CGC Comics: Most Submitted Comics 📝 Top 10

By | February 14, 2023

This is an ongoing series where I run down the books being submitted into CGC for grading. In this video, we count down the top 10 books for the month of January. Be sure to subscribe because later this week, I’ll be releasing the top 11-20 books as well.

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Reggie here and I want to welcome you to Another one of my videos in this video We are going to run down the top 10 most Submitted books into cgc and as a Reminder this data comes directly from My friends over at cgc who sent me this List in advance of these books actually Being graded and I try to combine it With a little bit of anecdotal Information as well as some sales data From go collect and as I mentioned we’re Going to run down the top 10 but I want To encourage you to subscribe to the Channel and turn on notifications if you Haven’t already done so because later This week I’m going to be running down The top 11 through 20 books that were Submitted into cgc and you do not want To miss that with that said let’s get to The list this video is sponsored by Short boxed the easiest and safest way To buy and sell graded comic books visit Them today using the link in the Description number 10 on the list is Moon Knight issue number one from 1980. This book is one of six books from the 80s to make the top 20 but the only one To crack the top 10. Moon Knight issue Number one is of course the first issue In the ongoing Moon Night series The 9.8 Value of this comic has been on a Decline since October of 2021 and at Present has reset to a value not seen Since October of 2020. that’s right the

Current value of this comic at 338 dollars is basically what it was in The last quarter of 2020. number nine on The list is X-Men Issue Number Four Published by Marvel Comics in 1992. this Book is the first appearance of Omega Red and has a total of 13 041 graded copies on the cgc census at Present 34 of these copies are a 9.8 Which has a average price of a hundred And thirty five dollars what’s really Interesting about this comic is that There are more 9.8 on the census than 9.6s and 9.4 is combined number eight on The list is Venom lethal protector issue Number one and just like the last book There is some interesting stuff that is Happening with this book and I Specifically want to highlight that There are more Universal 9.8 on the Census of Venom lethal protector issue Number one then every other grade Combined 54 of the universal blue labels On the census are a 9.8 and this book at A 9.8 has a 30-day average price of 123 dollars number seven on the list is The only d c book to make the list and We are talking about nice house on a Lake issue number one a book that has Been off and on the list for more than a Year there are presently 3 649 total graded copies of this book on The census the 9.8 which represents 76 Percent of the graded copies has a

30-day average value of forty dollars And a recent sale at 52. number six on The list is X-Men issue number one from 1991 specifically the Magneto cover this Book at a 9.8 has a 30-day average price Of 79 with a recent sale of 95 at Present there are a total of Sixteen Thousand six hundred and sixty seven Graded copies of this book on the census 13 000 of them are a universal blue label And an additional 3005 564 are yellow label number five on the List is another Moon night book but this One is Moon Knight issue number one from 2021 and I’ll be honest I am surprised To see this book on the list and I say That because the value of this book for Some time has actually been below the Cost to get this book submitted cleaned Pressed and graded and so I’m really Surprised that people are continuing to Send this book in in fact the 30-day Average for this book is just Thirty One Dollars I should also mention that there Are 985 total graded copies and 80 Percent of them are a 9.8 number four on The list is spawns Universe issue number One from Todd McFarland and Image Comics At present this comic has a 30-day Average price of 36 dollars which is Essentially roughly what it’s been for About a year despite this low value the Book continues to flow into cgc and

Given the popularity of Tom McFarlane And spawn this is not likely to change At present there are 829 total graded copies of this book on The cgc census number three is spawn Issue number one this book was in the Number one spot last month due to the Tom McFarland signing but has fallen to The third spot but that’s not terrible To be honest with you because it still Represents a lot of copies that are Flowing in since last month the total Census count on this book has increased By 740 copies which means that there are a Total of 29 240 total graded copies of this comic on The census there are currently 10 371 9.8 with a fair market value of 180 Four dollars which is up four dollars Since last month number two on the list Is Miles Morales Spider-Man issue number 30 the BAM box Edition there are Currently 695 yellow labels of this book On the census with a 9.8 having a 30-day Average price of one hundred and twenty Eight dollars the most recent sale for This comic was one hundred and seventy Dollars that is actually the highest It’s been in 11 months I should also Mention that there are three Universal Blue Label copies of this comic on the Census again the vast majority of these Books are signed included in the BAM box

But there are a couple that are blue Label and the number one book on the List is Ultimate Fallout Issue Number Four The facsimile Edition there are Currently 2 135 total graded copies of this book on The census with 1700 of them being a Blue label 9.8 the 30-day average for This comic is 52 however the most recent Sales have been around 38 and as I said Before it really isn’t clear to me why So many copies of this book are going Into cgc but they are and with that said You definitely want to pay attention if You happen to be looking for an ultimate Fallout book if you see the red box Around the word marvel that is the Facsimile copy and not the real thing so With that we are going to wrap this Video up I again want to thank the Sponsor and I want to encourage you all To subscribe to the channel turn on Notifications because later this week I’m going to be releasing the expanded List in which we look at books 11 Through 20 that have been sent in to cgc For grading so you definitely do not Want to miss that if you need to reach Out to me feel free to do so on Instagram at Reggie collects take care [Music] Thank you [Music] [Applause]

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