have the flash Barry Allen become the flash so therefore he Actually went back in time killed his Mom so then Barry Allen would then end Up doing the experiment and then it was Actually Barry Allen or I mean it was Ebon that actually made the lightning go Into Barry Allen to give him the powers So it’s a very weird thing this is why I Like the flash because it’s all like Time paradoxes and time travel and that Kind of stuff so My thinking is that isn’t Barry Allen That is actually Evon Thon and eobard You’re born I’ve uh keep on I don’t Remember which one it is uh anyways so I Think that’s the lightning so he can get

His powers now I think he’ll play like This good guy role that you see later Down in the trailer here people are like Well look there’s the two flashes Wherever they are Um if I can’t undo what I did no that’s Not the spot oh here it is here’s the Two flashes you know doing flash things Together Um my Thinking is this is all part of his plan He has to do this in order to Um basically make everything happen the Way he needs it to happen so He will do good things in order to make Sure his plan happens so he’s not just All times bad things so that’s kind of My thing is like he has to help Barry Allen they have to do this this thing so He can go back to his original timeline And all this kind of stuff so honestly I Love flash I hate Ezra Miller I think He’s a douche but I’m excited for this movie I can look Past that Um I know but here’s the thing before Ezra Miller started going to jail and Doing all this crazy stuff I never liked Him to begin with I thought he was a Terrible Barry Allen I thought he was Like I don’t know this they just made Barry Allen kind of like Just the butt of the joke and there’s That Mike has taken also it was just so

Weird he’s always been weird oh this is So weird can we just get something Normal I’m hoping I mean I want this Movie to succeed but I’m hoping it’s Just at the success level where it’s not Quite high enough to Warrant them Keeping Ezra Miller because this thing Does like two billion dollars they’re Gonna be like well I guess we’re going to keep Ezra Miller Instead of like firing him so I don’t Know and I think this some news came out That they’re keeping Ezra anyways but I Hope he ends up like A part of me then hopes that the movie Sucks but I don’t want the movie sucks Because I like the flash I don’t want to See more flashes see it’s this conundrum You know that that I’m in here with me Not wanting so I need there’s there’s Got to be this line where it’s warrants Enough to continue to flash stuff but Somehow get rid of Ezra I don’t know Where that line is but it’s a very fine Line that needs to be walked with this Movie nonetheless I think this movie Looks great fantastic So many cool things to happen with this Movie so I know this is kind of like a Review of the trailer almost as opposed To but it is a crazy speculation Um expect that book there’s also a bunch Of other books I got a 147 which is a Second appearance

Um then he has a bunch of other random Appearances that are good people say oh That’s the black flash I don’t really Look at it like that Um I don’t think so so I I have a Sneaking suspicion because if you look At most movies That are superhero based they always Start off with a ying and the Yang and It’s usually the same character look at Iron Man Iron Unger like basically the Same character Um or like the same kind of superpowers You know then Man of Steel Superman and Zod Um Ant-Man one where did they go against You win against uh another shrinking Person the Yellow Jacket Um Hulk went against abomination in his First movie Um pretty much I I’m trying to think of All the movies uh Captain America he Went against another Super Soldier he Went against uh Red Skull uh he had the Super Sierra Powers as well um let’s see Who else is there uh Black Panther went Against Black panther Um who else do we have um Uh Miss Marvel won against someone with The same powers for the most part Um I’m blanking on all the people’s like All the superheroes names uh Doctor

Strange we’re gonna guess another Sorcerer uh but he also went against Dormammu as well so it was like a little Mix dormammu and Um mad Michaels I forget his his name uh His character’s names Um Spider-Man didn’t go against another Spider-Man per se so not him Uh but yeah I mean most of the time they Always do that they always put pit Against someone similar to you so That could Berry I mean there seems like There’s so much going on in this movie I Don’t know how they’re gonna keep it All together so I don’t know looks fantastic the movie I’m excited to see it but we know how DC Is and I hope I’m right I hope it is the Reverse flash all right have a good Night

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