The Problem With Jon Kent Superman – Explained

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IT’S THE DAWN OF DC! Superman has returned to Metropolis and his greatest enemy Lex Luthor is finally behind bars. The future of the Superman family has never been brighter! As Clark Kent settles back into his life, iconic and new enemies erupt from the shadows to strike down the Man of Steel! But waiting in the wings to back up Big Blue is…Supercorp?! What secret project has Lex given to Superman?! “A hero is only as good as their villains” will be put to the test in this brand-new oversize #1 featuring comics’ greatest superhero by DC Comics architect Joshua Williamson and award-winning superstar artist Jamal Campbell!

Hey everyone welcome back to another Problem with today we're going to talk About John Kent as Superman and why I Don't think it works at all and there's A number of reasons and I'm going to Explain John Kent's history and why I Don't think John Kent a Superman in the Current direction they're taking him Works but today's episode is brought to You by gamer Subs use the code Comics at Checkout or click the link down below to Get yourself a waifu cup new designs Coming out every Friday right now get Yourself some waifu Cup apparel or you Can just get an energy drink that I find To be less chalky than its competitors Gamer Subs is one of the big sponsors Here at comicstorian and they're what Allows us to keep making these videos For you guys so if you want to support Us you want to support them check out The link down below find a flavor you Like I like a lot of them I'm not gonna Say my favorite right now because it's a Very memeable name because it's very Memeable I don't feel like saying it on My family friendly Channel but you could Figure it out if you look at their Website alright let's get into the Problem with John Kent but in order to Understand the problem with John Kent You need to understand John Kent who is John Kent because a lot of people don't Realize this but John's a new character

So around 2015 2016 there was an event Known as the convergence convergence was Wrapping up what was remain remaining of The new 52 and what ended with the Earth 2 storyline so Earth 2 for those who Don't know was a storyline that started Up in the new 52 and it told of a world In which Batman Superman and Wonder Woman had died immediately and how the World continued on with their new Heroes It's one of my favorite books that came Out of new 52. well that story dwindled And went in weird directions and they Got their own Planet but in order to Wrap it up they worked it into the event Known as convergence convergence was Something that DC did they basically Came out with a bunch of two to three Issue Mini stories telling elseworld's Stories and the idea was that they could Prep all of these storylines and then Move because I believe at the time they Were either moving from New York to California or something else but there Was a reason why nobody would be in the Offices for like two months so their Idea was to do convergence convergence's Main storyline was wrapping up the Earth To individuals but the spin-off books Was telling storylines of characters That had been erased in the new 52. Other timelines other ideas for you Marvel fans think of Secret Wars you Know how we got renew your vows we're

Told of that alternate storyline where Spider-Man and Mary Jane were able to Have a kid and how that world would Exist they did that with convergence and One of the most popular ones in that Timeline was the Superman and Lois with Their child storyline so they used Convergence basically to de-power the Superheroes which was the excuse for Superman and Lois to have a child Because Superman had no powers so there Was no threat of Kryptonian DNA or a kid Kicking Lois in the stomach which is a Storyline that happened in the 90s and She died from the kick it's another else World if someone can tell me that Storyline I will so read that here where Lois dies to what is essentially John Kent but the baby of super I cannot I Don't know what storyline that is but I Do know that scene where the baby kicks With super strength and kills Lois but Anyway to prevent all of those potential Things from happening they had their Baby Under the Dome where they had no no Powers that kid's name is John Kent in Honor of his father John and that was The end of John Kent he was a baby and The story ended DC rebirth kind of Picked up shortly afterwards and what Happened is between convergence and Between DC rebirth there were some brief Storylines involving Superman being Trapped in the new 52 universe but it

Wasn't the real Superman it was a whole Bunch of nonsense and I'm not gonna make Our editor find all the crap that came Out of Superman reborn which is what That storyline was at the end of it we Had Superman we had Lois and we had 11 Year old John Kent and the internet Freaked out we had a true Superboy a son Of Superman and he was awesome he was Humble he was a kid growing up on a farm He didn't really understand his powers And they were all coming in kind of like Slowly he was teaming up with Damien Wayne they created the super Sons it was The Superboy we all wanted and they got To go on Amazing Adventures now overall The story actually didn't progress very Much for John Kent he kind of just Popped up everywhere he met another girl In the area I forget her name but like We implied that he might have a crush on Her but he was 11 years old I think just Having the girl nearby made him feel Awkward he would go hang out with uh Damien Wayne they would do super Sun Stuff there was a point where he almost Joined the Teen Titans but Damien told Him no because it's the Teen Titans and He's 11. but don't worry Damien just Turned 13 so he was allowed in the Teen Titans it was just fun comical kids kind Of stories but it was like pandering to The fans who wanted Superman and Super The super Sons we wanted Superboy to be

Growing up with Superman we all loved it And it was great now the storyline Involving John Kent and Damian Wayne has Continued in out of continuity Storylines I think they do technically Take place in continuity but they're Being told in the past because what Actually happened to John Kent Damien Went off to do other things I don't Remember and it doesn't matter for the Sake of what I'm telling you here but so So DC was having a bit of a weird time Going on with this character known as Mr Oz all rumors and all speculation Implies that Mr Oz was supposed to be Ozymandias from the Watchman Universe See rebirth was going on during that Period involving Doomsday Clock in which Dr Manhattan had altered the timeline of Our main superheroes and fudged and Changed things then in Doomsday Clock it Was supposed to kind of like come Together and figure it all out Doomsday Clock almost got hit with I think a full Year of delays because it was being Delayed it started to fall out of sync With main storylines going on in DC that Were supposed to wrap into it one of Those in theory was supposed to be Mr Oz AKA Ozymandias the idea was that Doomsday Clock would take a year at the End of that everything would line up Perfectly but as Doomsday Clock dragged On these stories all got altered and

Changed we had weird stories pop up like Heroes in crisis and stuff like that to Bridge the gap it was when we started to See the chinks in the armor for DC Because rebirth came out strong Doomsday Clock was hitting huge numbers they were Taking the cake they were winning it was Going well and then all these delays Started to hit them and then we saw some Of the creatives and moved over to the DC movie side like Jeff Johns and we saw You know problems at dantdio and his Current plans for 5G stuff like that Started to poke its head stuff like that Was starting to come out John was a Casualty of that situation so Mr Oz Turned out to not be Ozymandias it Turned out to be jorell the father of Superman AKA John's grandfather Dr Manhattan had plucked him out of time Brought him to the Future and he was Being driven insane by something lodged In his brain I want to say it was a Piece of kryptonite but it was something There was something in his brain making Him crazy he was defeated by Superman And then he randomly came back when Brian Michael Bendis took over writing Superman so jorel's defeated Mr Ross is Out of the picture Brian Michael Bennis Takes over writing the book the book no Longer focuses on Superman and suit and His son John Kent instead the book now Focuses on Superman in order to remove

John Kent and Lois Lane from Superman's Life so that Brian Michael Bendis can Write a story about Superman which like If you go back to my video about Families it creates a problem so Brian Michael bendis's plan was to remove them So he made Lois leave Superman and jorel Showed up and took John Kent into space To teach him how the universe works all Right on paper that's not a terrible Idea jorel and John Kent go missing they Get sucked into a wormhole and he ages Up six years he comes back 17. he Basically spends six years stuck on Earth three battling against Ultraman Being stuck in a volcano while Ultraman Tortured him okay which is something you Would think would reflect a lot more in John but now he's good he's chill you Know he's like I was tortured by my evil Version of my dad that's not Injustice But it's Ultraman but yeah it's okay I Got better so anyway he comes back he's Now 7 17. these stories still could be Interesting Superman missing six years Of his son's life and eventually they Could revert Jon back to being 11 bring Back the super sons and everything's Good to go but that's when DC made an Interesting decision so now John at this Point is like 17 and the entire fan base Is like what are you doing we finally Had a super boy that was the child the Superman growing up and learning his

Powers and teaming up with the Son of Batman why has he been aged up to 17. Now the concept in general could have Worked as long as they were able to Bring him back but that was when we had An interesting decision from DC DC Decided to line everything up with 5G Future State and infinite Frontier they Were trying to move in this direction And do some new stuff as a part of that The idea was to remove Superman from the Table so Superman himself kalal goes to War world where he gets stranded out There turned into a gladiator and it's a Pretty cool story from what I've read But I'm not gonna lie I have not sat Down and just read it all the way Through what I have read I enjoyed I Intend on like reading it in a little Bit and then maybe covering it on the Channel but we'll see this left John as The Superman of the world he was Superman so what happened is that was When they decided that John's sexuality Was going to be explored John was Decided to be bi and he started to date Jay Nakamura that's the character that That is he's currently dating that's What's currently going on with John DC Took this as a chance to get marketing Headlines Superman is bi which I don't Agree with because what that does when You do that kind of a thing you're not Specifying that you've basically created

A new character and made them buy John Being bi in my opinion isn't that big of A deal but when you want to say Superman Everyone assumes Kalel and you have People like Dean Kane who starred as Superman forever ago coming out on Twitter and being like what is going on It was a big deal and anybody who's Reading comics knows it was a big deal Because it was promoted as Superman is Bi once again I don't think John being Bias inherently wrong that's also not What the actual problem is with John Kent right now so DC decided that John Kent would be Superman and that John Kent would be by and that Superman would Be off the table and out the door Kalal's gone but here's the issue and This is the problem we all know kalel's Not gone you've created your own Redundancy intentionally to gain Newspaper headlines you didn't say super Boys buy and then you explored that Storyline you didn't say John Kent is bi And then explored that storyline the Headline is Superman is bi Superman has To come back at some point DC's never Gonna put Clark Kent in the drawer and Call it a day Clark Kent is out of here We're no longer covering him that's the Same thing as Bruce Wayne they're never Getting rid of Bruce Wayne I don't know Where Dan's gonna plug this little extra But we talked about it a little bit

Afterwards he brought up a great example So Nightwing became Batman that worked Why because when Batman came back Nightwing could go back to being Nightwing the story worked for that Because Nightwing was his own character And established as such John I don't Think even officially took the name Superboy but how do you go from being Super boy to Superman you can't go back To Superboy you you that's the worst Part about his naming convention and the Redundancy of it because I guarantee When this was pitched they were like oh It's gonna be like when Nightwing took Over for Batman which works because Nightwing can just go back to being Nightwing like how do you go I'm 17 I'm Now a man well no son I've come back From my weird Adventure doing Gladiatorial fights on war world you're Now a boy again drat dad now I'm super Boy you can't do that and what are you Gonna name them otherwise Super Girls Taken plus that would be weird like you You gotta call them soups no like it Doesn't work anyway Dan brought up a Really good point on that and I just Wanted to let you guys know like we've Thought about these things and it just It doesn't work anyway cut back to Wherever we're cutting back to so we've Gotten rid of calalle and we've got a Run of comics that you're trying to get

People to read and it it did well for Those who are wondering I actually Looked up the numbers now that the the Book got canceled when the first issues Came out the book was pulling down about 65 000 to 70 000 sales a book it was Doing very well that puts it in the uh 10 to 25 range so basically Comic Book Sales get broken down into a couple of Brackets you have the top 10 top 10 is Traditionally books that sell over one Hundred thousand they'll do a hundred Thousand they'll do 200 000. some of Those do 500 000 like King spawn beneath That 11 to 25 on average those books Sell fifty thousand to seventy thousand That's the range that they typically Sell beneath the the top 25 they start To falter down to you know the Forty Thousands to Thirty thousands and stuff Like that we haven't had the sales of Like millions of comics sold like the 90s in a long time and it's an entire Different videos worth of reasoning why I think that is but I don't think it has Anything to do with the story lines Because we're still seeing bigger and Bigger sales numbers I honestly think it Has to do with the fact that there's so Much more content to consume as an Individual in the world I mean you can Choose to go spend 4.99 on a comic book Or you can watch Tick Tock for you know Five hours and see people's weird food

Recipes and people dancing a lot of Times the modern day individual chooses Tick Tock but that's a whole like I said Totally different video I'm not going on That big of a tangent trust me so Regardless of how sales were back then Right now top 10 is 100 000 to about Five hundred thousand John Kent well Superman son of Kell the book here was Falling into the top 25 sold it was in That bracket okay so it wasn't doing Poorly but again the issue isn't that It's sold well or sold okay the issue is That you created a redundancy because What happened when the sales started the Dip so traditionally a comic book has Great sales in the first 10 issues and Then they normally start to fall off Unless you're some kind of a fluke Batman always sells mortal Hulk sold That crazy for the 50 issues that Existed but those are outliers that Doesn't happen that often that one book Can maintain sales all the way through The same thing applies to TV shows every Season traditionally a show is supposed To lose viewers because people are aging Out of it new viewers aren't getting on Board and that's what happens with comic Books if I tell you to go read Superman Son of Kyle Issue 11 sometimes you're Gonna go oh maybe I should read one Through ten as a fan of Assassin's Creed And Final Fantasy I actually have to

Answer that question a lot Benny uh you Say Final Fantasy 15 is great should I Go play 1-14 to which I say no they Don't relate at all numbering causes Problems for people that don't know What's going on so the inevitable Happened Superman son of Khalil began to Fall down on top of that we're trying to Reinvent DC the soft reboots start the Line over I don't know what you want to Call it kind of a thing dawn of DC is The 2023 initiative and the idea behind The dawn of DC is to bring DC back to Its roots to give us a pseudo rebirth Era we can't crisis these things we Can't reboot from square one but we can Basically treat everything like we're Starting it all over that's a soft Reboot that's what DC is doing with Donna DC well in order to bring back Readers that we've lost and bring in new Readers we need to bring back the people That you know on top of the fact that James Gunn is coming out with a movie About Superman called Legacy or Something like that but it's about Superman DC wants a cal-l book front and Center called Superman that's what they Want so what happens to John John gets Bumped doesn't matter that his comic Book issue 18 fell down to about 36 000 Sales yes it fell down but that doesn't Matter it was this was going to happen No matter what I'm actually surprised

Superman's son of Kal-El sold to issue 18 because you didn't have a Superman Book they were using Action Comics as a Superman book but that doesn't say Superman Superman is the book so they've Rebooted Superman Superman's back to Being a new number one starting the Adventure all over we're picking up Where we kind of left off but we're Moving forward people have powers Lex Has evolved and what does John Kent do He's in the corner literally in the First two issues which are currently out As the time of me recording this video He is in the corner of metropolis Helping Supergirl stop the onslaught of Parasite demons that's the problem with John Kent because what they decided to Do was age him up get headlines and Regardless of it being a good story or Not and on a personal level I wasn't Actually a fan of Superman's son of Kal-El and the reason is a lot of Political environmental stuff and I just Didn't speak to me I wasn't interested That was actually my complaint with it That he was trying to be like this Political activist and I was like that's I don't I don't want that I'm fine um I Have no issues with like I said him him And Jay that's fine the other issue for Me was the activism stuff I'm like I Don't care but anyway John's now shoved To the corner of the Superman book he

Doesn't get to be a part of it anymore In the same level Superman is about Kal-El so what do you do with John now Because you put him in this position Where you can't just de-age him it's the Same issue that DC had when they decided To take Wally West and make him a young Black individual where they tried to Steal into that Miles Morales money well You can't just get rid of black Wally West that's gonna cause like a whole Number of problems and you can't get rid Of you are aged up bisexual Superman now Because that's going to cause a whole Bunch of problems that you don't want You're doing this stuff to get headlines You don't want the counter headline oh They whitewashed Wally West back or oh They turned the only lgbtq Superman into A CIS white male again you don't want Those headlines so what do we do now we Have a guy named Superman who God is Getting his own limited edition book Where they're gonna try to change his Powers into blue Lightning which is a Weird thing that happened to Superman Back in the 90s and that's a totally Different video also and that's the Problem with John we can't just go back They've kind of like done this weird Middling ground thing where the Supra Sunset stories have continued but don't Worry we still got our current 17 year Old John Kent and now calell's back and

We have limited series for John John had So much potential they didn't need to Rush him to 17 years old we could have Just told more stories of him being 11 And growing up instead of the audience Getting to get a brand new character That we get to grow up with like Miles Morales who we're growing up with like You if you read when he first started do Now even though it's a small amount of Time he's growing up we don't get that With John Damian Wayne finally gets to Mature in age in the last two years we Don't get that with John no John was Taken from being a unique character Superboy with his own stories his own Friends his own everything and just got Turned into Superman when redundancy is Your biggest problem why do you insist On making more now my idea to fix John Kent and I had this idea but I don't Think they'll ever do it since John Kent Was sent over to Earth 3 and he was Stuck in a volcano for supposedly six Years what if that never happened what If the John Kent we've had on this Planet the 17 year old John Kent is from Earth three here because his dad was a Villain and he wanted to redeem himself By living under the proper Superman's Eyes and the actual John Kent the actual 11 year old John Kent is still out there Either on Earth 3 which I don't think Would line up without with the with the

Guy coming to redeem himself but I think Basically you could what if Joel and John can't have just been in space this Whole time they didn't even know that a 17 year old John Kent came back that This John Kent is the hero of her three And he wanted to come here to see what His dad could be like if he was a good Guy and now he just lives on this planet And then we get back the other John and We just have them both that's my fix for It because then you could continue to Tell your stories of 17 year old John Kent trying to be a political activist Try going on dates with Jay that's great People who love that the 40 000 to 70 000 people who bought that comic love That cool and then the super Sons book Which if you're wondering which sold a Hundred thousand when it came out in 2017. uh we those of us who like that One can read that book and we're good I Fixed it TC uh send me my royalty checks That would be great anyway guys that's What I think the problem is I've seen The comments on the latest Superman Videos or the shorts that I make and People are like oh oh my God I can't Read this because they turned him by That I don't think is the issue the Problem is you turned him into Superman That's the problem the worst time ever Like at least the redundancies of The Flash family have come up over the

Course of 30 years 30 years that Happened and then they decided to bring Them all back as the flash family well The redundancy with super boy was done To him in the last five years Intentionally that just doesn't make any Sense to me and that's the problem with John Kent in my opinion I have not read The new book it's supposed to be coming Out he's gonna go back to Earth three And he's going to battle against Ultraman and go to the unjust Injustice Universe that sounds cool as hell and I Will definitely be covering it here on The channel but other than that that's All I got for you today a shorter one Because John Ken's history is five years Old it's he's not been around that long Everyone And I hope you enjoyed today's video if You like these problem with videos Please like subscribe hit that Notification Bell and I will see you Next time right here at comic story

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