The RAREST Comic Books In The WORLD

By | February 25, 2023

What are the rarest comic books ever made? Now most people will think something like an Action Comics #1 but that isn’t as rare as I’m talking about. In this video I’m gonna show you comic books that are so rare and I doubt you ever knew they existed.

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So in this video we're going to talk About the rarest comic books ever made Yes the rarest and I mean ever made I Don't mean like an Action Comics number One yes that thing is very rare but it's Not the rarest ever made they were Making hundreds of thousands of copies Sometimes even the millions of those old Superman comics and I'm also not going To talk about rare in the terms like Well this is the only nine nine are they Only ten oh like I think there's only 199 of Hulk 181 I'm not talking rare I'm Talking about comic books that were made Very rare some of them just made one yes They just made one comic and others they Made just a handful so these will all be The rarest ones ever made all these on Here will be less than 10. first we got Is Turtle Mania number one the Gold Edition so Turtles came out in 1984 by Eastman and Laird and the first issue Had a print run of only three thousand Now by 1986 the turtles had become Actually quite popular not as popular as They were going to become or are they as Popular as they are today but during That time a guy over at Metropolis Comics not related to the auction house Metropolis Comics decided to make a Turtles Mania literal kind of comic book This would showcase different art unused Stories things like that in there just To kind of capitalize on the height you

Talked to Eastman O'Leary and they let Him do it so they offered three Different versions they offered the Normal version which is this a normal White cover of turtle Mania they also Then offered a silver edition which is Very hard to tell the difference I have Them but they're slightly more gray than The white cupboard because the white Cover isn't 100 white it's you know has A little tinge to it but the silver Edition is this slightly darker very Hard to tell but they only made a Hundred of those and on the back they Were numbered out of 100 and Eastman and Sometimes Laird signed both of them but Then they made the Gold Edition which Sold out pretty much in instantly and These were gold covers each one had Unique original art done by Eastman and Lair the first half was done by Eastman The second five were done by Laird and UV looked at him he got some little Piece of original art done now of the Ten nine have been accounted for and we Can see the actual drawings that Eastman And Laird did for them and these things Are very expensive one sold on Heritage For seventy two thousand dollars so They're very very rare and if you have a Silver edition which is one out of a Hundred you're looking probably like Eight to ten grand for that in a decent Grade so yes they're very very expensive

And very hard to come by if you ever do Come across one first thing you need to Do is you need to let me know because I Would like to have one and then second Thing is get that thing and keep it Max Half the red and blue foil editions These were originally created as kind of Like test print runs to see which color Looked best and they ended up not using Them at all they ended up going with Purple and gold for these comic books But that doesn't mean that they're still Not extremely rare they only made 10 of Each of these and then they sold them on Their website for about 50 bucks each And of course you know most of them were Sold and right now there's six of the Blue on the cgc census and only three of The red so the red is actually more Expensive only because of the fact that There's not as many of them that Actually have been graded for all we Know even though they only made 10 and They probably got rid of the 10 maybe Someone got thrown away or trashed or Whatever I'll never be seen again but we Do know that some do exist and they Actually fetch quite a bit of money You're probably looking at about three To five thousand dollars for a red one And then about two to four thousand Dollars for a blue damsel's number one The red rose variant this was produced By Dynamite comics now they only had 10

Copies of this ever printed 10. but they Also had a blue and a green that had 25 Copies printed and then also a purple That had 500 copies printed for that Variant now these are extremely rare Only three have ever been graded so far And haven't really come up for sale at All it has an estimated price of Probably around 300 to 500 Ninja zero The New York Comic-Con variant cast Photo cover now this was originally Gonna be giving out the New York Comic Con and they're going to give out one to Per attendee but then something happened And they decided to destroy them all and They didn't want to do it anymore but They theorized that a few copies got Held back for you know file copies file Them away and things like that so There's estimated around probably You know maybe less than 10 that Actually exists if you look on the Census there is only four that have ever Been graded by this and it's called the Comic-Con variant B variant but yes There's not that many of it but just Because it's rare does not mean it's Valuable the last one is sold sold for You know under two hundred dollars so This one Um you're probably looking around and That was many years ago you're probably Looking around maybe like two to five Hundred dollars for a variant like this

Now they did end up reusing this cover For ninjac versus the Valiant universe As a variant Le Moretta pinup variants This is from a Kickstarter Campaign Which had many different variants now if You donated to the kickstarter for Coffin Comics at least 41 or more you Got a mystery envelope and in that Envelope would have been one of many Different variants and you didn't know Which one you're gonna get some were Pretty rare some were actually extremely Rare and this one only had nine ever Made yes nine why they settle on nine I Don't know but they settled on the Number nine now the rarest ones the de Cerrito variant now this only has nine And none have been graded none have come Up for sale so to put a price on it it's Hard to say but it'll probably fetch you Around the 200 to 500 range evil Ernie Octagon editions these covers were made Of leather and each one had original art On it and they only made eight of these Of each Edition and they sold them Through chaos comics for about a hundred Dollars each they're pretty rare and They all come with original art if you Found one and you got it grade it you're Looking at probably close to a thousand Dollars for each one of these and they Don't know how many exist out there Because there's this not that many that Have actually been graded and been sold

Golden Age Ash can comics Now these are very unique and very rare They're probably Maybe one to maybe eight of these There's tons of different ones so back In the day what they would do is they Wanted to get the copyright of certain Titles you know like Action Comics Superman comics things like that so what They would do is they would just make up A fake cover usually it was a black and White of a cover that they did for Something else I think like the Superman Comics was just Action Comics number Seven and then they would send this away To the US government for copyright and Then they would get the copyright for Whatever series they wanted Flash comics Throw Comics you know Superman comics And many different companies were Competing to get the copyrights so Actually the real reason why the first Appearance of Captain Marvel is actually In Wiz Comics number two is because they Tried to get Flash comics and then Thrill Comics but they didn't succeed Because DC beaten to the punch and so Then what they ended up getting was whiz Comics now the reason why it starts with Number two is be because they kind of Considered them ending out to get Flash Comics number one or thrill Comics Number one as they're number one and so Then they made the air as when they

Actually released whiz Comics they Thought it was technically a number two Issue but it's really the number one Issue which they corrected around issue Like three or four is when they Corrected it and put it right back to Where it should have been now because These are really rare and hard to come By these are very expensive one sold for Almost three hundred thousand dollars And that was the ash can for Superman Comics so they could get basically the Copyright of the name so if you ever Come across one of these just know they Are extremely valuable and extremely Rare Superman 409 super ombre logo Variant So this is kind of like the previous one This has to do with copyright issues so Back in 1944 DC Detective Comics at the Time registered the trademark super Ombre and they used an ash can of Basically Superman number one to get Their copyright But then they kind of never really used It until Avenger Comics 304 in 1962 and They just kind of had it in a logo and Then it appear here and there but then Again their copyright was coming up and They need to renew it so that's why they Did Superman 409 so that's pretty much Why that has a logo there it's all just For copyright issues and there's Probably less than 10 that exist there's

Nine on the cgc census and this is a Pretty expensive book probably going to Fetch you in the high hundreds to even The low thousands if you have one and Then in 2009 the trademark was canceled Because they didn't re-up it Lady Death Phoenix Rising Edition iconic features a Cover photo of Alex Hayes a cosplay Model who appeared at the 2011 Phoenix Con as Lady Death not much is known About the comic other than five were Made but never released and sold to the Public So that's all we have really to go off Of and if they did come up you're Probably going to fetch a few hundred Dollars for something like this Venom Lethal protector number one the white Variant Venom lethal protector had a red Foil cover Now underneath that was black and there Has been about a handful about 150 Copies that didn't get the red foil put Over so it just has the black bearing Now those can be very very expensive Selling for multiple multiple thousands Of dollars depending on the grade you Have even one sold for over twenty Thousand dollars because it was a Newsstand version now those are Extremely rare but what's even more rare Is the white so first you have a white Cover then they put the black over then They put the red foil well you scrape

All that stuff away you can't actually Scrape it away but basically the Printing forgot to print Both the black and the red foil and it's Just an all-white cover now these were Extremely rare no one even knew if they Existed and then one popped up sold on Heritage for over eight thousand dollars But another one has since been graded so I expect this to be under five for sure Probably these are the only two that Will ever exist and they're just going To get more and more expensive if you Ever come across one so now we're Getting to the point where there's only One ever made of these Comics bloodshot Zero error variant so this one's a Little confusing So the normal bloodshot zero is kind of Like a chrome cover and we'll call it The Platinum just normal but then they Decided to make 5 000 variants that were Going to be gold now on the gold Editions they got rid of the price Because this was going to be a variant Normally says you know a couple bucks on There but they got rid of that but some Of the Platinum editions basically had That error on it so it was a mix between The gold and the Platinum so it was a Platinum looking but the price was gone It was basically how the gold was Supposed to look now those are pretty Rare there's probably less than 25 that

Exist and you know ones have sold for Five grand 1500 that's all over the Place depending on the grade that you Have but those are very expensive now There's also another variant the gold Error variant this kind of has a pinkish Looking color but it is basically the Gold but then it has the price but then In the logo that's supposed to be gold It's actually kind of more of a pink Color So it's very weird they think that this Was a prototype that they made one of to Basically figure out what they wanted to Look like and things like that and then This was released at and It sold for about 1500 back in 2013 and Then someone sold it on eBay for over Five thousand back in 2016. so there's Really only one of this and that's it so It's very expensive solar man of atom The gold ink prototypes for issue three And five now these were prototypes to See if gold ink was a better route to go Instead of the more expensive gold foil That they were using in other Publishers Are using the artist and colorist Janet Jackson tested these out and then kept It in her collection for Multiple years until she decided to sell Her entire collection as a whole with These inside of them they made it onto a Valiant fan website in 2015 and sold for A little over a thousand dollars each

The seller at the time actually gave Half the proceeds of the auction back to Jackson Jackson went on to say that she Took this to the printer and they did a Couple tests on these two books and Actually turned out to be very Successful now I imagine if these came Up in auctioned or for sale now they'd Be probably You're looking 5 10 maybe 20 000 for These just as expensive the bloodshot The bloodshot prototypes sold for five Grand back in 2016. so yeah I expect these to be much Much higher now Unity number one golden Ticket variant so unlike the previous Ones that are prototypes these are Actually variant covers So they stuck these in a pull box and They're kind of like a surprise kind of Like if you got the golden ticket from Willy Wonka so the only real difference Between these there's five made each Cover was different they just had a Little box that said the golden ticket Edition it wasn't really much of Anything else and that was it I mean it Didn't the cover didn't really look any Different it was this on the UPC code if You got this golden ticket you'd get Prizes and a chance to go to the New York Comic Con in 2014. they've only Found three of the five and the estimate Is probably gonna be worth a couple

Thousand dollars if you have one of These bloodshot salvation 12 Louis LaRosa and Vin Diesel variant so this Was originally created just a one-off And it was raffled away through a Charity event there's only one of these Ever made it was signed by Vin Diesel Vin Diesel also got original art that he Actually raffled off as well and this is Probably gonna be worth around four to Six thousand dollars if it ever came for Sale but I think that estimate is a bit High I think it would probably be worth A little less than that as the bloodshot Movie didn't do very well Quantum and Woody number one the second Print the creators are so excited that The first printing sold out that they Decided to make another printing but That's kind of like a joke they made Another printing where they only made One that's it they just made one of a Second Printing and that was it Then they went on to the third printing Second print number one ended up selling For about Seventeen hundred dollars it Then got graded in nine eight someone Offered it for like eight grand in 2018 But didn't have any takers so how much Is it worth now probably looking at the Three to five thousand dollar range for This My Little Pony friendship is Magic Number 12. one million variant IDW hit a Milestone of selling one million copies

Of My Little Pony friendship is Magic Less than a year into its series making It the best selling comic in their History to celebrate this they decided To create a variant is the one million Variant and they only made one of it They also had a competition where they Had another variant where they made 12 Of that variant this is graded a cgc96 And was sold through Heritage for a Charity and sold back in 2014 for over Six thousand dollars then in 2017 it Sold again through Heritage but just a Little over four thousand dollars but Then by 2020 it's sold again for eight Thousand dollars the other variant where They made twelve of them that's worth Around three thousand dollars I hope you Like this list of the rarest Comics ever Made if you have any of these then you Have some stuff that is very very rare Let me know in the comments below if you Ever seen some of these from even if you Have some of these have a great day

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