This Indie Comic Is UP +489%

By | February 12, 2023

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How’s it going David from comic book Investment so in this video we’re going To look at five keys that are going up Price yes what does that mean they’re Heating up and they’re rising and rising And Rising uh some of these varieties Were quite a bit An independent comic book up 489 yes this is a good one to get uh I Think I put it on some list that I’ve Done a long long time ago but Nonetheless it’s on here today I gotta Remind you guys today the auction is Ending yes if you haven’t noticed have An auction going on over at it’s my website It’s my auction I’ve been doing it over For a year now this is our fifth one do It every quarter and yes it’s ending Today and tomorrow which will be the 11th and 12th Saturday and Sunday so the First uh run of books are ending today Uh goes from basically now until you Know until it ends and yeah so go over There head over to And look at the stuff we got we got over A thousand different items to bid on all Right so let’s jump into it We got Zelda number one uh eight five is Up 115 from 86.186 uh nine two is up 29 From 180 to 232 and nine eight is up 79 From a thousand dollars not too long ago Now selling for about eighteen hundred Dollars so the reason why this is

Jumping up is because obviously Mario Movies coming out which I predicted and Then uh they also announced that they’re Doing a Zelda movie which I predicted uh And you can look at those predictions Many many years ago many many years ago Uh when I predicted that this was going To be the obvious password uh path for Nintendo now the downside was that I Happen to predict it uh Right around or maybe it’s a bit before The comic boom happened and so prices Were just going insane regardless so Um yeah kind of sucks that you know or It would have been an amazing spec book But nonetheless it went up because comic Books started going down and now it’s uh Going up again and I imagine it’ll start Peaking here and there randomly Um as it gets closer to more information On the movie and such All right next we’ve got All-Star Comics 58 first appearance of Power Girl 9-2 is Up 19 from 2 94 to 349 and 9 4 is up Three percent from 358 to 370 and a 9 8 Is up 41 from 1755 to 24.75 so this is Going up because uh I don’t know James Is going to announce something who knows I don’t know Um now I did a video last week Explaining there’s certain books you Need to sell like a Booster Gold things Like that so far off Um this one

Is a little different because power girl Has More going on in terms of collectibility And people Desiring this book so I’m not I don’t think this book is just Going to shoot up and drop down because It was already kind of an expensive book To begin with like for example it peaked Uh earlier like about a year ago for Almost you know thirty three hundred Dollars so Yeah it was already expensive it’s not Like uh what was it the book uh like the Weird Tales whatever the first Appearance of that monster group uh It was basically worthless before near Worthless or I think Authority was Pretty much no one cared about much Before and then you know now all of a Sudden it’s who knows how expensive it Is keeps going up and up and up uh same As like a Booster Gold things like that So they’re not very expensive to begin With this one is already expensive so it Was much more desired so I imagine it’s gonna see a spike up it’s Gonna Wane after a while this is going To be a longer Turn of events for this book All right next we got House of Secrets 92 first appearance of Swamp Thing a 6-0 Is up six percent from 1600 to 1725 and 80s up 91 from 2300 to 4400 and a 9-4 is Up 20 for 9900 to almost twelve thousand

Dollars so this is a record price for a Nine four Um yeah it’s pretty much look at that Graph just straight up Uh yeah Swamp Thing this is always a Good book I recommend it I put it on Like my top I think my top 10 investment Books for 1970 so even though they Announced a Swamp Thing movie or TV show Whatever they’re gonna do this won’t see The huge boom from it and then just Crash right after that’s not gonna see It’s not gonna happen with this book it Might go up a little bit and drop a Little bit from time to time but overall This is still a good book Um I still highly recommend this book Nonetheless and yeah I mean it’s going Up and I hope a good old swampy gets his Uh you know his Justice uh because he’s Been kind of You know I don’t know kind of screwed Over multiple times so hopefully it all Works out which is kind of interesting That Um This character has had A lot of movies made About him or like some kind of TV show Or something compared to any other Character and I still consider him not Like a huge character for some reason he Just lends himself easily he had a Cartoon a cartoon an anime show in like

I think the 90s lasted all of like four Or five episodes All right next we got Turtle Mania Number one And A5 is up 64 from 432 to 710 and 9 2 Is up 108 from eight uh 289 to 600 and 98 is up 17 from 1545 to a record price Of 1800. so this was given out at uh Usually Comic Cons things like that you Could also uh mail in for certain ones So they had different Editions They have this Edition which is the Normal one I don’t know the print runs In the thousands multiple thousands but Then they had the silver edition which Looks very much so like this very hard To tell you have to see them in person And that had I think around like 500 I Don’t know going off to everything but The hard one to get is the Gold Edition Now the Gold Edition you had to mail Away for and it was a limited Supply so They would go to these Comic Cons I Think in 86 and give out these books and Then in it you could mail away for the Gold Edition The Gold Edition It’s like 50 to 100 000 yes there’s only Ten Um each one has a custom drawing by Either layered or Eastman inside uh if You have one of those let me know I Would like it But very rare very expensive uh nine

Have been accounted for of the ten that Exist there’s still one unknown they Don’t know who has it or if it got Thrown away or trashed or whatever Um there’s also a Like a cover proof of it Um And then there’s one that they used as Like An advertisement proof so it was Technically 12. the two don’t really Count the one is just like a cover it’s Just the cover and another one is like The book inside but it has like a Special cover that’s for like an Editorial something advertisement Something I don’t know something like That but extremely extremely rare So if You have one they’re very expensive All right next and last we got uh Cerebus number one a four five is up 18 From 1650 to 1950 and 80 is up 489 from 1500 back the last one to sell was a uh Was in 2019 now up to nine thousand Dollars and an eight five last one I Sell was in 2021 for three grand now Selling for recently uh about 10 grand Up 233 percent So cerebus was the longest-running Independent comic book up until spawn Beaded I think Sarah stopped at issue 300 and then obviously spawn beat it you Know not too long ago but yeah Um yeah it’s very long or anything this

Uh book lents itself to a there’s a Counterfeit of it and It’s kind of hard to tell but there’s a Lot of information online where you can Figure out how to You know figure it out so not that uh Not that hard Um but there’s like a little tail tall Tale signs it has to do with the red and Ink and certain the colors a little off And things like that so but even the Counterfeit is actually pretty expensive As well so not this this one very Expensive book Um didn’t really see much of a conf boom Because the comic boom more went towards How do I put this People that didn’t know much about Comics and just went after the big names Let’s put it that way and so books like This You know I don’t really knew about it because It’s actually rare there’s not that many Of them that are available and around so Not really much of a comic Boom for These types of book because they don’t Come up that often so that’ll be it Check out my auction And have a good weekend

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