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By | February 20, 2023

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Foreign Back at the table with an Overstreet Price guide advisor filling you in on The comic books that you may own that Spike this week number 10 on the list Moon girl and devil dinosaur number one From 2016. we are seeing 65 average Sales in a recent High sale of 205 Dollars for a seed you see 9.8 150 Increase in copies sold the series Dropped this past week's surprise to see So many episodes available to be enjoyed Right away on Disney plus and the first Episode which is a little over 40 Minutes largely consists of moon girl Meeting devil dinosaur it's a lot of fun If you have kids they're gonna enjoy This one another thing to consider that Although the outliers sales put 9.8 Around the 800 marker it was short-lived Averaging right around the 500 price at Its peak now we're seeing this book hit 200 this may be one of the Prime Times To grab an affordable key that hit the Screen that I think a whole generation Of kids are going to enjoy we are are Here every week like And subscribe and Now we're going to talk about a book That was top secret Top secret Batman Beyond The White Knight Issue Number Eight this is the 1 In 50 ratio variant and it's a foil Variant this book just came out this Week and we're seeing 60 average sales

Already with a high raw sale of 80 after The release of this foil secret variant Like Russ was saying there was a lot of Buzz about this book in January when They solicited a top secret variant and We even saw pre-sales over a hundred Dollars now Sean Murphy definitely knows How to push his marketing we had that Thing where issue number one was short Printed and that made the trending list At that point in time now while I do Like the bat this type of Series where He's doing alternate ideas with Batman I'm just really not following it so much I think it's a little bit too much yeah This series originally started with Batman White Knight back in 2017 when You had uh Joker go good and become a Politician who's trying to take out Batman who everyone views as a villain I Guess it was a cool flip of the normal Relationship between the two but now There's been like six Series in this Entire universe and I personally think It's a little much but I haven't been Reading them and that might be why Sean Murphy is trying to push this with extra Ideas I love the top secret idea and if You really just want to get the cover Art you can get a trade dress one which Is considered cover e but again the 1 in 50 foil variant is the one that made the List this week keep up with us and the Rest of the comic book collecting

Community by downloading the app that we Use every single day it's called key Collector Comics you can support this Show and get access to a free two-week Subscription to use the app in its Entirety by using cotom101 now let's Take a look at the list at number eight Because when I think of classic comic Book cover I think of this one and we Have a facsimile that's affordable Number eight on the list flash number 123 and as Tom said yes one of the most Classic Flash covers this is a six Dollar average sale because this Facsimile of a very very classic comic Was released just a few weeks ago there Was also another fact similarly released In 2020. the main difference between the One that was just released is the one That was just released is an exact page For page replica of the original one now While we don't have enough information To get a graded copy sold of the current Newest facsimile we did see the ones From 2020 are going around sixty dollars And there is even a Megacon foil version That'll be coming out at the beginning Of April pre-selling for around eighty Dollars the editors knew when they made This they had a special comic on their Hands they even put it on the cover that It was going to be a classic we have a Pin up on the first page with Jay Garrick and Barry Allen we have a

Notoriously difficult to acquire in high Grade Silver age key there's one copy That exists at a 9.67 at a 9.4 I Remember the last 9.4 when it hit the Market and sold for 19 800 there was Only seven of them and it was a gorgeous Copy this right here is the flash of Two Worlds the incorporation and explanation Of how you can have more than one flash In the same story we're seeing an Increase of 667 percent post-release of The new Flash trailer but we'll get to That in a little bit we're on number Seven and this project is getting a Live-action movie and it was just Announced that there's a writer now Attached for Faith number one this is a 2016 relaunch of the Valiant book for Back in the 90s that Russ knows all About well I guess it would be nice if I Could touch your body I know not Everybody has got a Faith from 2016 the First mini series of a fan favorite from The Harbinger team now we had actually Talked about the harbinger kids there Was supposed to be a movie coming out And even that issue number one made it On the list a while ago this is totally A dollar bin book this is not a book That anyone has been specking on or even Thinking about but since we know there's A little bit more happening with her Project we are seeing a three dollar Average sales and there's not even that

Many graded right now so it's tough to Report on a high sale but what we can Report on is an increase of copies sold Of 725 percent and part of the Valiant Universe was bloodshot which came out at The start of pandemic and it was a Terrible hand to be dealt because the Movie was pretty good so back in 2015 we Had news that the Valiant properties Harbinger and bloodshot had been Optioned and they pushed back Harbinger To release bloodshot which was delayed And then delayed again to the worst Possible week it could have been Released are we going to see the same Thing for Faith are we going to have Those Valiant diehards coming out and Watching this movie let us know what you Think in the comment section below and Now we're going to look at spec that was Dead on Arrival we're talking about Astonishing X-Men Issue Number Nine the First appearance of danger the sentient Danger Room that comes to life and Attacks the X-Men team during Joss Whedon's astonishing X-Men run which Honestly is the only X-Men run I like I'm not a fan of X-Men I quite enjoy This run however so I don't mind seeing It pop up here on the list we're seeing Eight dollar average sales for this book With a high 9.8 last week of 195 five Dollars and increase the copy sold to Fourteen hundred percent this book

Spiked last year because of Ryan Reynolds on toilet with comic in hand Spec and then it spiked again this week And then immediately members are saying Pump your brakes we had news break this Week that Emma Corin who played Princess Diana on Netflix is the crown has joined Deadpool 3 playing the villain and People are speculating that that villain Will be danger who appears on this issue Of astonishing X-Men however the same Day we had news break from a deadline Reporter who confirmed for multiple Sources that the villain will not be Danger Who do you believe don't forget about Spider-Man no way home they lied to us I Want to know your thoughts in the Comment section below at the list at Number Cinco we have Avengers number Eight this is the first appearance of Kang the Conqueror who we absolutely Know is going to be back again and again And again we have Jonathan Majors who Will be playing in five separate Marvel Movies well the first one of those is Going to be Ant-Man and wasp pontomania Which is coming out very very soon which Is why we are seeing a 163 increase in Copy sold now this book is perpetually Relevant this is absolutely a silver Age Blue Chip book this is not a book that Most people are just going to go to your Local comic store and grab one off the

Wall this is the type of thing that You're probably going to save a little Bit of money for even if you're buying a Low grade copy now the good news is Recent sales of low-grade copies are Actually down we're seeing a recent 4.0 Sale for 650 which is pretty affordable And I know you can get raw copies for Around the same price but for the people That really want to throw down some cash We had a high recent sale of fourteen Thousand four hundred dollars at the Heritage auction sale Kang is here to Stay he's definitely going to be here For the rest of this phase in Marvel and I don't think this book is going Anywhere that was a gorgeous 9.4 there's Only 31 on this cgc census and curious That we're talking about Kang purchases And records and not Modoc yeah the movie Dropped today I've heard a few people's Reviews on Instagram and I don't think Any one of them had anything nice or Kind or anything at all to say about Modoc so let's see no spoilers in the Comment section below and let's talk About a book that we have on the table We're already on number four on this List and it turns out it's a book that Tom has three copies of just sitting on His living room table while we were Prepping for this book we're talking About the Batman movie special from 1989 This is the adaptation of the first Tim

Burton Michael Keaton Batman film which Is Russ's favorite movie in the entire Universe oh man I love this movie and Jack Nicholson is absolutely absolutely My joker now these are the prestige Copies which are again a little bit Harder cover there is also a soft cover Copy of this we were seeing a high sale Of The Prestige to cgc 9.8 for 130 Dollars and the regular cover at about a Hundred dollars twelve dollar average Sales there's no Staples on this book so Be careful if you're looking to press it Because that glue will leak out of the Corners I've done it before but it's a Fairly easy book to secure in high grade Because of the thick spine and gorgeous Paper quality ah Vicki Vale I mean Seriously this brings me back I love Jack Nicholson I love thinking about him Just going into the art museum and Saying Lawrence broaden my mind I mean Just like really it's one of those Things that I love this this brings back Nostalgia and that trailer definitely Helps me bring a little bit more of this Michael Keaton Batman Nostalgia back yo There is a straight up chance not only Are for sure getting Ben Affleck Batman Not only do we have Michael Keaton we Could see a Robert Pattinson we could See a Christian Bale now they're gonna Look at what's worked in the past as Well as at other companies and we just

Got a Spider-Man movie where it was the Talk of the year just a few scenes Getting the right actors in the same Frame they could do it again with a Movie like The Flash that we all thought Was going to get canceled there's a Reason why they didn't cancel it yeah Between all of the troubles with Ezra Miller between David's oslov taking over DC and canceling pretty much everything He could find between the new movie news Which James Gunn it's a surprise that This movie managed to weather the storm But now that we've seen the trailer it Kind of makes sense moving over to Number three on the list with Controversy we have a comic book volume That is now wanted because of it being Canceled officially number three on the List The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck this is a trade at paperback of 12 issues of Scrooge McDuck Tech Technically this is issues 285 through Issues 296 of the Uncle Scrooge comic We're seeing 25 average sales for this Trade paperback with a high of eighty Dollars sixteen hundred percent increase In copies sold because Disney has Discontinued reprinting parts of what Actually are the origin issues and key Moments of this character and this was Announced in the strangest way I thought This was really really odd because Artist Don Rosa actually came out and

Said Disney sent me an email that Basically explained that there were some Aspects of some characters that I had Worked on back in the early 1990s that They no longer felt represented what Disney's ideals were for going forward And that they would no longer be Reprinting these so this isn't a Conversation about that per se the Collectors don't care blowing up the Internet hunting for this book and I Want to send out a word of caution when The main dream gets involved when we Start to see this type of attention to Controversial books these are moments That you want to know the books you want To know the covers you want to know in Case you have it in case you find it on The Hut in dollar bins things like that But it may not be the most optimal time To buy them they're typically at their Peak when this news is circulating as Aggressively as it's been the last seven Days keep in mind that the word fan is Short for fanatic and when we see Disney Collectors they absolutely are Fanatics About these things you have to see that This trade paperback was released in 2006 but there is also a larger Everything Don Rosa ever did collection That is spiking there is an oversized Artist Edition that is spiking but the Interesting thing the actual issue Itself number

295 is still available on eBay for like Three or four dollars so people are Picking up the graphic novels but not Even the single issue that's the one That's not getting reprinted we've seen This sort of thing happen recently with Dr Seuss books getting canceled due to Their Troublesome nature and we've also Seen recently Disney has shut down the Splash Mountain ride to give it a Facelift to get rid of the uh The Song Of the South vibe that that original Ride has they're replacing that with a Princess and the frog speaking of duck Collectors join the March mystery mail Call support the show directly and give Me an excuse to send you some funny Books every month we have Darkwing Duck Number one trade dress virgins going out At random but it's one per box done Beautifully by Johnny Desjardins I love The fact that these covers that Johnny Is doing for the mail call are so Atypical you know that Disney has got a Lockdown on how their characters are Supposed to look so we are really Getting these almost Carl barks like Painted covers it's very very cool make Sure and check out to Sign up you have a couple weeks left to Get this March box more than a couple Weeks actually and it's worth it just For this one cover alone but we Definitely have more to reveal to you in

The coming weeks and now looking at the List at number two you may be surprised That Supergirl Kara who is featured in The Flash trailer hadn't been seen in Comics since the 80s until this next Issue on the list at number two Superman Batman number eight from 2004. we're seeing 18 averages for this Book and a 9.8 just sold this month for 158 dollars for this book by Jeff Loeb And Ed McGinnis I actually just finished Rereading crisis on infinite Earth's and It's a lot there's a lot going on there But easily the most memorable part for Me was the death of Supergirl and I did Not know that she did not appear at all In between that you know back in the day It used to take a while for comic book Superheroes to come back from the dead Unlike today and that's what happened With this character which is why we have A book from 2004 that you may have in Your back issue bin or you may be able To find on the hunt there's an increase Of copies sold of a strong 1233 percent and this book was actually Printed with pretty great paper quality There is one copy that exists at a 10.0 16 at a 9.9 and a total of 820 slabs on The census that is not many slabs for as Many tens and nine nines that exist now This book is from the early 2000s when DC did a fantastic job of having a Little bit thicker cover along with

Their papers which is why you're seeing Nine nines and 10.0 from this book it Also did come from the second Arc so While Ed McGinnis did great job on the First six issues Michael Turner Absolutely killed the cover art on the Second Arc an affordable Michael Turner Key comic book just another reason to Hunt for it hit the like slap the Subscribe button and I want to know in The comment section below did you expect Spider-Man number one to lead the list Spider-Man Noir or if you're a little Bit less couth Spider-Man Noir it is a 180 average sales and a 510 High sale For CDC 9.8 1 300 increase in copies Sold we haven't seen movement in this Book since we had Nicholas Cage playing The animated voice in the Miles Morales Movie that might actually be the biggest Reason I'm a little nervous about this Project because I think most normal People will associate Spider-Man With uh the Nicholas Cage animated Version that we got in the cartoon and Seeing a live action version probably Not with Nicholas Cage's voice might be A little off-putting for some people However by the time we actually probably See this on TV it'll be a long time Since we got that character in animation So it might work headed to Amazon a more Gritty mature take on the web Slinger in The 1930s setting where you have a mafia

Version of Norman Osborne you have a Vulture that literally eats his enemies This is going to be surprising to many Spidey fans if you haven't read this Comic which I very much recommend this Excites me to no end and if you were a Fan of this Noir style storytelling they Actually do have a sub verse in the Marvel Universe of the Noir storytelling We have Daredevil X-Men Wolverine Luke Cage Punisher and Iron Man are we going To see more titles to match up with Spider-Man but I didn't know until last Night was that Iron Man Noir was written By Scott Snyder right before he took on Batman over in the new 52 so that's Pretty cool this book hit Heights of 1500 during the comic boom and it is a Third of the price at Option Announcement this may be a great time to Consider buying a fan favorite Spidey Character like And subscribe and as Always keep responsibly said comic fam Come join me Comic but [Music] We're giving this away February 27th on Whatnot I'll put the link in the Description we're just giving it away You don't have to buy anything he's got To click a button and if you do decide To buy something you get a 10 credit you Could buy more funny bucks but that's Totally optional but be there I want to

Send you this book I'll even cover Shipping have a great week [Music]

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