Top 10 Comics Submitted To CGC For Grading

In this video, we are going to countdown the top 10 comics submitted to CGC for grading in the month of December. This is an ongoing, monthly series.

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It’s time to count down the top 10 most Submitted books into cgc for the month Of December stay tuned this video is Sponsored by short boxed the easiest and Safest way to buy and sell graded comic Books visit them today using the link in The description Reggie here and I want To welcome you to another one of my Videos as I mentioned in the brief intro We are going to be running down the top 10 most submitted books into cgc and as A reminder this data comes directly from My friends over at cgc prior to these Books being graded with that said the Number 10 book on the list is Spider-Man Issue number one from 1990 specifically The second print Gold Edition there are Currently 6 616 total graded copies of this book on The cgc census and roughly 5 000 of Those copies are blue label the most Recent sale of a 9.8 blue label was 203 Dollars because so many of the books on The list are being submitted as part of A recent signing event by Todd McFarland I want to provide some context not just For the Blue Label Performance but also For yellow labels as well at present There are 1618 yellow labels on the census with a 9.8 having a recent sale of 500 even Number nine on the list is the only DC Book to crack the top 10 and it is none Other than Batman issue number 423 an

Iconic cover from Todd McFarlane there Are a total of 3873 graded copies of this book on the Census with 3 000 of them being a blue Label and 860 receiving a yellow label a 9.8 Blue Label sold for 2220 in December and a yellow label 9.8 Just sold this month for three thousand Seven hundred dollars number eight on The list is Secret Wars issue number Eight from 1984. this book is the origin Of the black costume which later became Venom it is also the second appearance Of Spider-Woman there are more than 25 000 total copies of this book on the cgc Census and according to go collect this Book has remained above its pre-pandemic Price with an FMV of 675 dollars for a 9.8 there was a sale just this month for A 9.8 at 723 number seven on the list is Venom Lethal protector issue number one from 1993. there are presently eighteen Thousand six hundred and forty four Total copies of this book graded on the Cgc census and added 9.8 this book has An F FMV of a hundred and thirty dollars Now with that said there was a sale just A few days ago for this book at ninety One dollars and potentially this is a Sign that we are going to start to see The value of this book a road number six On the list is another Todd McFarland Book this one is Amazing Spider-Man

Issue number 316. there are nearly 10 000 total graded copies of this book on The census a 9.8 Blue Label recently Sold for six hundred and eighteen Dollars whereas a yellow label 9.8 sold For two thousand six hundred and forty Dollars it should be noted that there Are only 363 total 9.8 yellow labels on the Census which might be the reason why the Value is a little higher number five on The list is Incredible Hulk issue number 340 an iconic cover from Tom McFarland At present there are are 11 105 total graded copies of This Book on A cgc census a 9.8 Blue Label has an FMV Of one thousand four hundred dollars a Yellow label 9.8 sold in December of 2022 for one thousand nine hundred and Thirty one dollars and like number six On the list this book at a yellow label 9.8 has a lower Census count with only 287 total copies number four on the list Is Spider-Man issue number one the Regular cover also from Tom McFarlane The 9.8 has an FMV of ninety dollars and The most recent sales have been just Below this dollar amount the 9.8 yellow Label has fluctuated in value but is Currently selling for three times as Much as the blue label there are Presently twelve thousand eight hundred And eighty total graded copies of this Book on this census number three on the

List is Spider-Man issue number one Specifically the silver edition this Book has a higher Census count than the Regular cover but it has a similar FMV At around ninety dollars with that said There was a recent sale in the last few Days for this book at a hundred and Sixty dollars and also over the last few Days sales for the 9.8 yellow label have Fluctuated between 355 dollars to as high as five hundred Dollars number two on the list is Amazing Spider-Man issue number 300 yes Another book from Todd McFarland this One happens to be the first full Appearance of Venom this book also has The highest Census count on the entire List with more than 32 500 total graded copies potentially due To this High census account the values Of the yellow label and blue label are Pretty similar the 9.8 blue label is Selling for roughly four thousand Dollars and the yellow label for forty Five hundred number one on the list is Spawn issue number one the first Appearance of Al Simmons AKA spawn it is Also the first appearance of Sam and Twitch there are presently twenty eight Thousand five hundred total graded Copies of this book on the cgc census The 9.8 with more than ten thousand Graded copies has an FMV of a hundred And eighty dollars for a blue label and

The yellow label is trading hands for Roughly five hundred dollars so there You have it that is the rundown of the Top 10 most submitted books into cgc for The month of December and yes this list Was dominated by Tom McFarland with that Said I will be providing on Instagram Some additional insight into the other Books that were submitted in Specifically numbers 11 through 20. if You are interested I definitely want to Encourage you to check me out on Instagram at Reggie collects and Certainly if you want to send me a Message you can do so right there on IG Thanks for taking the time to watch the Video I hope that you enjoyed it and I Definitely want to encourage you to Check out the guide to Smart comic Collecting if you haven’t already done So this guy put together by myself and Doug Bratton is 88 pages of some Fantastic content that will challenge Your thinking when it comes to comic Book collecting and it does not matter Whether you are new to the Hobby or a Seasoned veteran this guide is for you You can find it on [Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music]

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