The Best Part about the Variant Cover Market #ComicBooks | Unboxing Johnny Desjardins Artwork

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🎨🎬Thumbnail & Editing by Chalen Bailey ( @Zoro_ )

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Ryan I wanted to get your reaction check This out Girl It's different when you see it in your Life Touch it a little bit It's okay [Music] Johnny Desjardins regarding the matter Of Oswald's body this was our variant Cover that we did the paint Is so thick I hope yeah you get a good Shot of the the depth on this Johnny's Work is so much larger than the usual Art that you're seeing for varying Covers this is our first cover we did This is gut ghost pretty standard size Look at this Ben Temple Smith this is it Eats what feeds it a bit bigger and then You have Johnny Desjardins knife palette Techie this is why variant Comics are so Amazing being able to empower artists to Just go crazy on the canvas make some of The most unique art in the world House

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