Top 10 Comic Books From The 1960s For INVESTMENT

By | February 11, 2023

At the time people didn’t know it but the 1960s for comics would bring new characters that would shape not just the future of comics but the entire world. Super heroes had fallen out of fashion but were just starting to come back. Monster and love stories that were once the top sellers, had started to wain. DC comics had just started to bring back an updated version of their golden age counterparts and they were selling very well. Over at Marvel they were still clinging to their monster and sci fi comics. But that was all about to change due to one man, Stan The Man Lee. He was going to quit Marvel after having worked for them for decades, but his wife told him before he leaves why not write the stories you want to write. So with his team of artists, called the Marvel Bullpen, they would start a renaissance in comics. They would no longer be 2nd fiddle to DC Comics, they would come out on top with these new characters and titles. Although technically this was the Silver Age in comic, the 1960s was the Marvel Age of Comics. So lets take a look at the Top 10 comics for investing from the 1960s.

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At the time people didn’t know but the 1960s for Comics would bring new Characters that would not only change The landscape for Comics forever but the Entire world superhero comics had kind Of fallen out of fashion earlier but They’re starting to make a comeback Monster and love stories that were once The top sellers had started to wane DC Comics had just started to bring back an Updated version of their Golden Age Counterparts and they were selling very Well over at Marvel they’re still Clinging to those monster and sci-fi Stories but that was all about the Change due to one man Stan the Man Lee He was going to quit after having to Work with them for decades but his wife Told him before he leaves why not write The stories you want to write so with a Team of artists and writers dubbed the Marvel’s Bullpen they would create a Renaissance in comics no longer being Second fiddle to DC they would come out On top with these new characters and Titles although technically this was the Silver age of comics the 1960s should Actually be the ma Marvel age of comics So let’s take a look at the top 10 Comics for investing from the 1960s Tail says Thomas 27 the first appearance Of Ant-Man this was originally just a One-off Sci-Fi story about a scientist Named Henry Pym when Marvel is still

Doing only monsters and sci-fi stories Then when Marvel started to focus more On superheroes Stan Lee remembered his Story about a shrinking man named Henry Pym that issue sold very well so they Decided to bring him back but as a Superhero they later gave him a nickname Of Hank and then also a sidekick the WASP the issues didn’t sell very well in The beginning so they decided to enlarge Him to Giant Man Hank Pym later became The founding member of The Avengers Where he stayed at most of the time the Mantle that Ant-Man has switched hands Many times with Scott Lang being the Ant-Man portrayed in the MCU movie Franchise although mostly a lesser-known Character the MCU has really pushed Ant-Man to new heights Ant-Man has been Featured in a wide range of media and is Currently on his third Solo movie for The MCU in 2022 an 8-0 on average sold For nineteen thousand eight hundred and Five years earlier in 2017 it averaged 14 900 and in 2012 that was seven Thousand eight hundred that had a five Year turn of thirty three percent and a Ten year return of 154 percent the Highest one ever sold for was back in 2013 for two hundred thousand dollars Now if you compare those tenure returns To other Investments you got the Dow Jones at 151 percent in ten years the S P 500 at 171 percent Amazon which was an

Amazing stock was only at 574 Apple at 624 and the real estate has been about 70 percent over the same 10-year span Nano stocks comics and real estate They’re very different types of Investments but I’m just looking at the Overall Roi the return on your Investment Daredevil number one the first Appearance of Daredevil first appearing In 1964 the Marvel’s Daredevil Bears a Lot of similarities to the Golden Age Daredevil by leave Gleason Publications This Daredevil was created in 1940 and Instead of being blind he was a mute and Instead of having a billy club he had a Boomerang Marvel’s Daredevil originally Had a yellow and red costume which Didn’t last very long by Issue 7 they Had changed into the costume that we all Know and loved the all red costume in The beginning through the 1960s Daryl Had decent sales but he could never Really find his own Persona then by the Early 1970s his comic began to Flatline Towards the end of the 1970s it was Nearing cancellation they reduced the Number of issues from being a monthly Book to just coming out once every two Months hoping that would help the book But it wasn’t until a young talented Writer came and turned everything around His name was Frank Miller originally Coming on as an artist on issue 158 he

Would draw someone else’s script he Really disliked the scripts he was given So he threatened to quit so Marvel Decided to either cancel the series or Give Miller the script writing duties Miller Drew and wrote the script Starting with the issue 168. it sold so Well that they brought it back to a Monthly series Daredevil finally found His own path and became a huge seller From Marvel going forward then Daryl Reached New Heights when he got his own Netflix series which was very popular he Popped up in video games cartoons and His soon will get his own MCU TV show In 2022 a 9-4 averaged 65 200 in 2017 it Was 22 500 and in 2012 that was 13 499. that has a five year return of 190 A 10-year return of 383 percent with the Highest one ever selling for two hundred And fifty thousand Avengers one the first appearance of the Avengers after seeing the popularity of The DC’s Justice League of America Marvel wanted their own team of Heroes As well the Avengers are created to Create a new line of books to sell and To cross promote Marvel Comic characters An Iron Man Fan might buy an Avengers Book because Iron Man appears in them And perhaps in turn takes an interest in Thor who appears in the same book as a Friend of Iron Man’s this would also Help test out new characters to see how

Readers would respond before giving them Their own comic series The Avengers Lineup would always be changing adding Or taking out characters they would even Spin off certain characters to have two Sets of Avengers such as the West Coast Avengers The Avengers have always been In some form of media either video games Many different iterations of an animated Show but it wasn’t until the MCU brought Together all their Heroes at the same Time for a massive spectacle film The Avengers where we saw them Reach Heights They’ve never reached before the movie Is built on an overarching story that Pushed these movies into some of the Highest grossing movies of all time Beating every other film record in History Marvel will continue to push More and more of these Avengers movies So expect this book to be more sought After with every generation Avengers 1 And eight five in 2022 was averaging 28 600 in 2017 it was sixteen thousand and In 2012 it was a little over thirteen Thousand that is a five year return of Seventy nine percent and a 10-year Return of 117 percent Amazing Spider-Man number one the second Appearance of Spider-Man although this Was his second appearance this is also The start of one of the most sought After and valuable comic runs in comic Book history there’s no run that has

More key first appearances or key books In general Than The Amazing Spider-Man Run initially his first appearance was Amazing Fantasy 15 but due to his strong Sales they gave Spider-Man his own Series the series originally started out Being published every two months but Quickly gained a following that saw it Change to monthly by focusing on Parker’s everyday problems Lee and Dick Co-created groundbreaking flawed and Self-doubting superhero and the first Major teenage superhero to be a Protagonist and not a sidekick Stan Lee Would continue to write stories up until Issue 100. Spider-Man isn’t going Anywhere add that to the fact that this Is the most desired run in comic books Yeah this book is going to continue to Go up more and more over time Amazing Spider-Man 1. in 2022 an 8-0 averaged 6 66 000 in 2017 it was twenty six Thousand seven hundred and in 2012 it Was a little over twenty two thousand That is a five year return of 147 Percent and a ten year return of a Hundred and ninety one percent Journeying the mystery 83 the first Appearance of Thor the series journey of Mystery mostly dealt with monsters and Sci-fi at the time was starting to wane Stanley wanted to do something new for The next issue he figured most people Already knew about the Greek and Roman

Gods but not many knew about Norse gods So he picked Thor but he wanted to Update him for modern readers so he Decided to make him more of a superhero He enlisted Jack Kirby to drom who Actually had experience drawing Thor Already for DC and tales from the Unexpected 16. many of the Characteristics from DC’s Thor Transferred over to Marvel store Stan Lee didn’t have time to write the Script so he had his brother Larry write The script for the first door issue Thor Became the dominant character in The Journey mystery Series so they retitled It Thor on issue 126 although Thor has Had a very successful run in comics he Never really transferred over to other Forms of media he had his first Live-action appearance in 1988’s TV Movie The Incredible Hulk Returns never Really getting his own full animated TV Series other than that 1966 cartoon he Would appear though in any other Avengers animated TV show then when the MCU started going they brought in Chris Hemsworth to portray Thor the film Franchise was a massive success which Spawned many many sequels and also had The Thor character in all the Avengers Movies in 2022 a 9-4 sold for 432 Thousand and 2017 a 9-4 was 191 000 and In 2012 it was 222 thousand it has a Five year turn of 126 and a 10-year

Return of 94 percent [Applause] Tail to suspense 39 the first appearance Of Iron Man Stan Lee wanted to make a Character that no one would like a Capitalist who was in favor of War this Was also during the height of the Cold War and Stan Lee knew his readers hated War so he thought he would flip the Script a bit and create a character Who’s exactly who the readers would hate Somehow it worked and Iron Man became Very popular his original look was Created by Jack Kirby then Steve ditko Redesigned his costume to the classic Red and yellow in issue 48. Iron Man Went on to become one of the founding Members of The Avengers Stanley explored Unique stories with Iron Man he hadn’t With other characters such as Tony Stark Being an alcoholic very interesting Thing about Iron Man was Stan Lee said They really never got fan mail from Girls but when they did it was always For Iron Man Iron Man slowly grew to Become one of Marvel’s top characters of All time he had an animated series as Far back as 1966 later appearing having Its own anime series appearing in many Video games along the way as well but it Wasn’t until Robert Downey Jr portrayed Him in the mcu’s Iron Man film where Iron Man went from a lower tier Marvel Character to many people’s favorite of

All time Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man is Responsible for the massive success of The MCU and his character held Everything together although Iron Man is No more in the MCU that won’t stop this Book from reaching new heights I expect At some point they’ll either back up a Truckload of money to Robert Downey Jr’s House Portable just recast them in 2022 a 92 Sold for 167 000. in 2017 that was 65 000 and in 2012 that was slightly under 60 000. that had a five-year return of 158 and a 10-year return of 179 percent Incredible Hulk number one the first Appearance of the Hulk at the time the Thing was the most popular character at Marvel and Lee knew that people tend to Like characters that are less than Perfect so we decided to combine some of The characters of all time Frankenstein And Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde back in the 1960s it took many months for sale Figures to be finally reported When they got the sales figures in for The whole comic series they found out They were very very low they decided to Cancel the initial series after only six Issues the Hulk would then pop up in Other books like the Fantastic Four The Avengers for a while then Jack Kirby got A letter from a college dormitory Stating that they loved the Hulk so much They made the whole their college mascot

Because of that letter they decided to Have the whole co-star entails to Astonish where he started to gain a Following then that series ended and the Hulk went back to his own title starting With issue 102. originally the Hulk was Gray because Stan wanted a color that Did not suggest any particular ethnic Group the color of Stan Goldberg had Trouble being consistent with the gray Coloring though so by the next issue They just made the Hulk his now Traditional green color once the Hulk Found his footing he slowly gained in Popularity but he really took off in 1977 when they released a very Successful TV series based off the Incredible Hulk they changed a few Things though like changing the name of Bruce Banner to David Banner both Stan Lee and Lou Ferrigno said the reason for This change because the executives at CVS thought the name Bruce sounded too Gayish from there the Hulk had multiple TV movies and had many animated shows Video games and even a feature film Prior to the MCU movies currently the Hulk is one of the longest running Characters in the MCU due to poor sales To begin with is actually less and less Of these compared to others on this list And it’s actually pretty tough to find In a decent high grade in 2022 a 7-5 Averaged 95 000 in 2017 a 7.5 average 47

500 and then in 2012 it was nearly 18 000. that had a five-year return of 102 And a 10-year return of 435 percent A Fantastic Four starring Reed Richards Still Richards Johnny Storm Ben Griffin Fantastic Four number one the first Appearance of the Fantastic Four the Comic book that started the entire Marvel Renaissance Martin Goodman the Owner of Marvel Comics at the time heard That the new DC comic book called The Justice League of America was selling Very well he went to Stan Lee and said He should create a superhero team as Superheroes were becoming more popular At the time Stanley had been working at Marvel for many decades and was about to Quit to change careers his wife told him Before he leaves why not create stories You want to create so with that piece of Advice he wrote The Fantastic Four with Jack Kirby providing the visuals Kirby Drew inspiration from a previous DC Title that he worked on challenges of The unknown that they took heavy Inspiration from for the Fantastic Four With Stan Lee ready to leave Comics all Together the Fantastic Four was a very Unexpected success so much so that they Started to get fan mail which Stan Started printing in the comics by issue 3. the Fantastic Four became Marvel’s Most popular title for a while out they Appeared in many different forms of

Media they even got their first feature Film debut in 1994 Roger Corman Fantastic Four which was made but never Released it was mostly just made to Retain the film rights they later Appeared in 2005’s Fantastic Four which Did all right so they had a sequel they Rebooted the franchise in 2015 which was A complete disaster the film was also a Box office bomb now back in the hands of Marvel Reed Richards had made his film Debut in Doctor Strange 2 and soon the Rest of the cast will as well in 2022 a 9-0 sold for 314 thousand in 2017 161 000 and then in 2012 145 000 that had a five-year return of 95 Percent and a 10-year return of 116 Percent with the highest one ever Selling for 1.5 million dollars [Music] X-Men number one the first appearance of The X-Men with the popularity of their Other Marvel characters and their Fantastic Four team Marvel wanted to Make another team of superheroes Originally Stan Lee called them the Mutants which was shot down but he Wanted to create a team where he didn’t Have to explain where their superpowers Came from that they were just born that Way they also took heavy inspiration From DC’s Doom Patrol the initial X-Men Series wasn’t a very big seller and they Tried one last-ditch effort to help it

By getting Neil Adams that helped for a While but soon sales got so poor they Canceled the series the people at Marvel Love the X-Men so they kept the series Going by just doing reprints of previous Issues then in 1975 everything changed With giant size X-Men the series found New blood of writers and artists who Made a new cast of mutants quickly with The help of Wolverine this new X-Men Group became the most popular series at Marvel there’s no shortages of other Mediums for the X-Men from the birth of The video games now they continue to Show up at TV shows cartoons and of Course movies at any given point there Is some sort of X-Men movie cartoon or TV show on with its endless supply of Characters the X-Men are massive and it All started with X-Men number one I Expect this com to grow even more and More and this comic is placed on many People’s Holy Grail list in 2022 a 9 o Sold for 120 000 in 2017 is about 39 500 And then 2012 is about thirty thousand That has a five-year return of 208 Percent a 10-year turn of 301 percent [Music] Amazing Fantasy 15 the first appearance Of Spider-Man originally The Amazing Fantasy series was just a placeholder to Throw some odd and unused stories that Stan Lee would write and Steve ditko Would draw originally it was titled

Amazing Adventures but that comic wasn’t Selling very well so they changed it to Amazing adult fantasy because they’re Trying to gear it towards more grown-up Readers but during this time the once Top selling monster and sci-fi stories Were falling and with DC introducing More superheroes into comic books the Superhero genre began to have a Resurgence Stanley had an idea for a Character which he thought would be a Huge success a kind of new superhero one Who would be a teenager but not a Sidekick and one who would have every Man doubts neurosis and money problems But the owner over at Marvel Comics Martin Goodman didn’t think this would Be a huge seller so he never really went Forward with it then one day they Decided to can cancel the low selling Amazing adult fantasy comic line and Stanley thought this would be the Perfect place to introduce his new Character Spider-Man because the comic Was being canceled anyways Martin Goodman reluctantly agreed they then Changed the name to Amazing Fantasy and With the last issue they released the First appearance of Spider-Man Originally the cover was drawn by ditko But Stanley didn’t really like the look Of it so had Jack Kirby draw just the Cover this ended up being one of Marvel’s highest selling Comics at the

Time with the huge success Marvel then Launched Amazing Spider-Man series seven Months later Spider-Man has become Marvel’s most iconic character he has Been featured in numerous video games And has had many different animated TV Shows with a very popular one in the 1990s he even had a live-action TV Series in the 1970s he made his film Debut in 2002 that was a massive success And since then he’s had a feature film Every three to four years in each film Making close to or more than a billion Dollars in theaters Spider-Man has gone to become one of the Top selling superheroes of all time and The most recognizable he isn’t going Anywhere anytime soon and this book will Continue to climb in value for a very Long time to come in 2022 and 8-5 sold For 713 thousand dollars in 2017 it Averaged 155 000 and in 2012 it was a hundred and Eight thousand that is a five year Return of 359 in a 10-year return of 558 And at one point a 9-6 sold for a record Price of 3.6 million dollars so that was The top 10 comics for investing from the 1960s let me know in the comments below If you have any of these or you’re Hoping to get one of these maybe these Are on your Holy Grail list let me know And have a great day All right

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