The Problem With Tim Drake… Redundancy – Explained

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In this video, I’m going to discuss the problem with Tim Drake… redundancy. I’ll explain what redundancy is and why it’s a problem, and offer some solutions.

This video is important because it addresses a common problem that comic book fans face – redundancy. By the end of the video, you’ll have a better understanding of why it’s important to avoid redundancy in your work, and some solutions to help you avoid it.

Hey everyone welcome back to another the Problem with video and today we're going To continue our look at the bat family In my opinions once again my opinions on What the issues are with the bat family Members today's subject of our discourse Is going to be Tim Drake and since I Know a lot of you are going to jump to Conclusions or go leave comments down Below before I even talk about anything The issues redundancy okay that's the Actual issue with Tim Drake in my Opinion redundancy and we're going to Explain that in a second now today's Episode is actually brought to you by Manga historian I brought it to you by Me I'm paying myself a dollar that's how This works I gotta pay myself a dollar Yep so anyway if you like this kind of Video but you want to see me doing it With your favorite manga series or one Piece or chainsaw man or Dragon Ball Super go check out manga story and the Link will be down below or if you want To hear gaming lore videos we've also Relaunched eligible monster which is Where I started my YouTube Journey doing Gaming lore over there we've got two Assassin's Creed comic books we're Working on the Sonic comic book and we Got a few other things coming out Including just generalized lore of video Games so check out both those channels The manga story and eligible monster

Both down below but let's get into the Problem with Tim Drake now in order to Start this video as usual we got to go Over the history of the characters Except there's a slight problem with Tim Drake he's the one I never cared about Now I don't mean that in a like oh I Hate Tim Drake kind of a way Tim Drake Was originally invented in 1989 and he Was the robin until 2009 he then became Red Robin until 2011 and now that's the New 52. now the reason I didn't follow Much of Tim Drake during this period is Because this is in my younger years at This period I was buying Spider-Man Spider-Man 2099 and the mainline Batman Book so I always knew who Tim Drake was But I never followed his solo run as a Matter of fact my brother was more Interested in the robin run than I was So I'm going to give you a quick Overview as to what was going on with Tim Drake at this period but I really Got more invested with Tim Drake a la Damian Wayne period up to New 52 which Is when I really started to follow Tim Drake so the original origin for Tim Drake is the most popular one and the One that we do see come up quite a bit Dick Grayson was originally Robin and he Was fired slash decided to go become Nightwing basically there's a whole Thing involved I think it was in the Jericho contract or one of those either

Way Dick Grayson was out we got Jason Todd Jason Todd was blown up so Batman Was becoming more violent and volatile Because he had no Robin this was noticed By Tim Drake who noticed a particular Move used by Dick Grayson in Haley's Circus that was being used by Robin he Approached Dick Grayson revealing that He knows that he is Robin or was Robin And that he knows what is going on with Batman and by using his own detective Knowledge he knows that Bruce Wayne is Batman and Dick Grayson is Robin he then Tries to convince Dick Grayson to go Back as Robin declaring that Batman Needs a robin but Dick Grayson had his Own issues with Batman still at this Point and Batman was still reeling from The loss of Jason Todd So eventually Tim Drake basically unofficially tries out To become a robin now one of the key Things about Tim Drake early on was that It was noticed at age nine how Intelligent he was and he figured out Who Batman and Robin were at age 13. Eventually Batman is convinced by Alfred To take Tim Drake in at age 14. Tim Drake is officially Robin that was in 1989-ish he then was a robin for a very Long time and he was the first Robin to Get a solo Robin comic book one of The Core features of the robin comic book Was that it was more about relationships In his personal life which is why people

Care so much about him with Stephanie Brown because that was a core component Of his book they wanted a book that Would compete with what was going on in Spider-Man Spider-Man was more of a Down-to-earth storyline in which he was Trying to date Mary Jane and he was Trying to juggle real life with his Superhero life this is something that DC Didn't really have at that time and Robin was kind of one of the books to Fill that Gap so a lot of people got Attached to Tim Drake they got attached To his life with Stephanie they got Attached to his relationship with his Parents his dad eventually being killed Which eventually leads to him wanting to Get Vengeance on the guy who killed him Which was Captain Boomerang he pops up Periodically during things like Nightfall which is where I know him from Because I read a lot of the Batman books At that time but I just wasn't reading The spin-off books Tim Drake was Robin But the thing is with Batman they don't Always write a story that involves Robin So when we needed a robin it was Tim Drake but majority of the time we just Had Batman doing Batman things there's Also the period with Tim Drake when they His dad died that Stephanie Brown took Over as Robin and then she died I mean It's comic books I'm pretty sure Tim's Dad stayed dead until 2011 but everyone

Else comes back to life that's standard Stuff in there as a matter of fact Captain Boomerang dies at one point and Then he gets brought back to life in Brightest Day which leads to Tim chasing Him down Tim goes through quite a bunch Of stuff involving his dad his mom he Goes through stuff with Stephanie he's Basically bouncing back and forth it's a Crazy book that a lot of people enjoy it Went for 20 years in 2009 that's when They decided to start transitioning Damien into the role of Robin and this Is where the redundancies came in so Tim Drake was moved over to the role of Red Robin the reasoning at the time was that Dick Grayson was Batman and he felt that Tim was his equal not his sidekick so he Fired Tim Drake from being Robin and Gave the title to Damien so that Tim Could go off in his own become his own Nightwing become his own Red Hood he Became Red Robin the Red Robin run Involves the League of Assassins a whole Thing involving Raza algol he eventually Ties himself into Azrael they do a whole Thing with that the writers were doing Both books so they have a thing with Like the fall of Gotham or something Like I said I wasn't too intensely Reading this stuff at this time but it Comes down to Red Robin Azrael Razo Ghoul having a whole big three-way I Know how I worded that and then

Eventually that resolves because New 52 Happened and this is when the redundancy Started to really pop its head up new 52 Was great for some characters and Problematic for other characters Tim Drake being one of the most abused Characters in the new 52. you can also Throw Wally West into this plot it felt Like Dan Deo took Tim Drake and and Wally West threw him into a blender Blended them all up and then was like I Think I got a little Tim left let's make A little Tim thing yeah there we go what They decided to do was cram all the Years that Batman was Batman into five Years they also then didn't tell us what Was still in continuity was Nightfall in Continuity was the whole Damien Situation in continuity did Tim's dad Die all of these things we didn't know And they also I love how it was worded In uh one of the wikis I read to get Caught up on all of this it was smoothed Over they smoothed over his origin he no Longer had anything to do with Dick Grayson he was barely a part of the Batman situation he basically got really Close to figuring out who Batman was but He didn't figure out who Batman was so Tim's plan is to force Batman to find Him instead of figuring out who Batman Was he hacks into the Penguin's computer Steals money from the penguin gives it To his family so that Batman has to save

His family the stupidest thing you could Ever do to one of the smartest Characters in the DC Universe Tim's Parents are then forced into witness Protection because Tim stole from the Penguin and Tim's dad is like well my Son can't go into witness protection With me what if that billionaire Bruce Wayne adopted my child that's what Happens although I don't think his dad Has a British weird accent because my Accent wasn't really British but you Know what I'm saying Jim is then adopted Into the Wayne family his name is Changed to Tim Drake and he immediately Takes the title of Red Robin why would He not be Robin in this new origin Because we had a robin in the revamped Origins of the new 52 Damien Wayne was Officially Robin to Bruce Wayne like They moved him from Dick Grayson to Bruce Wayne so you can't have two Robins I mean a tale of two Robins Damien and Tim coming on adventures together would Have been awesome but didn't happen Red Robin was then automatically shuffled Off he wasn't on the bat family he was Barely involved in it at this time he Had more of a Jason Todd role where he Just kind of showed up when things were Convenient so what happened is Tim Drake Went over to the new 52 Teen Titans team Which also got a lot of so the Teen Titans team at this time involved a

Couple of key characters we had Tim Drake Superboy Kid Flash Bart Allen now I'm going to talk about him in a minute Because he is a whole can of worms Himself they couldn't figure out okay But so we got rid of Wally brought in Impulse basically but called him Kid Flash Tim Drake was only Red Robin with A brand new costume I don't remember the Deal with Superboy at this time but I'm Pretty sure this one turned into con L Which was a different clone of Superman And Super and Lex Luthor and I don't Know it wasn't the Conor everyone knows It wasn't that one I think the only Character that carried over properly ish Was Donna but that might not have been Right because while I didn't read much Robin pre-new 52 I definitely didn't Read anything involving Donna Troy and In all honesty from the look of the Cover I can't remember if that's Actually Donna Troy or if it's Cassie it Doesn't even matter because nothing Happened with them so whatever because Donna herself comes back later like Actual Donna but that could have been Rebirth hoopla I'm not 100 sure the only Ones that were important for this Teen Titans story were Red Robin Superboy and And Bard Allen so anyway Red Robin's Over here they they cross over for death Of the family they cross over for a Couple of other things but generally Tim

Just doesn't show up in the Batman books Because at this time Scott Snyder was Writing Batman and he ignored all Robins Like they never showed up he made his Own towards the back half out of Duke so He didn't even care about the robins and Alongside that we had a Batman and Robin Storyline that was featuring Damien Which was the conclusion to Batman Inc Which was the death of Damien so Tim was Just out he just wasn't a part of the Bat family majority of the time he was a Part of the Teen Titans and the Teen Titans were fighting against a group Known as harvest now the Harvest was a Group that was kidnapping kids that had Powers to do experiments on them so what Happened is the Teen Titans and the League of superheroes were having Constant crossovers involved in events Called the culling and stuff like that In which they would battle against Harvest who was a terrible villain I Forget who he really was but he looked Like a monster and he was just trying to Do experiments in the kids I think he Might have been from the future I don't Here's the kicker when reading over the Wiki to get refreshed on these notes and What's going on I remember this Scott Liddell pretty much got fired because The story didn't go anywhere Harvest Would show up and be like I've kidnapped The Children Are You Gonna Stop Me Red

Robin and he's like another time I have A crossover to go to And like they just didn't do anything With it I was sitting here thinking to Myself because the way I do these videos Is I try to remember as much of it as I Can myself and then I fill on the gaps Of the wiki and one of the things that I Couldn't remember is what happened to The original New 52 Teen Titans Storyline because I remember enjoying it I have the trades for it upstairs but I'm like what how did that resolve it's Not even noted it's not even noted in The wiki how it resolves and I don't Remember so what cans have been good in All honesty I'm kind of wondering if it Did resolve because the wiki just jumps To Raven and Trigon showing up Eventually which I remember the Raven of It being really stupid she's like I got A mouth and I got feathers and I got Feathers and I got feathers for days Like guys her name's Raven it's a name It's not a literal thing she's not a Literal Raven apparently Raven and Trigun were pushed out because Scott Liddell didn't want to do them in the Storyline he wanted to tell his Harvest Storyline but then he started getting Flat because the Harvest storyline Wasn't going anywhere so then he brought Back in Raven and Trigun and I'm I Remember falling off of the Teen Titans

Book at Raven and Trigun and I have a Feeling it's because Harvest was going Nowhere and I was kind of invested in That storyline at this point and overall The whole point of this is what I'm Telling you is did I say Tim Drake once No because he barely mattered anyway Tim Drake ends up kind of being a part of This he's leading the team he's doing His own stuff but for the most part he's Just there they're not doing anything With him because no one knows what to do With Tim Tim is supposed to be Robin but How do you have Robin when we have Robin And Damien so after all of the backlash From all these Teen Titans run Eventually Scott Liddell was had left They rebooted it I remember the cover to This issue it was Beast Boy with like a Photo and they were trying a new angle In which the Teen Titans were going to Be like pseudo social influencers was The idea which I think is a plot that Also pops up in Young Justice but Basically the idea is like ball Beast Boy's famous on social media so he's Getting caught everywhere and then I Think the first villain involved Beast Boy like there's a social media app Attacking into people's brains which is Actually now that I think about a Storyline that pops up a lot like a lot Of story lines have social media hacks Our brains are they trying to tell us

Something anyway in the revamped version Of Teen Titans I don't remember if Tim Drake was even on it the social media Influencer era because this was towards The end of New 52 and Dan's eyes are Going to light up when I remind him that This existed because no one remembers That this existed okay because Dan's Watching me he's the he's the producer Who catches me on like stupid things Futures End is where Tim Drake went Future's end was Terry McGinnis coming Back in time to correct brother I and Omac from having problems in the future And I fell off Midway and came back Midway but I forget how somehow Tim is Involved goes to the Future Tim Drake Becomes Batman Beyond I'm not you you Would think I'm telling you a joke Tim Drake becomes Batman Beyond in the Future because they had no idea what to Do with Tim Drake okay which is why I'm Pretty sure he wasn't in the Teen Titans Run at the time because I think he got Flung into the future because Futures End was supposed to be in continuity at This point for five years 2011 to 2016. They have had no idea what they're doing With Tim Drake he's now Red Robin he's Leading the tea Titans he's not leading The Teen Titans he's over with the bat Family he's not over at the bat family He's Batman Beyond because we have Nothing else to do with him we don't

Know what to do with Tim Drake okay and This is kind of what I was saying with Jason but the problem with Tim versus Jason because Jason I said they also Don't know what to do with but Jason is Red Hood Jason is an anti-hero with guns Who insists that Batman should kill the Villains versus actually like putting Them in Arkham there's still a character Template that existed for Red Hood in New 52 and they would take that template And they would move him into mystical Into space onto eight different teams But Tim Tim's identity was I am Robin I Have a girlfriend with Stephanie Brown And uh those are my two big character Traits oh and I'm smarter than Batman But the new 52 broke up him and Stephanie it got rid of his Robin era Automatically making him Red Robin and They clearly stated at the beginning He's not as smart as he was because he Didn't figure out Batman's identity so For five years Tim was in a weird flux That's worse than Jason because he was a Redundancy Tim was Robin now he's Red Robin but how does that differ from Robin because Damien was getting all of The robin roles he was in the that's it That's that's what happened Tim was Kicked off the team Titans and Damien Was put on the team Titans we still had A robin but it wasn't Tim which proves My point that Tim is a redundancy that

DC themselves were like oh man we got we Got the real Robin I got Damien put him On the team and that's when Tim was Flung into the future to become Batman Beyond we then jumped to DC rebirth okay DC rebirth revamped everything Tim was Back in the proper timeline it was no Longer Batman Beyond they put back in Terry in the role for Batman Beyond I Think they might have kept that in Canon But I think what happened is Tim went to The Future altered something flung it Back in time put Terry back in the spot So it's like it's in Canon but we can Also just throw it out the window and Never worry about it existing again Tim Was also at this point officially off of The Teen Titans because this is when Damien built that other team that he had Where he was mean to them what they did With Tim was Tim was pretty much the Lead of Detective Comics and this was Finally a role for Tim they kicked this One off by throwing out the name Red Robin they basically redid his origin Which applies now that he was Robin for A period did not immediately go to Red Robin and Batman even says that he Doesn't mind the name Red Robin but he's Always thought of Tim as Robin and this Is going to be fun because I just gave Dan a very difficult panel to find and So they were fixing Tim they also Established that he's smarter than

Batman and so they put him in charge of A team now this team featured Batwoman Orphan spoiler and Clayface and this is One of my favorite runs involving Tim Like I said I started really getting More into Tim at the Teen Titans new 52 Era that storyline went nowhere Tim Disappeared I got really into him in the DC rebirth era really into Tim yeah Anyway so basically they built this team To find a group known as the colonists The colonists were led by Jacob Kane it Was a military group that was trying to Figure out Batman secrets to use them Against him and create like an army of Batman it was a really amazing book we Have it on the channel I also recommend Adding it to your collection it does a Great thing giving orphan and spoilers Some like background some character uh Tim starts dating spoiler again we start To get that kind of rolling again but It's a rocky relationship which is what You would expect from a Tim Drake Relationship we get Clayface in there Being redeemed as a hero and this is Probably one of the best portrayals of Clayface we've ever had and Tim is just Awesome they also bring in Azrael Eventually and stuff like that Eventually it comes down to them Figuring out who's in charge Jacob Kane And then Jacob Kane sends the drones for One final stand to kill Tim and Tim

Defeats the entire higher wave of drones Only to discover that there's a second Wave of drones and those waves bombard Him unbelievably to the point where he Is dead he's officially killed not Really it's a comic book so what they Did is they teleported Tim out at the Last second so that he couldn't die it Was the character Mr Oz who he Discovered later is jorel Superman's Father who was trying to manipulate Things to try and fix the timeline but Then that storyline was thrown out and Joe rail was kind of floating Free-floating and then kind of Manipulated John jorell's a whole nother Can of worms we're not going to get into Let me just State this Jarrell kidnapped Tim to make him relive his own past and They never as far as I remember even Established why he just did it Tim is Thought to be dead at this time but the Rest of us know that he's really alive But they barely touch on that plot Tim's Just off the table again eventually he's Discovered that Tim is in this prison Being held by Joel a future version of Tim using Omak Tech in a Batman suit Eventually teams up with Tim and the two Of them break out we discovered that Future Tim became Batman because he had To get rid of Damien and Dick and Jason Failed at the job and that future Tim Being Batman is the worst thing he ever

Wanted so he's kind of evil okay so evil Future Tim ends up like influencing Younger Tim and then evil future Tim Wants to kill Batwoman because he says That Batwoman is what made him into Batman and it's its own thing and it's Kind of dumb because you're basically Stating that Tim after everything just Becomes an evil Batman and you're like Oh cool this is like a one-off this this Is just a one-off idea we'll never get To this again it'll never happen super Sunset tomorrow happens later we'll talk About that in a minute so anyway we Discovered teams back Tim rejoins the Bat family stops his own evil self in The future the storyline in general I Remember being enjoyable but if you try To overthink evil Tim you're kind of Like uh I don't know about that anyway Tim himself then goes on a multiversal Adventure written by Brian Michael Bendis known as Young Justice while this Is happening just so I can end the evil Evil Tim Loop there's another evil Tim Because apparently when he goes to the Future he has to become evil in this Evil version he comes back in time to Kill John Kent because John Kent's gonna Blow up the entire world so apparently Every future involving Tim Drake uh the Superheroes kill everyone and he needs To go back in time and stop it I I don't Know why but anyway let's get back to

Tim himself Tim himself goes on a Multiversal adventure it's decided that Tim and the new team are going to Investigate alternate realities and I'm Pretty sure either they he breaks up With Stephanie at this time or it Happened off panel or they're just like Oh you go to college and I'll go over Here and we'll never talk again Stephanie thing's just on hold while he Explores the Multiverse going through The Multiverse he also discovers the Original Conor they save Superboy Superboy has been on gem world where He's got a wife and a kid and I'm pretty Sure the kid's not is but I 100 percent I read this story and I barely remember Young Justice and I looked up a ton of Information to cover in this video and I Did not give two about rereading what Happened in Young Justice This storyline's got Ginny hex teen Lantern these are characters you are Never going to see again ever anyway Superboy either abandons the child that Is his or it's not his child and joins Them on the multiversal adventures they Eventually come to Earth 3 where he Meets his evil counterpart known as Drake and he decides that that's a great Name I'm gonna call myself Drake and Then no longer am I Robin or Red Robin I Am Drake and he puts on a poop brown Outfit and then everyone's like dude

That's your name how are people not Gonna figure out your name is you're a Bird you're like at least Robin was like A killer bird now you're just a mallard You're just a duck you're gonna like Quack anyway that doesn't last long he Eventually just comes back to being Robin and he comes back and he changes His Robin outfit at this point though we Then run into the thing that a lot of People are going to leave comments about Okay we go into urban legends they've Decided that Jim and Stephanie have Officially broken up and that Tim is now Going on an adventure with an old College buddy named Bernard Bernard came Out because of Tim's courage and his his Attitude and everything and what that Kind of leads to is Tim is starting to Understand himself and has decided that He is now bi he then goes to Bernard Bernard asks him out on a date and we go To the current Tim Drake storyline that I won't lie I read issue one and have Not touched since then now to briefly Touch on the situation of Tim Drake Coming out his buy 30 years after his Creation I'm not a fan of it I think John being biased perfectly fine John Had no prior relationships there's Nothing going wrong with that I think It's a great direction to bring Superboy In because it's something new and we can Explore new ideas and we can go in

Different directions but I feel the Problem with Tim is that we finally got Him back into a place that a lot of the Fans wanted which was him back with Stephanie which is the core of his Storylines for 20 years only to have it Thrown back out because of the Redundancy that is Tim Drake I don't Think and this is in my opinion in my Opinion alone that the Tim Drake Decision was done entirely because they Just want to improve representation I Feel that the decision was done because Of the redundancy and the redundancy is What I feel is the core of the problem With Tim Drake by having Damien as being Robin and Tim Drake as being robbed and You have to pick one and regardless of There being a ton of older fans for Tim Drake back from the 20 years that he was Robin Damian is the robin that a lot of Newer fans are aware of that's because DC really pushed Damien to the Forefront Damien was popular because he was the Troubled problematic kid of Batman new 52 put him as a more prominent member of The robin family and then as the new 52 Rolled forward in DC rebirth rolled Forward Damien took over at the Titans Damien took over as actual Robin and now Damien's pretty much doing a lot of what Tim Drake did he's doing Mysteries he's Figuring things out and I feel that Because Damian is intrinsically linked

To Batman and the AL ghouls writers have An easier time figuring out stories Involving him Tim Drake at this point Isn't officially Robin but he is Officially Robin he's not Red Robin but He is Red Robin he's in charge of Young Justice but that disbanded he's not in Charge of Teen Titans because we gave That to Damien he's not in charge of Titans because that's Nightwing and They're even now reaffirming Nightwing As the leader of Titans so where does That leave Tim Drake and that's the Issue he is the redundancy you've got The I'm better than Batman version That's Nightwing he's the guy who's Supposed to rise above Bruce he becomes Nightwing he's now going to become the Leader of the Justice League he's taking The Titans and leading them he made a School we have anti-batman Batman with Guns he that he he never changed that Focus I want revenge on Jace I want Revenge on not Jason do I would Jason Want revenge on himself I want revenge On Joker and now they've added Bean to That roster so Jason's still anti-batman With guns even though he kind of ramped All that up that's still his Mo Damien Is the Son of Batman and the son of the AL ghouls in dealing with Lazarus pits And Talia ogool he's dealing with the League of Assassins and his time with The year of blood he's got all these

Stuff with him and Tim's whole thing Back before New 52 was I'm Robin I am Robin to Batman I'm smarter than Batman I'm the detective and we need to have More relationships and Comics so here's My girlfriend Stephanie unlike manga or A novel series or things like that comic Book swap writers so they accept pitches That sound interesting and either will Bring them clicks or views or readers or Whatever and I just feel like no one has Submitted anything interesting for Tim Because Tim is the redundancy like I've Said a few times how does Tim stand out From the other Robins for anybody that Wasn't reading Tim from 1989 to 2009 and Even into up to 2009 he was starting to Get pushed out for Damien because Damien Arrived I believe it was like 2006. like If you weren't reading from 1989 to 2004 2005 time frame the highlights the best Of Tim's years don't stand out to you as Someone who at that age would have been Like 13 I wasn't reading Tim Drake so so For it's the same problem I have with Wally I love Wally but I'm not connected To Wally because of his 20 years of Being the flash I'm actually connected To Wally because of his time period in The TV show the original two seasons of Young Justice I'm connected to Wally Because wasn't Wally it wasn't something Else but what they've done with Wally But they've never really done that with

Tim Drake Tim Drake's had a problem ever Since Damien's introduction because Initially it was Tim versus Damien then Damien became Robin and Tim Drake became The redundancy and they've proven that With 2011 all the way until now the only Time that they truly kind of redeemed Him was with Detective Comics and I Really loved that run and I felt it was A good purpose for Tim but they threw That out once James Tanya moved on no Other writer wanted to tell that story So that story was done that's a complete Story involving Tim Drake and it's over And since then they haven't no one's Known what to do with Stephanie no one's Known what to do with the team because He was on Young Justice and now the Newest writer came in and suggested did Let's make Tim buy he'll be the Representation Robin we'll do that kind Of a situation like I said I feel like This is this has come out of left field Because he's in the video game he's in The TV show this way they're trying to Find a way to make him not a redundancy It's why I feel Duke fell out of nowhere Because they're like look we're already Dealing with redundancies in the bat Family what does Duke do I mean The Outsiders they put him on that was it The outsiders yeah he was on the outside And they kicked him off now it's just Black lightning and Katana again where

Did Duke go the bad family in general Has an issue with redundancies Harley Quinn and punchline well Harley Quinn's Kind of a hero now let's make punchline It's just an ongoing issue and I that's The problem with Tim Drake it has Nothing to do with whatever decision you Want to make I don't believe that Luke Agenda blah blah blah blah blah like That I don't believe in that whole thing But I do think that there was an actual Conscious effort to do that decision With Tim because they had nothing else For for Tim and that's what I feel the Issue is they need to figure out a good Idea for Tim and it just doesn't exist And I don't know what they're going to Do with this fixed up Donna DC timeline Like how are we going to handle this Tim Hasn't even shown up in Lazarus Planet Yet where's Tim everyone we we Nightwing Is going to run the Titans as the Justice League red hood is apparently in Some spy thing right now Damien is like Becoming Batman where's Tim where is he Dan interrupted me because I just went On a rant asking where Tim is okay my Whole point was that there's Lazarus Planet going on and Tim's not involved In that and that and that he's not Involved in the Batman run and that he's Not involved in anything going on right Now other than his solo comic book that I'm not reading I was wrong which proves

The point Tim is in Jim sadarsky's Batman run is Robin right now he's Having an amazing role including a Backup where he's teaming up with John To figure out where Batman is the Problem is if they didn't say Tim he Wouldn't have stood out now that just Slipped my mind because I'm loving Chipset Batman and just to add to my Point they never figured out what to do With Tim think about this for a moment Tim was Robin and then for 11 years they Could not figure out where to put him Because they already had a robin do you Know why Tim is Robin right now because Damien quit if you're following the Story Damian quit as Robin and is doing Something else right now and hasn't been Robin for two years so Tim is Robin Again literally the meaning of a Redundancy they didn't do anything with Him but put him back as Robin I think That encompasses this whole video right There for you I hope you guys enjoyed Please check out manga story in an Eligible monster and don't forget we Also have our podcast channel uh Absolutely I'll have all those links Down below I'd love to see you be a part Of those families as well but let me Know what your thoughts are down below What do you think is going on with Tim Do you think he's a redundancy do you Think I'm wrong because I know some

People look at the Batman urban legend Situation and they just go oh well That's the problem with Tim tell me Where he was for the 10 years before That okay if you could tell me a solid Plane with him up until then maybe I'll See you at your point of view but he's Just had nowhere Detective Comics was The only good run anyway guys thank you So much please like subscribe hit that Notification Bell to be a part of these Videos I try to put them out every Wednesday next up I'm looking deeper Into the Nightwing situation because did You know that Nightwing at one point Fought an evil version of himself that Was revived from the dead zombie version Brought by a guy named Dr hurt and they Didn't know what to do with Nightwing so He was having head pains and then they Turned him into a character named Rick Grayson Anyway see you next time

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