Incredibly Rare Comic Book Sold Big This Week! | Hot10 Comic Book Back Issues Countdown

By | February 26, 2023

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Record-breaking 9.9 of a Frank Miller Wolverine number one what do you think It's nice but it ain't no gem intent The cosmos hit the Subscribe button We're here every seven days covering the Health of the comic book Marketplace and At the list at number 10. eobarathons First appearance the first appearance of Professor Zoom the reverse flash flash 139 from 1963. you know after seeing the Flash trailer I can see why DC didn't Decide to scrap that movie The Trailer Looks awesome but can you really do the Flash point without reverse flash the Original movie title was Flashpoint and In that comic book run we did have the Reverse flash as the main villain and The narrative sounds similar to what We're getting in trailer Barry Allen Going back in time trying to prevent his Mother's murder we do see a doppelganger Version of Barry Allen in yellow could This be a Multiverse version of the Reverse flash yeah that's true I wonder If they would switch his origin like That it's more of an MCU thing to do Especially with what they did with Kang But this time it's Ezra Miller the Council of Ezra's we have a 5.0 selling For 6.79. up nine percent this week a Five five hitting 725 that's up 27 and Check out the 7.5 we have two strong Performers the first one sold for 17.25 5 above his 12 month average and the

Next one sold for 17.50 putting it seven Percent above the average utilize code Tom101 on my favorite comic app in Existence so it's available for both Androids and iPhones it's called key Collector Comics there is a function on There it's the character search you can Type in Professor Zoom you can type in Reverse flash and get a list of all of The relevant keys and you'll be Surprised there's some very affordable Ones check out key collector support the Show and better your collecting hunt Moving on to number nine we have Silver Surfer 14 from 1970 the original run and I can't really figure out why this book Is performing so well the book doesn't Come up in high grade very often and This is a small series 18 short issues For a beloved character that features Spider-Man on the cover we have a 5.5 to Hit 180 that's 17 over its recent 12-month average the 7-0 hit 289 11 over And the Ado hit 409 that's 21 over we're Even hearing rumors of a major deal Tom Holland signed to continue his role as Peter Parker yeah and that same rumor States that Spider-Man is going to be The main hero of Avengers Kang Dynasty Now it's kind of a far stretch but you Got Spider-Man you got Kang Fantastic Fours coming Silver Surfer anyway we do Have a record-breaking sale a cgc 4.5 Last sold for 105 dollars back in

December up 24 now selling for 130. one Of the most perpetually relevant books Of 2022 going into 2023 is Nubians 98 The first appearance of Deadpool we have Filming beginning but the movie not Slated till 2024. although this is one of the Hottest books in The Marketplace I Suspect there's going to be some drops And opportunities in the next year not Only that we have seen recent footage of Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman back at The gym you know why this book is on the List we're looking at a cgc 9.2 selling For 449 dollars eight percent above its 12 month average the 9.4 sold for 510 9 Above its average the 96 selling for 7 30 20 above its 12 month average and Then the 9.8 selling for sixteen hundred And eighty dollars four percent above That average last week this book landed At number five on the hot ten and since Then there's been an increase of 57 Slabs added to the cgc census eight of Which were at a 9.8 I'll remind the Community that this book reached Heights At a 9.8 of 3 000 back in 2021 however This month in February we saw a sale for 1 358 dollars I want to know your Thoughts on if this is the time to buy This book or if we should wait a little Longer and I just love the way that Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds always support Each other you gotta show love to those

Supporting characters just like number 7 On the list we've got Green Lantern Issue number six the first appearance of Tomar Ray one of the mentors of Hal Jordan but a mentor of the Green Lantern Corps at large and clearly with Green Lantern spec happening because of James Gunn making a more True Detective Noir Take on the character and franchise this Book's getting some love this week and We have three record-breaking sales to Report on a 3.5 sold for 82 dollars back In 2019 it's up 138 percent now selling For 195 dollars the 6.0 sulfur 178 in 2020 it's at 125 percent selling for 400 Lastly the 6.5 which sold for 404 Dollars in October of last year is up 24 Now selling for 500. Green Lanterns are Assigned to protect different sectors of The universe and Tomar race sector was 2813 which is where Krypton was he was Krypton's Green Lantern Bang-up job protecting Krypton moving on To number six on the list we have Wolverine one from the first mini-series Frank Miller goodness with the cgc 9.9 Record breaker back on the list this Week we're at ranked number three last Week we have an increase of 66 copies Added to the cgc census nine of which Graded at a 9.8 we have multiple grades Seeing above average sales and 9.4 Hitting 215 5 over its recent 12 months The 9.6 hitting 350. that's 19 over

There are a total of 27 9.9 that exist On the census and one came to Market and Sold this past week the last time it Came to Market it sold for 17 000 and one dollar that was back in 2021 It's now up 38 with an all-new Record-breaking sale of 23 500 and could You imagine if one of the three 10.0 Copies that exists come out in the Marketplace between now and the release Of the Deadpool 3 movie we haven't seen One since 2010 where it sold for Fourteen thousand dollars if you guys Made it this far you might as well hit That like button we're at number five We've got more Spider-Man but this time Is Spider-Man Noir number one ever since The Amazon live action announcement this Book has been hot as hell and it has Already gained heat since the appearance This character had in into the Spider-verse we have a 9.2 song for two Hundred dollars up 23 the 9.6 hitting 275 that's up 40 and the 98 hitting 550. That's up 32 percent now last week on The trending 10 I did mention that this Book hit Heights at a 9.8 of 1500 but I Failed to mention that that was a Newsstand copy shout out Wilbur Who made Sure to mention that in the comment Section of that video now this book at a 9.8 direct has hit near six to seven Hundred dollar Heights since 2021 seeing That it's at 550 right now it's getting

Awfully close to the heights it reached We also got the variant in the cgc 9.8 That sold for 400 100 above his 12 month Average as well as a 1300 percent Increase in copies sold since the Amazon Announcement I do not know how we got This Disney cover approved Darkwing Duck Johnny Desjardins it's stunning but it Doesn't look like a traditional Disney Cover Johnny Desjardins has such a Unique style he's got that textured look And it's so different than what we're Used to seeing when it comes to Darkwing Duck the March mystery mail call Exclusive it's guaranteed one per box Virgins going out at random we have Upwards of three other exclusives going In but we're keeping that a mystery Link In the description or go to to join give me an Excuse to send you Comics but support This show while you do it now looking at Number four on the list with Batman 655 Damien Wayne leading the list week after Week now this is the first Cameo appear Appearance of Damian Wayne kind of Tricky to nail down the first appearance On this character but we know that James Gunn has not only plans for Damien for Talia but for the bat family in general He specifically mentioned the bat family As well so that gets me thinking about Like Tim Drake Dick Grayson Barbara Gordon I digress because members be

Buying Damian Wayne Keys we have a 9.2 Hitting 104 60 over its recent 12 months The 9.6 hit 123 that's 37 percent shout Out Golden Age Flash and then we have 9.8 hitting 318 an increase of 47 there Are six more slabs since this reached Number two on the high ten just last Week bringing that total to 1946. there are four more in 9.8 Bringing that total to 960. now the last GPA sale on that was 252 dollars it was In February this month this year the Record high was in May of 2020 where it Sold for 499 dollars clearly there are a Lot of copies of this book so it's Selling at such a high rate that the Apply is meeting the demand so the book Isn't going up in value because members Can easily attain it which is why They're looking at the one in 10 Variants right now as well yeah that Variant in a 9.4 sold for 180 40 above Is 12 month average and the 9.6 sold for 280 that's 44 higher and now we got Swamp Thing number one to discuss at the List at number three yo this book landed At number one last week when it landed On the hot ten we have an increase of 14 Copies added to the census and we have Six different grade points all trending Above their recent 12-month average Another character that James Gunn has Plans for this is the first appearance And origin of the second Swamp Thing

Alec Holland and we have strong Performers and record Breakers let's Take a look at that cgc 7.5 sold for 280 Dollars fifteen percent above its 12 Month average and then again for 285. 17 Higher the 8.0 sulfur 348 dollars 25 Above its average the 9.2 hit 700 last Week when it broke records and it did it Again this week with an increase of 14 Selling for a hundred dollars you can go To Comic I actually just teamed up With carnivore comics for a House of Secrets 92 Gabrielle Del Otto point of View homage to the first appearance of Swamp Thing 55 sets limited to a Thousand printed a piece we got lucky we Actually made this variant and then Found out about the James Gunn news that Foil set looks great and I love that red Eye variant moving on to number two on The list more news from James Gunn more Booster Gold issue number one from 1986. In the comments section let me know have You watched all of Smallville I can't be The only one who enjoyed that show and Who remembers Booster Gold's appearance We have multiple grade points trending Above its recent 12-month average the 9-2 signing for 132 up 63 three percent The 96 hitting 260. 103 percent over just straight up Doubling this past week and the 9.8 way Back up to

699 that's an increase of 74 but that's Not all we have record-breaking sales to Discuss invariance first we're going to Take a look at the newsstand the cgc 9.2 Sulfur 120 back in January it's up 88 Now selling for 225 and then we have the 9.8 which sold for 650 in January as Well up 33 percent now selling for 8.65. This is how you know that the collectors And the speculators are really gunning For this book no pun intended the Canadian price variant 8.5 broke records This past week it was set at 90 dollars This past January up 53 selling for 138. You know Tom I don't think I've ever Read this book let me know in the Comments section if you want us to Review booster go old we've been diving Into these first appearance with fire Guy Ryan having a blast because these Characters have changed so much since They debuted I'll tell you what I have Read though it's number one on the list It's the hottest back issue in the world It's the last of us American Dreams Issue one so officially I screwed up Because I could have bought this book For just above 1300 on a 9.8 and we're Looking at a 9.8 sale again the record Was set last month for 12.75 up 18 and It sold for fifteen hundred dollars now That's what key collector Comics is Recording I also have a friend of the Show a very affluent dealer who has

Reported to me with proof that two 9.8 Sold in store this past week comfortably For the same fifteen hundred dollar Price the hot 10 comes out a few days Before we record and since then we are Already seeing a record-breaking sale on Top of the one that the hot 10 has just Reported on last week when this book Landed at number three we saw an Increase since then of 15 copies added To the census and an increase of 11 9.8 It would see another 200 increase for The all-new record-breaking sale of 1700. we have a second print copy that Sold a 9.4 the record was set back in 2021 for 90 and it's up a hundred and Thirty three percent with an all-new High of 210. and we also have a Record-breaking sale for the variant the 9.8 sold for one thousand Seventeen Dollars in January and it's a 47 also Selling for 1500. even Last of Us issue Two at a 9.8 just broke record selling For seven hundred dollars that's an Increase of near two hundred dollars Since its record was set this is the six Week consecutively that the last of us Has been on the hot ten how long will it Stay on here I'm thinking it's gonna go The distance and I want to know your Thoughts in the comments section below As always geek responsibly and stay Minty fresh not set comic Fab this Monday on whatnot I'm giving away a

Marvel Spotlight number five the first Appearance of Ghost Rider and all you Need to do is click the link in the Description and be there when I start The giveaway you got five minutes to Enter and at the end of that five Minutes you're gonna find out if you Want and I'm gonna even pay to send it To you so Link in the description join Me over on the best new place to buy in Stock Collectibles we have two other Videos for you to check out and I'll see You tomorrow when we release the Trending tent

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