Top 10 Comic Book Searches ⏰ What Collectors Search For Most

In this video I countdown the top comics searched for by collectors on the Shortboxed app. Given the user base of Shortboxed, I feel like this data gives us some insight into what collectors and investors are most interested in. Check out the video and let me know what you think.

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Reggie here and I want to welcome you to Another one of my videos one of the Missions of my channel is to help Collectors investors and speculators be Smarter about the hobby of comic book Collecting and as part of that what I Attempt to do from time to time is to Bring forward information and data that You potentially cannot access on your Own and in this video we are going to Look at some information specifically From my friends over at Short boxed we Are going to look at the 10 most Searched for comic books on the platform In the month of December stay tuned The 10th most searched for Comic in the Month of December was Avengers Issue Number Eight the first appearance of Kang the Conqueror given his pending Appearance in the Ant-Man movie this is Not a surprise in any way shape or form Avengers Issue Number Eight the ninth Book on the list is Amazing Fantasy Issue Number 15 which is the first Appearance and origin of Spider-Man Peter Parker but also the first Appearance of Uncle Ben Aunt May and Also Flash Thompson number eight on the List is a part of the Galactus Trilogy Specifically Fantastic Four issue number 49 this book is the First full Appearance of Galactus the first cover And second appearance of the Silver Surfer number seven is the X-Men issue

Number one which is the first appearance Of Magneto and also the first appearance Of the X-Men team comprised of Cyclops Jean Gray Iceman Beast Angel and Professor X number six is another part Of the Galactus Trilogy specifically Fantastic Four issue number 48. this Book is the first appearance of the Silver Surfer and a cameo of Galactus Number five Secret Wars issue number Eight the second appearance of Spider-Woman Julia Carpenter it is also The origin of the black Symbiote costume Which later becomes Venom number four New Mutants issue number 98 the first Appearance of Deadpool it is also the First appearance of CopyCat and Gideon Number three spawn issue number one the First appearance of Al Simmons AKA spawn This book is also the first appearance Of Sam and twitch number two ultimate Fallout issue number one the first full Appearance of Miles Morales the Spider-Man from an alternative universe And number one Hulk issue number 181 the First full appearance of Wolverine AKA Logan so a lot of folks out there may be Wondering why I chose to use data from Short box in order to put together this Video part of the reason for this is Because one the app is a really good app So if you haven’t used it I definitely Encourage you to check it out but the App has a solid user base and that user

Base does a lot of searches and queries And as a result of interacting with the App there is a lot of really robust data That is gathered and in my mind given The user base given the searches that Are being done I believe that this Information that I just shared with you Is indicative of the larger market if we Were able to get some of this data from EBay I have a feeling that there would Be a a great degree of overlap between What I just showed you from short box And what we would find on eBay in terms Of search patterns by collectors and so For that reason I think that this data Is solid data that will potentially Allow people to make some more informed Decisions and at a minimum you will have Some insight into what your fellow Collectors speculators and investors are Choosing to look for thanks for taking The time to watch the video I hope that You enjoyed it and I definitely want to Encourage you to check out the guide to Smart comic collecting if you haven’t Already done so this guy put together by Myself and Doug Bratton is 88 pages of Some fantastic content that will Challenge your thinking when it comes to Comic book collecting and it does not Matter whether you are new to the Hobby Or a seasoned veteran this guide is for You you can find it on [Music]

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