Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow, DCU Movie Based On Story – Full Story

By | February 26, 2023

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Supergirl has been announced to be Getting a movie based on the comic book Supergirl woman of tomorrow so let's Tell you that story if you're wondering Where you are this is comic story and we Take comic books create audio dramas out Of them because I just have fun at Narrating things plus this helps you Find what comic books to be adding to Your collection at your local comic book Store we typically cover DC and Marvel Comic books on a nearly daily basis so Like And subscribe if you end up Enjoying this video now let's get into Supergirl woman of tomorrow you don't Need to know anything to know how we got Here this kind of tells its own story About the character This is a story that begins on a far Away planet and on that planet a man was Murdered it was not a dignified or Honorable death it was at the hands of a Common Thief who then called himself Creme of the yellow Hills KREM had Wandered upon a rock Farm the day prior Requesting shelter in a meal which he Was granted by one man but the next Morning the man in KREM got into a Heated discussion regarding their new King and those words ended when KREM Unsheathed his sword and struck down the Unarmed men whether the man was killed Regarding the conversation matters Little what was strange and somewhat

Confusing was that Crema Left Behind the Finely crafted sword that he had used to Slay the man it was quite extraordinary Worthy of perhaps even the Knights of The Old Mist so why wouldn't the thief Reclaim something so valuable that was What the man's daughter Ruthie wondered Not only was her father taken from her But the man and responsible left behind A sword certainly worth a hefty amount Of coin Ruthie was the youngest of seven Children as well as the only female of The bunch her brothers all shattered About how they just wanted their Vengeance for their beloved father but Having spent enough of her days watching Pigs squabble over their own castles of Mud Ruthie knew what was her show and What was for not it was a noble Bluster But nonetheless none of them understood The outcome before a voice had been Raised KREM of the yellow Hills was Likely a king's agent sent there to test Them and as their cherished father had Aptly demonstrated offending the king's Agent was the start of a quick Journey To the grave but that alone wouldn't Stop Ruthie and so on her father's Mount She rode into the village to find Assistance in bringing down the Degenerate scruff after a night of Writing Ruthie stopped by a well-known Tavern that mercenaries often resided in She found one Burley and Braun and she

Explained her situation she would offer Him this sort of quality and worth upon The witness of the death of KREM of the Yellow Hills the mercenary looks at the Sword it is a fine sword indeed and I Will take you up on your request though Not exactly on your terms I will take The sword and you can return home Knowing that this creme will have been Slayed she contested that their Arrangement was non-negotiable and if he Did not agree to such he must return the Sword at once the mercenary tells her Listen very closely he slaps her to the Ground telling her that she needs not Make demands of him she can be rest Assured that the king's agent will Suffer at his feet but as this mercenary Was about to leave a drunken woman Reaches out grabbing the valuable sword Telling him give it back and just go Away I don't want to fight since it's my Birthday the mercenary grabs his own Sword telling her that he does not have The patience for Foolery today if she Has Gods perhaps take a moment to Express her respect to their benevolence For whom she will be meeting soon the Woman says don't be mad she's officially 21 now which means it's okay that's the Truth and the justice And the American way the mercenary Swings his sword and The Stumbling Supergirl tells him oh God you're still

Going at it stop wait just a minute I Don't have any more of their strange Coins and I can't be spilling this stuff So after drinking the rest of her jug The mercenary asks what sort of Madness Is this she tells him that this is Probably going to hurt and bashes him Across the face with a ceramic junk Bloodied face the mercenary yells but Supergirl looks at her own wounded hand Crap forgot their stupid son was red the Mercenary lunges again but even in her Drunken State she gracefully avoids the Attack disarming him holding his own Sword to his neck It's the next morning the Supergirl Groans as she awakens in a bed asking What happened Ruthie says that she Muttered in her sleep she looks at her Costume and says that no one is supposed To see her wearing this wait who are you Ruthie introduces herself she says that She witnessed Supergirl's skill and Bravery and she'd like to hire her to Kill Creme of the yellow Hills the man Who slew her father who 'd be interested In such an arrangement Supergirl stares At Ruthie for a moment and then begins Throwing up in the bucket please take Your time I can wait later after getting Dressed in her robes Supergirl heads Back out to return home all the while Ruthie begs for her assistance look that Sword is nice but I don't need swords

Besides I came here because it was my Birthday and I need the red Sun I came Here to drink and I did and now I have To go home so goodbye best of luck and Don't kill people it's bad but a Supergirl begins to row her boat across The lake Ruthie was left there alone That would be the end of the story for Ruthie had she just allowed the Mysterious woman to leave but she didn't She dove into the waters and even though The Jordan's nipped at her skin she Continued to paddle her arms over and Over until she reached the other side She'd followed the path up the hill to Where Supergirl walked and then stopped As she looked in awe at the strange Metal machine just as Supergirl finished Setting up the autopilot she stepped out Asking what is she doing here you have To go home still determined Ruthie held Out the sword once more I would like to Hire you to kill Creme of the yellow Hills Seem like a really nice girl I just Can't go off and kill someone I have a Job back home and the first rule of that Job is always don't kill people I can Understand your anger but you must look For justice not Vengeance it's like my Mother said life is about compassion not Fearing you understand I didn't just Lose someone I lost my blessed father Who was my heart I will never see him

Again not on my Bridal day or any other He is gone all that flighty talk of Compassion and fury that's Dandy if You're living on the ground you know Will stay solid but I lost my world she Begins to ball and Supergirl tries to Hide her Welling eyes telling her I came Here for my birthday so I wouldn't Always think about but just before she Could finish there's a thunk as an arrow Finds Its Mark and the center of Supergirl's chest Across the way the mercenary from the Other night congratulates the Archer Whom he calls KREM stating that it was a Fine shot worthy of the Trey's assault On miasma Kramer reaches for another era Calling out to Ruthie stating that word Is she's trying to hire people to kill Him crypto gets between creme and Supergirl growling and he begins to bark As KREM lets loose a second Arrow Striking crypto Supergirl screamed the sight picking Herself back up and as KREM fires a Third arrow and a fourth Supergirl walks Closer to him asking him do you think Your swords and arrows will stop me do You even know who I am I'm super girl do You think I give a damn about swords and Arrows she grabs the blade of the Mercenary sword bending it ripping it Out of his hand and cracking him across The Fate with the hilt with him knocked

Out krem's stairs and begins to flee However Supergirl's focus is only on Crypto even as KREM managed to lock Himself in the already prepared Spaceship and with her not paying Attention seconds go by with Creme of The yellow Hills killer of men women and Dogs Escapes into the Stars More than a week has passed since that Moment and now Ruthie and Supergirl are Finding themselves aboard an Intergalactic shuttle in pursuit of Creme traveling by shuttle is slow and Uncomfortable and painfully slow but as The shuttle begins to dock at the rest Area to refuel Ruthie and Supergirl take A moment to stretch their legs and grab Something to eat before getting back Onto travel another ungodly amount of Light years however long it'll take as They go into the bar Supergirl asks Ruthie how she likes space travel did it Meet her expectations she says that she Prefers sitting in the Tall Grass Waiting for age and disease to claim her Sworn enemies beyond that caveat she's Not drawn any cheer from the situation But as they're trying to have a nice Talk An alien walks up pulling a gun on Supergirl are you Supergirl rankian back There says you're super girl you see Superman put my brother's scars and buy

It in The Phantom Zone and I saw revenge On him and his family from that day Forward so if you're super girl I gotta Kill you she takes a sip of her drink Let's see I'm wearing a big yellow s on My chest and a very fashionable red Skirt so if I'm not Supergirl who the Hell would I be suddenly the alien is Hit and then smacks his head on the bar And Falls supergirver tracks her leg and Tells Ruthie that they should probably Get back to the shuttle don't really Want to be stuck here any longer than They need to be however there is a Slight problem once they begin to set Back off the pilot looks out the window Stating that there's a capran dragon out There they normally Patrol the West Galaxies eating anything metal but They're in the East galaxies now they're Not supposed to be here he has driven This route for three eons and never seen One here but all the same they're all About to die Supergirl tells him bummer And the pilot asks can she you know do Something super save the day she tells Them that that's the thing she spends Some time at another planet with the Wrong son she was there for her birthday Then her dog got shot that's a whole Thing the point is they haven't been Around any good Sons yet so she really Isn't charged up at the moment and can't Just fly out there and hit it the pilot

Tells her oh bummer Supergirl then turns Back to the cabin asking if anyone has Any red you know red don't be shy we all Know someone here has it no one just Crosses space because they want to the Passenger stands up stating that he has Some but it's all legal he has a Prescription for a Galaxy spanning Journeys they help him with his anxiety She tells him super now they're gonna Help her with hers Ruthie looks at the small red pill Asking what is it she says that it's red Kryptonite encased in a dissolvable lead When most people take it they get weird Visions about transforming into things When kryptonians take it the Visions Come true Ruthie asked if it's safe Supergirl doesn't answer popping the Pill she says that sometimes you turn Into a horrible monster sometimes your Hair grows long but at least it's safer Than being eaten by a dragon on average After a few moments she blinks and has Red eyes asking did my hair just move Ruthie tells her she doesn't believe so So after knocking out the space Dragon The shuttle continues on its path to Wherever but sitting there Ruthie begins To think back to before they left their Homeworld after being shot by KREM her Only concern was for some girl that she Just met in her dog not herself as it Turned out krem's arrows were dipped in

Poison which didn't have much effect on People as it did on animals but without A proper amount of the poison the mender Couldn't determine a cure since every Hunter mixes their poisons differently It was after several days that Supergirl Awoke and she asked Ruthie if she was Still determined to track down the Murderer of her father and kill him Ruthie told her of course she always Will be and it was at that point the Supergirl accepted Ruthie's offer as the Weeks began to pass by following Lee's Ruthie and Supergirl found themselves in The city of maypole compared to how many Other cities existed this one was rather Modest calm and quiet there was Something off about it through the Planetary records KREM had been arrested However no one seems to remember him What's more when checking into a room to Stay Supergirl notices The Ledger was Separated into two columns for Signatures blue and purple the people of Maypole were blue in color which made Sense the woman behind the counter told Supergirl to just sign in the blue Section but while looking at it there Were no signatures in the purple column So she had to ask the woman behind the Counter became visibly upset and Dismissed question so later that night Before bed Supergirl looked over the Town not specifically for creme but for

Anyone not blue the next day she took to The streets to see if anyone had seen Creme but they all gave the same answer Everything had been nice perfect and Clean and blew all blue always blue and That Supergirl needed to stop asking Around As night came the two retired to their Room when in the dead of sleep Ruthie Was awoken by Supergirl she asked what Was going on and Supergirl placed her Finger to her lips telling her shh They're close before Ruthy could ask Another question there was a gunshot Supergirl caught the bullet just before It hit the girl unsure of what to make Of the situation Ruthie stared at the Small deformed piece of metal when Suddenly there was a dozen more that Followed Supergirl wrapped herself Around Ruthie to protect her as all of The bullets just plinked off of her skin Once the shooting stopped Supergirl Scanned Ruthie to make sure she wasn't Hit and then flew out the window it was The next day that Supergirl went to the Mayor's office to follow up on the Questions but the mayor told her that he Already told her what she needed to know And he wasn't going over anything again They're grateful that she caught The Men Who allegedly attacked her but since Arriving she has been disrupting Everyone's daily lives perhaps if she'd

Watched herself more closely they could Have avoided all of this needless Conflict and yet she continues to in a Response Supergirl lists the mayor's Desk throwing and stating that she is Done with the damn town they tried to Scare her off because they're hiding Something and she will find out what it Is the mayor begins to argue that she is Violating the law that she could be Arrested so she takes off and begins to Scan a section of dirt outside of Maypole and realizes she found something And begins to dig down at first she Finds a sign that reads purple town And then she finds bodies as fast as she Could she flew back to the town straight To the police station where one of the Officers tries to shoot her she brushes The bullet off asking them once more and That is when she learned of the brigands Barbon's brigands are known across the Galaxy as a rather dastardly group most Notably known for their enjoyment of Slaughtering others they go from planet To planet enjoying themselves and as the Killing can be costly they need fuel and Weaponry and they traditionally offer a Way out but what the brigands wanted was Too steep a cost for the blues so later When discussing their dilemma KREM who Was arrested for drunken misconduct Overheard their plight and offered them A solution they could pay some offer

Something else to make up the difference The difference being The purples the brigands got what they Wanted payment and killing and while the Blues got what they wanted to live it Was at the cost of the purples once the Deed was carried out KREM was released To which the brigands took notice and For his part in all of this they offered Him passage on their ship and the honor To participate in their further Genocidal Adventures it wasn't until After that that Ruthie began to feel the Weight of it all all those people were Dead while Crema got away It's too big and they're too small even After leaving maypole it was just more Of the same all Supergirl and Ruthie Could do was just follow the destruction In the ruin left behind by KREM and his New allies but now with the backing of Others krem's action seems to have Gotten more brutal more Savage he could Simply do what he wanted how he wanted Because he was among other Killers Supergirl would offer what little she Could in the way of services to try and Make things easier for the people that KREM had affected whether it be dig Graves or help or mentally prepare for Another attack it was there that Supergirl and Ruthie got into an Argument all this time they would follow And witness the aftermath on all of

These planets and they never had a Chance to see it firsthand though Tyrocrum was not well known they were a Civilization that kept detailed records And documents about the goings-ons of Their world and among those documents Were tapes actual video footage of the Heinous acts for everyone to see Supergirl wanted to protect Ruthie from The site from the Carnage of what may be On those tapes and she was right Action was fast large enough that Ruthie Ended up falling asleep outside the Doors of the control room while Supergirl reviewed the footage when the Door finally creaked open Ruthie could Already see it in Supergirl's red and Puffy eyes she asks if Supergirl saw him At first Supergirl didn't hear the Question so Ruthie asked again as she Told her yeah he was I I saw all of it The next World they happened upon was Yala which was just like the other Planets much of the same except this Time one of the brigands was captured And was made to stand at trial the People asked the man if he had any last Words and he said yes he smiled stating That he would like everyone to know that He'd be lying if he didn't say how much Fun he had had before being captured and He'd like to thank them all long live The brigands of but before he could Finish a stone was thrown at his face

Followed by another in dozens more as The man's bones snapped and cracked While being stoned to death Ruthie and Supergirl watched as Ruthie says that She knows the man deserves his fate but She thought the Supergirl would save him Supergirl then asks a question that Would stand out did she try all of it Was starting to become too much even for Supergirl the planet of ekvik was known To be one of the most peaceful places in The universe the monks of ekvik set Still on the brigands came they chanted To their gods all the while the Invaders Just crushed them like rain it was too Much Supergirl couldn't be there any Longer than she needed to she flew up Into the sky into the sun screaming and Crying at the horrors that she had Witnessed the next stop was niceline This incident was not documented because Some Tales were just too sad to tell so When things were finished Supergirl and Ruthie sat there a Supergirl said that They were getting close and every step That they got closer it was possible That they may find KREM on the next Planet so it was time for them to part Ruthie began to contest is the Supergirl Told her that she already knows what Crema looks like and this isn't for her There will be a rocket to make sure she Gets home she won't have to worry about A thing Bruce began to argue and tried

To fight against what Supergirl wanted She told her that she couldn't treat her Like a toddler Supergirl went to respond But stopped because it was then that Ruthie could see all the weight piling On Supergirl's shoulders she expected Them to quarrel and argue but instead of Answering Supergirl bent down and Ruthie Climbed onto her back And off they went up up And away It's been months of traveling since Supergirl and Ruthie started their quest To bring down crema of the yellow Hills And he was finally in their grasp there He was ringed by the desecrated bodies Of the blameless and the innocent that Was until KREM took something out of his Pocket a small bright little orb that Began to shine brightly as it grew near That orb was in fact a genuine more Drew Globe An odd and rare vintage it has the Ability to teleport anyone anywhere but To make it work one would need the Dedication and desecration of thousands Of bodies slain with no other purpose in Mind not something easily gotten at your Local Apothecary but unlike most KREM Had that particular prerequisite at the Ready thus it was the rare and cursed Few who traveled inside a more Drew Globe and found themselves suddenly on The other side of existence just as the

Two found themselves back on Solid Ground they were almost immediately Stepped on by a creature of unfathomable Size Supergirl quickly throws her arms Up to hold the Colossal foot telling Ruthie that she needs to move she can't Hold this foot for very long Ruthie Scrambles out of the way asking what's Wrong are you hurt and Supergirl crawls Out telling her no it's the sun it's Green as the two manage to get clear of The mighty Beast Supergirl scos stating That KREM is pretty clever using magic To force them over here she knows Exactly what this place is just as Ruthie asked Supergirl explains that the Place is called Barton it was built for Her cousin to trap him under a Kryptonite sun on a planet full of Monsters people really hated him but Don't worry once the sun sets they'll be Able to fly out they just need to make It that long Ruthie then asks what did Superman do did he wait it out she Laughs no he tried but he didn't make it The league came and saved him though he Said it was the most painful 45 minutes Of his life and that's saying something After Doomsday As Ruthie helps Supergirl limp away she Looks up and says that they have about 10 hours After getting to a little Ridge Ruthie Sets Supergirl down telling her that the

Sun is moving maybe about nine hours now Supergirl lays down telling her that Nine hours is nothing but it was Something even just an hour under the Green sun sapped Supergirl of most of Her strength and was extremely painful Berthy then pulls out her sword to keep Watch in case any monsters decide to Make them a meal and not long after that One does arrive the large Beast walks up With its mouth open and Ruthie yells for It to get back but after staring at the Smaller figure the creature Roars nearly Knocking Ruthie over Ruthie quickly gets Back to her feet holding up her sword Shouting you will not find any food this Evening the Beast of lunges and Ruthie Barely rolls out of its way but in doing So she held her sword up and the Beast Landed its chest directly onto the sword After a few moments of neither of them Moving Ruthie pulls herself out from Under the creature sitting beside Supergirl telling her that she didn't She doesn't have to worry with that a Few moments pass as flying creatures of The land begin to Feast on the slain Beast a few feet away and once they're Done they turn towards Ruthie and she Nudges Supergirl to wake up there's no Response at first but suddenly super Girls at heat vision rips through one of The creatures as she sits up hey was That a freaking bird or was that a plane

After scaring off the others she falls Back asleep delirious and incoherent More hours continue to pass and just as The sun begins to set the largest of the Creatures makes its way up the hill Ruthie tries to distract it as long as She can but all she accomplishes is Swinging her sword and falling off the Ledge that she was standing on to keep Something between the creature and Supergirl with nothing separating the Beast and the motionless Supergirl the Giant Beast opens its maw and goes for The bite but just as it Chomps down Supergirl pushes the creature back 45 Minutes what a little pansy and she Punches it as the green sun is down Ruthie puts on her helmet and climbs on Supergirl's back as the two resume their Journey of finding Creme of the little Hills It's on their flight back the Supergirl Begins to open up a little bit more About her family and what happened to Her cousin Superman and what happened With Krypton Ruthie asks why is she Telling her and Supergirl explains Because she barely survived their last Attempt to get to KREM it's possible she Might not survive the next everyone Knows the story of how Superman left the Dying Planet they don't know the story Of Krypton not dying in that day as the Planet exploded Argo City was split from

The initial explosion most of the city's Citizens died in the breakage but some Endured zorrell Supergirl's father was Able to create a bubble with enough Atmosphere for those lucky enough to Survive on the asteroid however that was Only for a little while Supergirl's Mother grew weaker and weaker with each Passing day until her passing the Diagnosis was radiation poisoning and Zorrell discovered the cause Starlight From the approaching yellow Sunset Changed the chemical composition of the Rocks carrying them the very soil but Their feet was poisoning them zorrell's Solution was to mass produce a lead Shield and spread it across every Exposed part of Argo to make a makeshift Wall the people were dying this task was Massive every hand was required within The first hour Super Girls of wrist Ached and blood from the broken blisters Dripped down her arm she switched hands And kept going by the end of the first 48 Hours of uninterrupted work sleep Came hard for her and she could not keep Her eyes open she ended up slamming her Hammer into her thigh hard enough to Break the skin the snap of pain woke her Up and she gathered more lead by the end Of the first 80 hours the mass of Helpers had conceded to exhaustion and Acknowledged the impossibility of this Task however while everyone laid down

Their tools and accepted their own Inevitable death Supergirl worked alone after three weeks The wall was completed and 13 of the 18 000 people who survived the initial Splinter eventually died to Kryptonite Poisoning a year passed yet people still Continued to die so Supergirl kept Mostly to herself trying to remind Herself of a time where she didn't have To befriend the dying one day a storm Came asteroids pelting their lead Shield Puncturing it and releasing the Radiation once more she then asked her Father a simple question one she already Expected the answer to Is Their hope he said that there is always Hope for her The Shield had been destroyed and they Lacked the time and the materials to Rebuild it the radiation would come and Over the next month everyone would die Before the cancer got him zorel thought He could repurpose what was left of the Rocket built by his brother based on his Calculations and given the constraints Of weight food and water he thought the Rocket could carry a single passenger And it will carry her they will die and She will live and Cora was 14. every day She carries that dead planet with her Every day she walks through the many Valleys of death she felt its weight Driving her into the dirt pushing her

Down until she is so tired that she Could not think of anything but letting Go and every day she kept walking be Good her mother had once told her There's always hope her father told her She continues to carry those words not Only in memory but in her way of life And that is why she will always continue To walk forward Their Journey doesn't take much longer Following the path of Destruction Supergirl and Ruthie make it to uralan Supergirl immediately goes on the attack Taking out some of the brigands and Disappearing creme takes out another Mordu Globe asking where is she where Did she go but that's what Supergirl Appears behind creme hi my name is Supergirl and you are Creme of the Yellow Hills and you shot my freaking Dog however this time she's ready for Creme she takes off running staying Ahead of the globe and that's what she Jumps upon Comet the horse from her past Her friend telling him that they're Going to the end of the universe and Making it a little bit farther run as Fast as your feet will take you with a Loud nay Comet rockets off into the sky Within seconds Supergirl is already Across the Galaxy running past the Planets different colored Suns and the Mordu globe continues to be just out of Reach behind her and Comet but before

Long Comet reaches the edge of the Universe to the point where there is Nothing nothing but nothingness Supergirl tells Comet to slow down that That's enough and she hops off she looks At the now wispy Globe fluttering Towards her stating magic is a tricky Thing too tricky for her sometimes but She does know that it at least Works Back there it doesn't necessarily work Here and she pops the orb Later back at erlan Supergirl returns With Comet and creme looks back in Surprise Ruthie asks aren't you worried About another globe and she tells them Both not really he can only make one at A time and they're really hard to make He probably didn't have the time Ruthie Says that all he has is swords and Arrows which is quite terrible for him Because she is Supergirl and she doesn't Give a crap about swords and arrows The next day Comet shakes his head while Ruthie picks fruit telling him that she Knows why he is here it's all about Trust like right now whatever Supergirl Is facing she'd be better off if she was Riding a super horse but instead she Left him here under the auspices of Being her Fair protector however she Isn't stupid he was left here because Supergirl doesn't want her doing Anything to Crim while he's tied up and She is away since they still need

Information about the poison he used on Crypto Supergirl is worried that she'd Kill him before then and she can Understand that which is why in about Two seconds she's going to take this Sword and but before she could finish Speaking Comet rushes to create a Barrier between her and creme and Ruthie Scoffs as she puts the sword away but While Ruthie and Comet are made to watch Creme Supergirl is busy in space Fighting back the brigands as they Attempt to rescue KREM as KREM tried to Speak through his gag Ruthie asks If she can at least talk to the man that Killed her father for all they know he Could be wanting to confess his sins and Give up information what harm can come From that Comet looks at Ruthie for a Moment and nays nodding yes digging his Hoof into the ground so she removes the Cloth covering his mouth and he asks if It's her the girl from The Rock Farm she Laughs telling him no she's off fan Leader of the brigands here to rescue Him from his current misery forgive the Change in voice but Supergirl has ripped The deer Pebbles from her groin and how She misses them krems says that the Coarse humor of a planes born as Pathetic Under the Sun as it is under Their own she scours as she grabs her Sword but Comet Nays and she sighs Taking a deep breath stating that she

Wasn't going to do anything KREM then Says that her father wasn't anyone Special by the way he was wandering the Plains for the king's Council for years It's buying money and he enjoys the work Go amongst the people talk to them earn Their trust hear their Whispers find the Loyal and punish the wicked normally He'd make a joke about the king to weed Them out but her father actually didn't Fall for it instead he actually objected To it he shouted at him for his rudeness On his land he did not like the content Or the context and asked him to Apologize for the blasphemy and walk Away from the home this man screamed at Him about about his service to the King And his betrayal to their sacred Nation This farm hand making demands of KREM he Knew nothing of his life and the Sacrifices for their King all the while Imagining himself better than him that Is why her father was slain so how can She be angry with him he came to her Homestead to find the loyal and the Wicked and he does believe he succeeded Does she expect him to beg oh please Don't hurt me I'll be better next time I'm so good no you know who I am and What I've done and I've got no patience For reform or regret the way I see it I'm similar to your father while your Father plucked stones in the dirt I Broke my back yanking the weak out of

This world and I'm content with that Because while Supergirl is up there Fighting I can breathe easy knowing that The most ruthless and powerful company Of Outlaws in the universe will secure My freedom and should the odds defy us And they falter I'll be left in the Gentle care of the kind and ever Forgiving Supergirl of Earth so you can See why I don't need anything but time At that moment Comet hears his name Called and he gets startled and knocks Over Ruthie she asks what's wrong and KREM says that it doesn't sound like a Well animal did he break a leg do you Require assistance in putting him down Comet stares up in the sky and Ruthie Asks if it's super girl if Supergirl Needs him he has to go she can promise She'll do nothing to crem while he's Gone she swears on her daddy's grave now Go comment Comet looks back and forth a Few times conflicted until finally he Launches into the sky Ruthie watches his Comet Fades from views and when she's Alone she reaches back for her sword and Turns towards KREM the sword is pressed To his throat and he tells her do it Hell enjoy it you won't have much joy After so you might as well when the Brigands come to avenge me you can cling To this moment Supergirl can't protect Everyone forever blood's going to come Ruthie holds the sword in place for a

Moment and then pulls back no this Doesn't seem fair here I have been Criticizing you for the many months for Killing my faithful father when he was Unready and unarmed and yet here I am About to do the same to you she cuts the Bindings keeping creme in place what now You speak a fair fighting yet you still Have a blade while I have not but Fingers she turns sticking the sword in The sand and continues to walk there the Weapon between us with equal access to Death have we not waited long enough Creme of the yellow Hills is not our Time now both Ruthie and KREM look at The sword and at the same time they make A break for it however Ruthie already Knew that she'd be at a disadvantage Going for the sword because that's what A more skilled fighter would do instead She focuses her sights on krem's head Getting just close enough to kick him in The chin as he grabs the hilt he falls Over she kicks again and a third time he Grabs her by the leg pulling it out from Underneath they're slamming her into the Ground he gets up days from the kick and When he goes to attack Ruthie easily Rolls out of their way kicking him again She lifts up his arm biting into it hard Enough to make anyone falter and release Their hold and in that brief moment Ruthie grabs the sword standing up just As creme lunges for her she turns back

Swiping once slicing off the fingers From his right hand she raises the sword Once more to deliver the final blow but Stops what cram demands this is for my Father but every time that she swings She misses what is wrong with me why Can't I kill him at that moment I Bloodied and bruised Supergirl floats Down holding a man stating that she Doesn't know why either maybe Ruthie Just needs a little help Ruthie asks who The man is and Supergirl says that it's Comet well was Comet comet is a man he Was cursed to be in the body of a horse And it it's all complicated the brigands Are in retreat they took a good beating And they ran I'll follow them later now We have to end this right Supergirl Takes the sword Ruthie asks what about crypto they Didn't kill him and Supergirl says Crypto oh he's fine I made up the story About needing to save him I needed you To come along because you knew what crem Looked like you didn't think I could Solve these problems come on I'm Supergirl Ruthie's stares and doesn't Understand Supergirl tells her because she wouldn't Listen she wasn't going to learn that Killing is wrong if Supergirl just tells Her she was going to waste the rest of Her life chasing this man dreaming about Worthless Revenge just a Supergirl

Dreams about Krypton Supergirl had to Show Ruthie that's why Ruthie came along She'd hoped that that you didn't learn Which makes all the sense in the world Because I couldn't teach you Ruthie Because I still dream of Krypton she Lifts the sword into the air and Ruthie Says I've learned my lesson I learned Did listen to me Supergirl back home When you kept fighting you had no right To or in that town when you saw true Evil you learned that it isn't just About you there's so much more along the Way this journey all the lessons the Truth is when my blessed father passed I Felt the Good Fortune afforded to the Universe was now spent if someone of his Kindness could be put down in such a Senseless indifference then it was all Chaos and by watching you being at your Side of these many days I couldn't help But think that Grace did not die with my Father that girls will be born if their Eyes open to hate ahead of them and they Will wonder if their voice will be heard Above the screams and in that moment of Doubt they will learn as I have of the Legend of Supergirl who has lost Everything and kept on walking and they Will settle themselves content in their Power knowing someone out there has Survived the storm I too had the sword Above him and I could not bring myself To end his wretched yes so we both know

Whatever dreams we may have enough Killings been done Supergirl slowly Lowers the sword it's all too big And we're too small Many years pass an old and withered Ruthie sits on her porch as the sun Begins to rise when she hears a voice She coughs waking up who's there can't An old woman rest Supergirl says that in Her experience Ruthie no I do not Believe you ever can are you ready Ruthie stands up an old woman petting Crypto yes that's a place not far off That we can do it as the two walk out Onto the field a place where Ruthie's Father was slain Supergirl reaches into Her pocket pulling out a little mirror She tells Ruthie that The Phantom Zone Warden said that the first hundred years Or so he was abrasive the second hundred He seemed to calm evaluate he got to Know all of his victims in a broken with Regret the last hundred years he had Been working hard to make up for what he Had done like he had a different heart Like he was a different man just goes to Show you Ruthie that there's always hope Supergirl tosses the glass Shard with Krem's face on it bringing creme an old Man out of The Phantom Zone Prim crawls On his knees asking Is it over Supergirl says that he served his time He worked on his soul

He is home he is freed KREM grabs Supergirl's hands and says thank you oh Thank you I was gone forever lost among The things I'd done you saved me he Looks Pastor seeing Ruthie and he crawls Over stating that he thought of nothing But her and her father and he is so Sorry please forgive him please Please Ruthie responds by bludgeoning Him over the head with her staff no Matter how long passes Ruthie cannot Bring herself to forgive KREM for Killing her father and ruining her life Creme Twitches he has not died this day But he will not be forgiven Ruthie then Explains that everything that we have Seen up to this point it's the book that She wrote of her adventures with Supergirl in space that she sent out Into the Galaxy so that everyone can Knows what happens but how did the book End what happened on that beach the Ending that Ruthie wrote to the story Was after Supergirl stated that it's too Big and they're too small she killed Creme on that beach the question is why Would Ruthie end her story in that way Why would she let the entire galaxy Think Supergirl killed KREM while Supergirl imprisoned her in The Phantom Zone the reason was so that krem's men Would not seek retribution against Ruthie instead they would search for Supergirl for the hundreds of years

Following the death of KREM but Ruthie Regrets this she wishes she had ended it With the true ending showing that even Supergirl can rise above vengeance And that is the conclusion to Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow the ending was quite Confusing for quite a few people as a Matter of fact even our writer was a Little confused about how this one ended But the whole idea was a bait and switch Supergirl didn't actually kill creme it Was a story written by Ruthie so that She would be safe going forward I hope You guys enjoyed this story I haven't Covered a lot of Super Girls since New 52 but I've always followed the books When they do actually come out there Just doesn't seem to be much of a fan Base for Supergirl so we didn't cover it Really here but with the announcement of The movie being based on this book I Thought it would be kind of fun to bring You guys the woman of tomorrow so let me Know what you think in the comments down Below and don't forget to like And Subscribe here to the channel as we Bring you comic book coverage all the Time and I hope you guys enjoy I'll see You next time right here at the comic Story Channel

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